Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......



My Dear Friends:


You may have noticed,lately,the tendency for your world to contain those various elements that represent the ideas of Form and Void.  As we have already explained, there are two archetypal forces that have been interacting and collaborating in order to bring together this, your Reconnection Universe.  In those former discussions, we have called these forces "Theos" and "Chaos."  They are two Brothers who, when this universe began, journeyed off in their respective directions to explore all the possible/probable manifestations of the World of Form and of the what is has been termed The Void.

These two "realms" of reality have been designed to overlap---and, indeed, neither of them has any meaning without the other.  As might be expected, the issue of pre-eminence has always been a hot topic between the Two, and history records manifold encounters and clashes wherein each tries to (actually or symbolically) overtake the other and set up a system of dominance.  Of course, this type of activity produces all sorts of wonderful scenarios and possibilities, as history plainly records.    

The "Veil" is a semi-permeable etheric membrane that is made up of ideas and concepts which separate one member of a polarity from another.  You could think of it as a skin that holds in all the "organs" in a particular "body" of thought---thereby keeping them from spilling into another such body.  In order for a form to be seen, it must be differentiated from the rest of All That Is.  The Veil makes this possible.   

For example, you may have heard the expression:  "Men are men and women are women. Viva la difference!"   In this statement, you see a kind of blueprint for polarity---a manifesto for keeping things separate.  Notice that the objects in the sentence are used to prove their own existence.  In a way, the words seem to be saying:  "blue is blue and red is red."  The assumption is that the viewer already has a clear concept of what blue and red are.  Added to this assumption seems to be an innate desire that "never the twain shall meet."  

The Return to Oneness is NOT about getting rid of polarities.  In fact, maintenance of even the extreme polarities is absolutely essential for sustaining the existence of a centering point that is the Oneness of All That Is.  The closed-minded arrogance that underlies black and white thinking is a crucial component for the eventual attainment of an open-minded attitude.  They are two sides of the same coin.    

An Adoph Hitler is *required* within a universe if you are to also experience a Mother Theresa.  Each cannot exist without the other.  They are like legs on a table---one on this side and one on that side---that form a foundation for the tabletop, which is a big purpose for the existence of those legs in the first place.  Even so, the Oneness Universe derives its essence from each and every fragmented idea that has been explored and cataloged since the beginning of time.   

And every one of those ideas is YOU.  Seen in a linear sense, they are like *past lives* which you have already lived.  Of course, many of you now know that linear sequencing is merely a construct of the separated mind.  All past lives are really NOW LIVES, vibrating at different "stations" on the same radio dial.  However, for our purposes here, it can still be quite helpful to utilize the perceptual tools of "past, present, and future" to better understand these concepts.    

Every person you see on the street is a fragment of YOU, living out a life that you have *already lived,* in order to form a foundation for the life you are living now.  Some of these "reflections" of you are included in your journey merely to create the overall scenery for your Return to Oneness.  We might call them "extras" in the production of your Oneness Movie.  Other reflections embody key issues and themes that you must reconcile before your tabletop can bear the energy surge of realizing that it is a localized expression of All That Is.   

And if you were to *really believe* what we are telling you now (as opposed to merely giving these concepts your mental assent), would that belief not become its *own brand* of closed-mindededness?  Absolutely.  Can the tabletop be any less strong than the legs which support it?  The basic difference between the "Oneness Assumption" and the philosophical framework of an Adolph Hitler, however, consists of a deep-seated KNOWING that you are ONE with everything and everyone.  And, even though each leg has a connection to the whole---they may never experience any knowledge of the other legs, beyond what is achieved through their basic attachment to the top.    

The mindset of Oneness is not arrogant.  It is simply convinced.  Arrogance says:  "I am this and you are not."  Oneness says "We are *both* this and that."  Of course, what you choose to believe about *yourself* is up to you.  You can filter out any knowledge of these relationships and live a totally separated life if you like.  That doesn't nullify your merge with everyone/everything else at the higher vibrational levels.  However, it does change the quality and scope of the universe(s) in which the denial is made.  However, all of that is simply fodder for growth in the Oneself. 

Therefore, do what you like.  Enjoy the show!  It's all there for the taking.         Multidimensionality makes all of this possible.   A person can be *this* in one universe and *that* in another---two legs, among many, that support a tabletop called the Expanded Self.  Mere speculation?  Well.......allright.  If you say so.         

The realization of Multidimensionality becomes the gateway for the acceptance of your Oneness with everything and everyone.  In the Multiverse, you can *still be YOU* (as you are seen here) and simultaneously be *everyone else* too.  Nothing is lost.  After all, in Oneness there is no place for anyone to go in order to *get* lost.  Everything is here, everything is now, and everything is one.  However, at the same time, each of us can choose to be separate and distinct---each within our own context and individual form.  Your Oneself Consciousness can be extremely compartmentalized, and is a very efficient way to modulate and focus your energies.  


In a universe designed to integrate the seen with the unseen (Form and Void), there is a need for symbolic representation of the Void *within the World of Form* so that the distinctions of each can be studied and understood.  A potter's bench can be filled with clay, stacked in random piles and made ready for his hands to turn a new creation upon the wheel.   

The SUBSTANCE of the artist's creation is the medium which he is employing.  The FORM of his creation is what is born upon the wheel.  In the same way, the SUBSTANCE of Oneness is foundational to all of us, even if we don't realize it.  It is the very clay out of which we are fashioned.  The FORM that this "Oneness Stuff" takes may vary, depending upon the environment you choose to inhabit and what you intend to do there. 

In the above scenario, the clay is a physical symbol for the Void---even as is the bench, the wheel, and the artist himself.  They are the frame around the ARTWORK which has been produced upon the wheel.    The Void surrounds, encompasses, supports, and frames the object of our focus.   It often becomes a blur, even as our gaze crystalizes into focus upon the finished produce that sits upon the wheel.  In a grammatical sense, Form would be the "subject" in any sentence, even as the Void portrays the remaining components of that communication.  What is considered Void, within any one context, may be considered Form within another.  In the Multiverse, everything is relative.  

The Void, therefore, doesn't always have to represent NOTHING.   It also can be symbolized as NOTHING SPECIAL.  Or, perhaps we might also think of it as EVERYTHING ELSE, within a particular context.  It's primary effect is to highlight the Form, by removing all potential distractions away from it.         

The idea that the Void represents "nothingness" is sometimes due to the perceived effects of the Veil.  At times, the Veil will assume an "anti-matter" kind of consistency---broadcasting energies that perfectly counteract and erase the vibrations that are being emitted from a particular form.  This can produce the image of a never-ending abyss or chasm.  Such a symbolic representation is sometimes designed to produce emotional responses in those who inhabit the World of Form.  Faced with the possibility of falling into a "never-ending black pit," are you not inspired to cling, all the more, to your Form?   If so, then you would be a-void-ing the experience of being swallowed by the pit.  And doesn't that make for a fun Game?   


The dynamic of Form and Void shows itself clearly in the relationships of genders to each other.  Males and females will do a dance called "look at me," as each attempts to take control of the relationship.  There is an initiator and a responder for every interaction, and the chemistry that surrounds this dance gives interest and meaning to the dramas of daily life.   

Physically, the sexual organ of the male will be placed so that it is surrounded and contained by the organs of the female.  For some, this could imply that the male becomes the Form in their relationship, while the female symbolizes the Void.  Although this is certainly true, it is only one application of these symbols.  After all, following their dance of love, it is possible that a female could grow a child in her womb that would *insert itself* into that male's life.  Then, it would be *he* who is surrounding and feeding the family---putting mother and child in the center of the picture.  

It is most common that the symbolism of Form and Void is passed, back and forth, between the male and female in a relationship.  At times, the male will *shine,* and become the object of interest.  At other times, the female will become the center of the picture.  However it works out, the Two Brothers (Theos and Chaos) are now easily seen---dancing together upon the physical plane.        

The physical body also contains many symbols which portray the dichotomy of Form and Void.  For example, muscle tissue is usually considered to be a very important element in the body.  It has clear functions, and people tend to want to protect their muscles---working hard to keep them strong.  Fat, on the other hand, has become very unpopular.  Besides being a storage unit for energy, or perhaps an insulation against the elements---fat is often shunned and rejected by humans.    

The food that feeds muscle is called "nutrition."  The foods that feed fat are often called "junk."  Does the world have a need for junk?  It would seem so.  After all, there is *lots of junk* that seems to be accumulating in the world.  The percentages of body fat on humans (particularly in some geographical locations) has increased dramatically.  So has the percentage of neoplasms, such as warts, moles, fibroid cysts, and tumors.      

The fact is, there are lots of things which seem to be appearing within your physical universe which appear to have no apparent purpose.  They are simply *there.*  They are like crates and boxes, which have been delivered to a warehouse---bearing no shipping label and easily resisting all efforts to pry them open.  So there they sit.  They are superfluous, yet they appear to be unmoveable.  If you try to throw or give them away---new trucks arrive with *even more* crates and boxes.   

There are many lessons that can be learned from the Void if a person has the mind and willingness to do so.  Do those crates and boxes block your free movement around the warehouse?  Do you find that you need to step around them?  Are they in your way?     EXPANDED INVENTORY, EXPANDED AWARENESS   If an object or person is *there,* within your physical universe---how can it be considered "in the way?"  

Does not its very existence prove that it has a right to be there?  Isn't it really just another piece of the WAY in your life?  You must remember that the primary mechanism for creating a physical universe is filtration from consciousness of all the substance that currently exists within a set space.  You don't create these universes out of *nothing.*  Rather, you create them from *everything* and then cut them down to match the FORM which you desire each universe to take.  

With the arrival of certain manifestations of SUBSTANCE, which are (seemingly) unrelated to your set ideas of FORM, your civilization is being given an opportunity to consider that *something else exists* beyond the original blueprint of things.  You are being told that there is more to reality than meets the eye.  And now, the "something else" is even beginning to meet the eyes.  The unknown is starting to make itself known.    

This sequence of events is a PROCESS that is occurring for a reason.   As with all processes, the opening stages do not always reveal what is to come after.  And there are many "shipping clerks" that are making rash judgements about these new "deliveries" that are arriving---trying desperately make them *go away* so that business can return to normal.  But "normal" is not what you're about at this time in your history.  Your world is rapidly changing from NORMAL to TRANSITIONAL.  You are bound for somewhere new---somewhere no one has ever been before.  <we speak again in a linear sense>  

The world that you know is a pattern that was cut out of an infinite sheet of cloth.  Your eyes and ears have become the tailor's shears---cutting from that fabric a piece of space and time.  The rest of the cloth is *still there.*  That left-over fabric stands waiting to be re-membered as a part of what always was.  Perhaps these "deliveries" that are showing up are remnants that are preparing for the Grand Reunion.  Maybe their purpose is crucial to what you're trying to do here, but currently unknown.     SUBSTANCE is what you are.  FORM is what you appear to be.  Forms change, even as the substance remains the same.  The "stuff" of the universe is Oneness, whether it remains seen or whether it is hidden by the Veil.  What seems useless, within one physical context, could be crucial within another.    


With all of this in mind, we will conclude this message by directing your attention to a NEW FORM that you (as a race) are intending to take in these coming weeks, months, and years.   We are speaking here of your RECONNECTION BODY.    

This new form is NOT merely a human being.   It is an entire universe.   It is a macrocosmic BODY is such magnitude and pristine clarity that you will, before long, cease to be able to view it through the delicate eyes, ears, and sensory mechanisms of one physical vehicle.  Instead, you will install a complex network of perceptual mechanisms for feeling, watching, and actually BEING the waves of energy that will soon be crashing upon the shores of your planet.  

The world that you know is NOT the only world that exists.  And, it is (by no means) the most dynamic or utilitarian design for what your inner heart yearns to experience.  The Network we speak of is an INNER CONSCIOUSNESS---somewhat akin to what you call the Internet---but quicker, more malleable, and sensitive to your needs in the moment.    The price you must pay to attain such a wondrous "machine," is simple ACCEPTANCE. 

Your current physical vehicle is just one version of what is available to you.  However, you can never get an upgrade if you don't honor and respect the version you have right now.  Realize that it is perfect---and notice the perfection of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that is around you---even the the things that appear gross or non-glamorous.  Such designations are simply arbitrary class-distinctions that have been foisted upon you anyway---either by genetics, society, or the machinations of the neurotic group mind.  They mean nothing---and, in a worst-case scenario---can be the HEAVIEST FAT that you might be carrying on your svelte little frame.  Do you understand?     

In order to move from the present universe (of separation and limitation), you must touch the MIDDLE GROUND of ZERO EGO in order to detach from the current universe and move to a new one.   Once there, you will find yourself automatically sitting at the wheel of your new, updated Multidimensional Craft.  It may happen suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye.  Everything that happens between this moment and that one is simply another step of the process.  It's all worthy and it is all important, whether it seems so or not.   

You are, indeed, people of SUBSTANCE.   You are also shape-shifters, who love to experience all the FORMS that you can be.  Enjoy that about yourself.  You are NOT just what you eat---nor are you what manages to *eat you.*   But, for a time, you may SEEM to be this or that.  But each pattern that is cut from the sheets of the Infinite Fabric fits back together with the others when we SEW ITS SEAMS...........and declare the limitations to be gone.    

Such a time is now.  How could it be any other?  Now is all there is.  Enjoy every facet of your NOW, within whatever pattern you have chosen for the moment.  Another version of you is waiting, just around the corner.  And then another, and another, and sew on, and sew forth.........on into infinity.    

<end transmission>

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