What is this thing called TRANSMUTATION?


From The Reconnections:  "Labor Pains of the New Humanity"

Celestial Energies and Human Behavior


 TUWATNAH  through Wayne Moody

Misc. Experiences and Symptoms of Readers and Friends

The Spiritual "Flu"

Body Heat

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"Normal enough to know I'm weird, but too damn weird to do anything about it!"


Being Troubled By Any of these Symptoms?


·    Fatigue and lethargy, even after many hours of sleep

            FEELING PERPETUALLY TIRED?  (click here)

·    Spacey-ness, inability to concentrate

·    Insomnia---or regular awakening, often at  predictable times during each night

·     Joint and Muscle Aches and Pains that cause you to awaken, feeling as though you have been working hard all night long.

Two of the most prevalent "symptoms" of Global Change being felt at this time are fatigue and body pain.  Sensing that time (as a concept) is literally SLIPPING AWAY,  many are finding themselves driven to run, run, run.....in an attempt to catch up with it.  Paradoxically, the more we try to run, the more we fall by the wayside---in fitful slumber.  Even after hours and hours of sleep, many people awaken as though they have been working hard all night.

In essence, we ARE working hard at night.  There is BRIDGE being built,  A BRIDGE ACROSS CONSCIOUSNESS.......which spans between our waking 3D world and the Multiverse.   Each of us plays a part in the construction and maintenance of this Bridge.  Some of our "processes" are actually being accomplished between blinks of our eye, and between the beats of our heart.  It's all happening NOW, so to speak, "between the lines" of existence.   

Physical pain often represents the contrary nature of the merging of our various Multi-D Selves.  Some of them want to move this way, and some of them are determined to go that way.  It can be quite confusing---especially for the rational, linear mind.  What the mind cannot comprehend, the body will often wear and feel, and try to reconcile.    

From The Reconnections"Now is the time to CHANGE GEARS in how you deal with the physical plane.........(to use automotive jargon).  You must learn to switch to a MULTIDIMENSIONAL MODE of perceiving.  If you continue to try to keep up with your linear suppositions about life (past-present-future), it could be very harmful for your physical vehicle.  In the Multiverse, there are universes which embody ALL possible/probable manifestations imaginable (and then some)You don't have to manifest them all HERE.  The physical plane of existence is reserved to examining---close up and personally---only those aspects with which you are having difficulty.  Everything else is relegated to its individual universe (archived there)----and you don't have to strain to get at it.  Follow the Three Commitments, and your pain and fatigue will diminish.  It will not leave entirely, because the "labor" of bringing forth a New Paradigm  cannot be denied."  

·     Feelings of Depression that do not seem to match the circumstances of your immediate life.

·     Free-Floating Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks that cannot be traced to any specific trauma or cause.

·     Allergies, Skin Conditions, and Immune Difficulties that almost seem as though your body is at war with itself.

·     Thoughts of “Going Away,” without a clear idea of where you wish to go.   Unexplainable Weight Gain.

·      Incidents of Time Loss, Loss of short-term memory.  

·     Pain at the back of the neck (also called "The Voice of God")

When Things Get Tough..............

When difficult life situations occur, I try to remember the following principles: 

3.  It's all REAL.   "The Only illusion that exists is the belief that whatever is seen within a specific space or time is ALL THAT EXISTS there.  Reality is a very multi-layered thing.  Everything is real, but not everything is relevant to your Now.  Go with what feels right NOW, and let the rest be."  ---The Reconnections.

4.  It's all NOW.   "All time is made up of one NOW MOMENT, fragmented into however many pieces it needs to be, in order to fully reveal itself in that Now."   ---The Reconnections


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