"Global Acceleration Syndrome is not a diagnosis.  It's what you begin looking at when all other diagnoses are exhausted, and you still feel that something "important" is going on with your body, soul, and overall being."   ~Daniel Jacob

"It's a feeling as if somebody is running his fingernails across a chalkboard.  It seems to put everyone's teeth on edge. The only difference is that the board seems to exist within some other place, maybe even some other dimension."

This is just one of hundreds of ways that our Post-Millennial Citizenry are describing this new wave of vibration that seems to be rocking its way through the planet. Spacey-ness, inability to concentrate, fatigue, muscle aches, short-term memory loss, insomnia, anxiety, depression....all these symptoms and many more are popping up in cities across the nation, and indeed, also around the world.

By themselves, each of these symptoms can mean anything or nothing. Doctors deal with these individual complaints everyday.  Anti-depressants and energy boosters are being purchased by the truckload, and some can even provide temporary relief, though a huge number of patients end up wondering whether they ever really helped at all.

Folks are jumpy, or else they're dead on their feet. Some are ready to cry at a moment's notice, or perhaps they hang their heads and confess that they've felt "numb" for weeks, months, or even years.

A poet once said: "Most men live lives of quiet desperation."

Within the past several years, I've had a multitude of people confide to me that the feelings inside are reaching a pitch that is, at times, truly unbearable. There are even moments when these normally active and cheerful folks just leave work and go home to bed and put their heads under the covers.

The times, as Dylan said, are a 'changing!  But now we, as the people of Earth, are going through our own transformation too. We're becoming something new, something beyond our wildest imagination. At one point, I began to call this strange recipe of emotions, nervous tendencies, discomforts, and reactivity by the name "Global Acceleration Syndrome." The name stuck.

I don't think of it as a diagnosis, it's just a name. If any of these symptoms can be treated individually, as part of a genuine diagnosis, that's great.  If not, or if treatments only provide temporary relief at best--- chances are its the beginning of the BIG INNING, folks.......and Spirit is about to step up to bat!


Our physical universe is built upon polarities, such as "Hot and Cold," "Them and Us," "Male and Female," or "Up and Down." Everything in the World of Form is bound together and solidified by the tug-o-war that is being enacted at every level of our existence. "The One" is pulling against "The Other One," whether for dominance or merely for fun, and the resistance that is generated by this activity has been sufficient to slow down the vibration in our cells and create physical matter.

The physical world has been experimenting since the beginning, concerning all manner of form and variations of form. This experimentation goes on, into infinity. Meanwhile, those realms of being that have not chosen to become physical, the realms of the unseen, have also been exploring their variations and alternatives. That operation also goes on into infinity.

Though there are manifold numbers of polarity dances going on within our perceptual universe, they could probably all be encapsulated within two generalized categories called Form and Void. In several writings listed on the Web Site, I refer to the Archetypal Energies that govern these two polarities as Theos (Form) and Chaos (Void).

In 1987, our world began what is known as the Harmonic Convergence. In essence, this means that all those essences known as "tangible," began to infuse themselves (and be infused) by all those essences hidden within the realms of the unseen. In other words, the Oneself that has existed across time and space began to PULL OUR ONESELF TOGETHER.

The reader may be interested in reviewing the articles written and posted elsewhere on this site, called "Energy Activations," as they contain lots of interesting channeled material about the Global Energy Convergence, which is still underway. 

The idea of polarity actually collapsing can be a disturbing thought. Indeed, it is this subliminal awareness, within all of us, that something really BIG is happening, that is causing the STRANGE ENERGY that so many people are sensing.

The good news is: all these polarities are not falling *apart* as this happens. Rather they are collapsing *into*each other. And, as they do this, there is a focused ENTITY of flesh and spirit that is being formed to
perform the task of being the cauldron within whom all these elements are being combined. That entity is none other than YOU.

In this universe, the place of RECONNECTION, we are fragments of a huge and glorious ONESELF that is becoming the compilation of everything and everyone that has ever been or who will ever be. Each fragment (individual person) is a universe unto him/herself, and everything that person sees or experiences is a mirror for the Oneself  which exists at that level.

Whether we manifest our fragment as huge, detailed, and expanded (the Macrocosm), or minute, abbreviated, and contracted (the Microcosm), we still are ALL ONE, joined with each other at a level of vibration that knows no boundaries and that, indeed, feels no lack.  A cup of water is not the ocean, though each droplet contains all the essential aspects and characteristics common to the ocean. If a creature is small enough, and without point of comparison, that cup of water *might as well be* the ocean, as it proportionally produces the same dynamic in the life of the smaller life forms.

Up until now, each person has been a slave to his or her own *viewpoint* and context of reality. With the coming of the Convergence, we are slowly being made privy to all of the variance that has existed around and through us since the beginning. We are *waking up* and the sensations we have can feel very *alarming.* It is my hope to generate a discussion topic about the manifestations of this process. Even as we are becoming aware that we are ALL ONE, we also need to understand that we are not ALONE.

If you have hitherto been unaware of what was going on, get ready! You will be aware of it soon. A tidal wave of change is brewing on the horizon. Soon, folks won't even need a spyglass to discern that something incredible is coming our way.

What sort of changes and challenges have YOU been experiencing? I am about the process of doing full-time research into all of this, and would love to hear about your process.  Any questions about this material (or any on the Web Site) are welcome, although I cannot promise to respond to them all.   And please, please, feel free to share your own insights as well!  


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