Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Getting Yours"

My Dear Friends,

Survival Issues.  Your Reconnection with the Primal Self . Often thought of as mere "Animal Instinct"....... the Primal Self is far more than that.  It is the life impulse of FIRST MIND---the closest interface with your Soul's agenda for stepping down into 3D in the first place.

Primal Issues:  hunger, thirst, shelter, sex, love, companionship, curiosity...
these urges supply grounding for whatever a person's Life Agenda may be.  But they are NOT Primal Agenda.

If someone goes through a "near death experience," and finds himself moving through the tunnel, with a Great Light at the end of it---the issue or image which blocks his final merge with that Light, sending him tumbling back into his not a pot roast, a woolen coat, a big house, or a favorite automobile.  Neither is it the altruistic notion that "people need me" or "I have a gift to impart to humanity".......though this seems a favorite "screened memory" which some carry, explaining why they backed away from all that love and comfort offered by the Light.

Whatever your "story" is.....about who you are, or why you remain in 3D, your Primary Agenda here is to HIDE OUT.  Like Adam and Eve, running from God, wiping apple juice from their proverbial have COVERED YOURSELF in some way, and you aren't quite ready to deal with that yet. 

To move forward, into the Light.....means that you are ready to BECOME the Light.  Not everyone is ready for that, even if it means going back to incredible darkness. 

The "Hard Times" which lie ahead for your world---regardless of how they manifest in each life---will focus their velocity towards one final purpose:  To UNCOVER in you that which has previously been hidden. To catch you off guard, as it the "sliver" of consciousness between forgetting and remembering.....between running away and turning to face the WHOLE TRUTH about yourself.     

The Animal Self represents both BEAUTY and BEAST in each of you.  During these preparatory you struggle with health, relationship challenges, shifts in finance---you will begin to discover that there is nothing to fear about those hidden "sides" of yourself.  As each layer of the facade peels away.....especially and including many "social protocols" you hold so dear......a new dawn will arrive on this planet of yours. An era of honesty, spontaneity, and joy.  As you finally allow yourself to "get yours," your Earthly reflections will suddenly begin "getting theirs" as well.  And there will be plenty for all, because the ALL will finally BELIEVE in plenty. And so it is.  So shall it be. So it always was, regardless of how things appeared. 

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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