"Global Transformation"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

In those Universes moving upon a Transformational track (as opposed to those which are programmed for destruction, annihilation, apocalypse)….the appearance of profound natural disaster is a kind of INNOCULATION……not only for persons experiencing change in a first-person way…..but also for those who observe. 

 Following the recent upheavals caused by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast---I get a strong sense that sizeable numbers of people will begin moving OUT of the big cities, opting to get closer to nature, to the land…...giving themselves more of a chance to spread out and begin reflecting seriously on the deeper purpose of their lives. Though this won’t be true for everyone….it will certainly be a call to some.

 The Reconnections often speak about three areas of life which are used to ground and    re-focus people back into the core of their 3D Journey:  Health, Finances, and Relationships. When something significant happens in one or more of these areas, a person can expect that a NEW DIRECTION or OPPORTUNITY is about to emerge.

 Nothing that is vitally connected to the core of a person’s life can be hindered or lost.  That is because each of those elements FLOW with the LIFE ENERGY of the Individual Creator for that universe.  It’s only when VIBRANT LIFE ENERGY has departed from a physical body, a possession, a relationship, or a business venture that carrion-feeding elements are allowed to steal away or tear apart those forms.  And even then, that (seemingly) chaotic process is carefully guided---like a surgeon’s scalpel---cutting away ONLY what seems extraneous or irrelevant. A great deal of this is administrated and energized from the Expanded Self, which doesn’t always ask the Ego for permission.  

The process of loss and grief is a BONDING ELEMENT in human society.  Following the events of 9/11/2001, the Reconnections told us: 

The primary occlusion, which has been choking the life out of your Global Heart most recently arises from your intense love of and preoccupation with COMMERCE. When we say this, we are not demeaning your needs to buy and to sell things. Your manifold methods of trade and mutual support have served humanity well since they were enacted, so long ago. But recently, a large portion of humanity has begun to worship Commerce, and the accumulation of material property, in the same way some civilizations follow after their chosen Deity.

Through the expansion of your many activities and struggles related to this frenetic "worship," you created lifestyles where you could no longer breathe in your spirit or feel within your Collective Soul. Deprived of love and connection, which is the very lifeblood of humankind, you experienced a momentary lapse in your awareness, and you gave Dark Forces control over key access points upon the planet---plunging a dagger deep into the chest of the World's Economy, peeling back layers of flesh, exposing your deepest fears, and also awakening your noblest and most inspirational traits as a species.

Neighborhood rescue during Hurricane Sandy

The initiation of this Open-Heart Mergery is the beginning of a Global Reconnection to Oneness---a joining of hands and hearts across your world---that is based, not upon the relentless agendas set by your Taskmasters of Buy and Sell, but by a common human experience of loss, suffering, and the importunity of human need.

The dress-rehearsal for this experience you are within now was accomplished back in your year 1997, with the passing of those souls known as Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. As their departure from the Earth Plane was made commonly known, a worldwide ejaculation of emotion formed a neural network for linking your planet empathically, a network which instantly came back online the day your World Trade Center fell.”

 The same will be true of every apparent “disaster” which occurs as we go forward in this amazing process of Global Spiritual Rebirth. 

 DJ.  11/3/2012



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