"Gods of Initiation and Change"

B Y    D A N I E L   J A C O B


As I was reading over Gwynne's most recent offering in preparation for our next Talk Radio Show, I was struck by her reference to Dionysius......who, like President Obama, rests his entire "social platform" on the concept of CHANGE.  In the picture above, Shiva represents the God of Transformation and Rebirth, while Shakti represents the ENERGY of that birth, flowing up and down the Spinal Canal for this ONESELF BEING called Planet Earth.  And THIS Change.....going beyond mere "Change We Can Believe In," becomes more like "Change can BET THE FARM on......." (or die for..)

As Gwynne quoted in the article:

"Change is a threat to our present state of consciousness and to our accustomed sense of identity. Hence we dread death, the ultimate change, as the greatest evil of all. Dionysus, the dark god of change, represents such a threat. He had to be cast out in the name of the God who is `I Am', the God who separated the evil from the good, the above from the below. As a result, paradisiacal oneness was lost. This theme, in one way or another, runs through all patriarchal mythologies."

The idea of "Yes, We Can" is now before us.....in every possible way. And it's scary, isn't it? Everyone who has any investment in maintaining the "status quo" is fighting like a wildcat to hang on to what has been. It only makes sense........"tea parties," protest marches, filibusters, ballibusters, the whole Nein Yards!    The Party of NO bumps up against the Party of Yes, We Can...... and sparks begin flying all over the place.......

We are facing another Cultural Revolution.  Or.....wait.  Might we think of it as EVOLUTION  instead?  Something akin to the Sixties, yet governed (this time) by Unified Mind---balanced and humanized through Reconnected Sensory Awareness.  What we cannot FEEL we cannot HEAL.  And what we cannot EXPRESS and SHARE, will not be sustained for long. 

It's PARTY TIME on Planet Earth!  And we're not speaking about Democrats and Republicans here.  The Old Guard Posturings and contrivances concerning LOVE and WAR must give way to genuine expressions of wonder, awe, and child-like openness to new viewpoints, new patterns, new ways of being.      

"The pendulum swing from masculine dominance to feminine dominance has been played out to the hilt. Now is your time of resting. Now is the time of integrating BOTH FORCES into One Congruous Whole."   (Spirituality and Sex, Part 1)  ~The Reconnections

The Guides here........and my own heart........seem to be calling us into stark recognition of the Great Gender Divide........and the apparent Conflict of Agenda represented by the coming of a Dionysius Energy.......(initiation into freedom, ecstasy, and joy)...........and a Hera Energy........(Defender of Marriage and Monogamy)........and the need for EACH POLARIZATION of these traits to RECOGNIZE SELF in the face of their "Other." 




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