By Daniel Jacob


Someone on our Discussion Board had mentioned recently, the idea that philosophical ponderings are fine, but “the here and now must reign supreme.”   It was a good statement, a powerful statement, and certainly politically correct in Metaphysical circles.   


When I read this, the primary question I found myself asking is “Which HERE?”.......“Which NOW?”   Which level of our Multilinear, Multidimensional Experience must reign supreme?  The physical level?  An ideal?  An emotional focus?  After all, it’s all's all happening NOW, albeit at different levels of density.  What would be our qualifier(s) for precedence?   


If we consider ourselves but Citizens of a Single Universe, and 3D is seen as our primary modality for experience, the answer would be simple:  “Whatever is before us.”  The Recons refer to this as “The Dominant Tone” within any context of reality.  Our MANDATE for that moment, you might say.  This is why folks solidify into a single universe.  To make things simple, accessible, clear.   


There are no standard answers, only choices.  Our graduation into becoming Citizens of Multi-D brings with it a whole new set of perceptual options.  To lay out a philosophical premise (i.e. “How I think things should be”), actually involves spinning into existence an entire REALM of Reality.  Just because Our Realm doesn't immediately manifest as physical does not negate that.  It only means that our Soul Self has no difficulties with it---no objections that need to be examined or explored, up close and personal. 


In “How Universes Are Formed,” the Guides give us a breakdown on what creates a 3D context of reality.  Basically, 3D is considered by them to be "the training wheels of the Multiverse," a place to go and work things out. THUNDERDOME, you might say:  "Two (or more) concepts enter, ONE (unified) CONCEPT leaves."  We wrestle with things until we're done.  Then, we focus elsewhere.  Meanwhile, back in that first universe of perception---the story plot continues, on and on, in everyway imaginable, forever.  It's called THE PRINCIPLE OF COMPLETION.  For All That Is to truly be All That Is, that principle must be in play. 


Once again, the Multiverse calls out to a sensitive soul, like a well-dressed woman of the evening.  "Do you want a date?" she asks? 


"No, thanks......" he replies.  "I am married (to my concept of the world as I see it)." 


"Who told you THAT was the only world you needed to live in?  Don't you like some variety, from time to time?" 


"What is your name?" he queries. 


"Who do you want me to be?"  she teases back. 


On and on it goes.  We move from our absolutist positions (our groundings of "fact"), through the 4D Corridor, and into any other premise we dare to explore.  We are only as "captive" as we care to be.  But it does get lonely, moving from time to to place.  And so we "settle" for awhile, like Moses in the wilderness, waiting to find the burning his bush.  He meets the Shiek of Midian, takes one of his seven daughters for wife, and proclaims:  "I will dwell in this place."  


Then one day, out of the blue, a voice calls to him from the shadows.  "Do you want a date?"  it says.  Another burning bush, waiting to be explored!  If the wife is wise, she'll go along too.  Lady Multiverse offers a group rate.........


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