I see my past before me.  I warm myself before the fires of my youth.

I hear your familiar voice and I remember---and, in that remembrance, there is peace and the security that I thought I had lost.

How often had I sat in the dark, held captive by those clear and rich tones, receiving soul's assignments in a language only hearts could recognize?

There were many of us there that night, and there was only ONE.  For we all sat as children, all together did we hear.  And were we not transformed then, were we not quickened and made whole?

Then the time came for us to take our separate paths.  Paths of separation---paths of necessary pain.

And did we not seem to smile as we departed---smiles that offered a blessed promise, a pledge to meet together once again when our tasks were done.

"I won't be long." I said.   "Don't worry about me.  I'll be home before dark."

And then, I laid aside my sweetest memories and walked into the mist of time and space.   I somehow managed to forget those hours together and be lost in a workaday world.

I played the Game, I played it well.  I toiled and wept and laughed and wished upon a star.  And you were all there, you never left.  And  you watched and quietly stood by.

Days flowed into nights and weeks became years.   And still you stayed and you watched over me.  

When two small hands held mine, needing strength and offering innocent love---I smiled and shrugged and rose to the task.  This is how it was planned, you see?  This is where the growth was to be.

"I won't be long---don't worry about me.  I'll be home before dark. 

And when my seed was sown, my frame bent low beneath the weariness of that denial of who I truly am---your voice spoke softly to my anxious heart and began to awaken all I had left behind.

Slowly, tentatively, the numbness departs and I can feel you all once again.

Hidden, like Easter eggs---some here, some there---lay the reminders of my ancient past, my treasured Higher Self. 

I gather them into a single bowl.  I sit with them at sunset and let their sweetness wash over me.

In an instant, we are all together once again.  Sitting, cross-legged and eager---as she strums her guitar and croons with sacred melody.

As quickly as we all disappeared into that mist, our single soul has reunited once again.  Unkempt, but unbroken by the journey.

Knit together, as clouds of night approach, the night that threatens no more sunrise---and bares no moon to light the way.

"I won't be long---don't worry about me."  "I'll be home before dark."


Inspired from a song by Judy Collins.

ęCopyright, 1992, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.