By Daniel Jacob


The awakening (or re-awakening) of the Child Self in all of us is our return to a state of spontaneous flow and sincere appreciation for what turns us on, and what gets our attention.  One friend refers to this as her "first mind"............the very first impulse or reaction she has when she encounters a person or situation.  Most people agree today that this impulse represents the clearest and most honest expression of who we are. The Reconnections define "innocence" as:  Free from prior agenda, bias, or predisposition. Open. Available for new input. 

So many aspects of our society today center themselves on manipulation.  We analyze how to get peoples attention, and then we figure out how to get them to do what we want them to do.  Children do not initially function from this place.  Rather, they go direct.  If there is something they want, they reach for it directly.  What happens after that often determines how honest they are willing or able to be, about who they are. 

In an infant, there is no separation between the people and objects that are seen outside and what is considered “self” on the inside.  This is why some children cry so hard when they don't get what they want.  In their mind, it's not just a matter of being refused something.  To them, it is the equivalent have trying to move a leg or an arm, and having the arm fail to respond.  It is only later that they realize that these things are separate from their body.  This includes mother, father, siblings, etc.  What a nightmare, eh?  To realize that your Oneself World has suddenly broken itself into many pieces?

The Politics of Oneness

The loss of innocence comes when we begin editing our spontaneous flow, because it produces backlashes and consequences in our relationships with the world.  When I want to touch something and it happens to be a hot stove, I am bound to have a "backlash" when the heat hits my fingers.  When I try to take something from my sister, and she begins to scream, I have to re-think my desire to have it. 

A good deal of this falls into a category called "learning."  Some folks call it "socialization."  The grief that is produced when a person finds that he must bend his impulses, and re-channel his primary energies (in order to get along in the world).......seems to be diminished when we 'screen from our mind' the original urge (which doesn't seem to be acceptable), and replace that primary motivation with a socialized urge (which is acceptable). 

The real tragedy comes when we forget our "first mind," and only remember the socialized protocols.  When I do this, my child has to go down and live in a basement somewhere, while the "adult" me goes on everyday, acting out roles and participating in his battles for bread. 

When I was a kid, I was insatiably curious.  My mother used to go crazy with me when we went into stores and shopping malls.  I always wanted to open every drawer, and to see what was behind every curtain.  She used to sit down on the curb, outside the stores, and just cry!  She had me late in life, and my sister was 11 years older than I.  So, my mother would often say to my sister:  "You take him, Judy.  He's TOO MUCH for me." 

Sooner or later, I came to realize that I was TOO MUCH...............if I let things just move through me.  I could see that I tended to upset people, and make them cry.  Therefore, I learned how to "hold onto things" for many years.  Nowadays, I am re-learning to let it come through........more and more.........and I feel much better.  The term "channeling" and "clear channel" applies here, in a big way.  When we just let our channel open, miracles can happen.  The lessons we’ve gathered, over the years, about tact and moderation need not be lost.  And neither does the essence of our Inner Child! 

The topic for this article is childhood repression, which comes in the form of a natural inner flow that gets held back, as well as messages that come from the outside of you that are taken in, and get "stuck" in the channel.  Psychotherapists call these messages "introjects."  

Part of the process of Awakening the Magical Child is discovering what little pieces of "gunk" we have jammed in our channels.  This accounts for a good deal of pain at the back of the neck, by the way.  The Occipital Ridge (bottom of the back of the head) is the source point for channeled information.  When a “Supernatural Source" wants to come through us, and speak to our world, it will feed information through this chakra, rather than through the crown.  If we are unable or unwilling to let go...........and allow for that to happen, we get pain in this place. 

Are any of you aware of places where your "innocent flow" has been stopped in childhood?   Did that channel ever re-open again?   What would it take to re-open it now? 



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