Do you see the numbers "11:11" everywhere you look?

"Since this is only an experiment in Limitation, you included within your programming a time-released mechanism that, at a pre-appointed interval---would activate and begin the termination of the Veil, allowing you not only to perceive, but also to travel beyond the borderlines of the 3D plane upon which you exist. When complete, this "waking up of the dreamer" would reintroduce you back into The Greater Whole, where you would again have access to knowledge of all your Expanded Self.........."      ~The Reconnections

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Anyone for New Beginnings? 

1/1/2008 = 111        1/9/2008= 11      1/10/2008=111      1/11/2008= 1111      1/19/2008 = 111          1/27/2008 = 11       1/28/2008= 111 = 111

last year:   1/1/11      1/11/11     And now:  11/11/2012 = 9 (ending)

“the 11 walks the edge between greatness and self-destruction.”

~Hans Decoz, Numerologist