Faith is personal. Religion is collective. Both can be powerful, underlying support elements for individuals and society.  Or, they can be compulsive, divisive, and (ultimately) destructive. People gather to share experience, strength, and hope. They also gather to ask themselves the question: "Is what I'm feeling inside me real, or am I just making this up?"  When I first started channeling The Reconnections, I purposely called together a group of close friends to listen to and comment on the writings. We met every Wednesday Night for the better portion of 1992. Since channeling requires a person to "set aside" his individual ego, in order to become a conduit for the expanded tones coming through him (or her), it seemed fitting that I recruit a group of "mirrors," who could reflect back to me what my emotional body was going through as I explored these new concepts. It was effective, for a time. And when it no longer worked for us, we stopped meeting. The forms we use to worship and relate may change over time. A decision to change does not invalidate what came before. It energizes and potentiates what's happening NOW.   

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It has been written……”Faith is the substance of things hoped for---the evidence of things not seen.” 

If this resonates.....One of the ways we can know that something is “real” would be the fact that there is someone who believes in it.  Furthermore……..”where two or more are gathered in my name, then there am I in the midst of them.”  That profound statement could easily apply to anything and everything---not just one special person or circumstance.  

To me, Faith is a structure I purposely create and hold onto when excess of emotion makes the world LIQUID and NEBULOUS…….when there are no words, no solutions, no answers……when even necessary questions elude me. Faith is a choice that is made by the totality of a person---not just a mind or a will. 


On some levels, Faith may seem like a choice.  While it remains a choice, Faith can be the sweetest thing!  But when life and circumstance overwhelm that ability to choose…..when raw sensation and vivid life experiences eclipse creative imagination for a season.....locking mind and heart within a prison called “that’s just the way things are”……… Faith will stand in the shadows…….watching and waiting…….patiently….through darkest night…through months, years, lifetimes…..until the light of truth dawns once again. 

And what is Truth?  What do we want it to be?  What could we support, for all eternity, with every fiber of our being?In each of our perceptual universes---the Grand Game begins and ends with US.    DJ.

"Most religions maintain control over the flock by teaching Judgment under law. It is nothing but a wild race toward a righteous finish line that doesn't even exist; you just keep on running, judging yourself and observing everyone you meet, in an attempt to feel better about yourself. Judge no one! Only then will you be free of self judgment. You will never find righteousness, but will finally rest in the house of grace."   ~Bobby Hinkle