"Your Inner Sense Modalities are doorways to the 4D Corridor and Beyond.  Sometimes the doors open in one direction, and sometimes they go both ways.  In other transmissions, we have referred to you as "closets, with two doors." Gateways between worlds.  When you access an Inner Sense........Clairvoyance, for example.......you are "cutting and pasting" an image from some other dimension and transferring it HERE to the universe of your perception.  A door opens, and an image appears on the view screen.  Some people can see them clearly and some cannot.  The distribution of the gifts is according to need and conscious itinerary, not ego aggrandizement.  A Clairsentient Person is able to penetrate the Veil and gather vast amounts of information into his (or her) sense receptacles--juggling tones, like orbs---examining first this one, and then that one.  The insights that are gleaned come quick, easy, and are amazingly accurate PROVIDED that the reader has confidence in his ability to perceive, and is willing to stand behind his perceptions with conviction, confidence, and clarity."   ~The Reconnections