By Daniel Jacob




It's a feeling unlike any other.  Many of  those who have experienced it have been fascinated and terrified all at the same time.  The sensation often begins as a sudden surge of energy that starts at the base of the spine and rapidly moves upward, giving an individual the clear experience of being plugged into the wall and lit up like a Christmas tree.  


The rise of "Kundalini Energy" is as ancient as history itself.  It is also called "The Serpentine Fire" as it makes its way up the spinal canal (also called the sushumna) in an alternating spiral that would resemble a pair of intertwining snakes if it were seen clearly for any length of time.  


Ageless symbols of healing speak louder about this energy than any description I could give.  We see the rise of the Kundalini portrayed very aptly in the design of the Staff of Hermes, also known as the Caduceus.   The modern medical profession has adopted this symbol as their standard---two snakes intertwined around a pole that is lifted high for all to see.



In Biblical Literature, we see reference to a staff that was utilized by the Hebrew Prophet, Moses, and the healing power it was purported to have.   Around the pole was wrapped a serpent and it was held high above the people.  Whoever looked upon that staff with faith could be healed of any affliction. 



Later, in the gospels, Jesus said of Himself:  "As Moses lifted up the staff in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted upů."   In this, Jesus was apparently making some incredible claims.  First, He was equating Himself with the Serpentine Power on the pole.  By all appearances, He was saying that the intertwining of that vital life force was, in fact, the very essence of who He was.   Millions of people, those currently incarnate and also those who have transitioned in death, could testify of the healing power of that image of Jesus on the cross.    


The Reconnections now come to us and offer the viewpoint that the intertwining power of that Kundalini Rise is, in fact, the very essence of who we *all* are.  It is a dance of energy that involves both the active and passive elements within the physical universe.  As we become balanced, within our physical body, the whole essence of our person (and our perceptual universe) begins to change.  We somehow get "turned on," and nothing is ever the same again.  




The power that comes through the lower part of the body is what energy healers call "Earth Energy."  It is the primal self, the physical self, as it connects to the elements: the tides, the winds, the animals, the soil, and the very rhythm of life upon our planet.


The human body is, quite literally, designed to be a *channel* for this energy.  In a sense, each of us is a fragment of the total Planetary Soul which is reaching towards the sky.  This process of reaching, however, is not without its perils or its fears.  Since time began, there has been a certain sense of dread and apprehension about our connections with what's "up there."  As we work, as we play, we also *wonder.*  We reach for the heavens, but we also shrink back at the same time.  




From the moment the body begins to move on its own, the muscular and nervous system begin to compensate for this conflict between curiosity and fear.  A child begins to run with complete trust and abandon. He reaches for everything, and nearly drives his parents crazy!  However, there are those times when his reaching produces painful results instead of pleasant ones.  Perhaps his hand inadvertently touches a flame, or maybe a careless turn causes him to take a nasty tumble that breaks an arm or bruises a leg.


When the child encounters difficulty as a result of his exploration, he can learn to respond in a number of ways.  Certainly, he can choose to shrink back and never explore again. Many people have learned to become very passive because of some trauma they suffered within their early childhood.  On the other hand, resistance or hardship encountered in his exploration can make a child become very *determined* as well.  Like a caterpillar pushing its way out of a cocoon, many children learn to become tenacious about getting what they want and doing whatever they desire, no matter what the consequences!     


The balance between determination and hesitancy sets a "tone" in the life of each person.  Each of us exists as a crystallization of matter which portrays this tug-o-war between two opposing forces.  Some of us embody complete courage and almost foolhardy bravado.  Others represent the other end of the spectrum, rarely leaving our houses for fear that something awful will happen to us.  Most, however, exist somewhere in between.




When a soul transitions into the Reconnection Universe, the context of reality where Oneness resides, he brings with him all of the lessons that have been learned within his Soul Group across the ages.  He has, at that point, explored every nook and cranny of creation  that he cares to, and he is now willing and ready to move out of polarity and return to the state of total Oneness.


When a person's physical and emotional body--during a specific time of meditation, repose, or focused repetitive action--suddenly releases all cares and concerns about "stuff" in his life involving polarization and conflict, that body experiences a remarkable energy shift.  It drops all of its compensations and energy blockages and becomes the channel for spirit that many of us have always wanted it to be.  In that moment, the Soul of the Earth merges with that individual and sends a tone upward from the base of the spine towards the top of his head (which is also referred to as the "crown chakra.")


The tone of this planet is distinctive, just as the tone which is sent out from a computer modem can be identified by those machines which are designed to receive its messages and form a network of communication.  In a real sense, the Kundalini Rising is a kind of "handshake tone" that is sent up from a soul that has prepared itself (perhaps for many lifetimes) to become open to secret knowledge and to truly experience the rest of All That Is.     


When this tone moves through the "crown chakra" and out into the cosmos, a correspondent tone hears it and answers back.  The recent movie "Contact" is a wonderful portrayal of how all of this works.  In the movie, a scientist (portrayed by Jodie Foster) spends her life listening for responses to messages that have been sent from Earth into outer space, hoping for evidence that would provide signs of life "elsewhere."  


Truly it is *we* who dwell upon this planet that are the best signs of life elsewhere.  In the opening verse of the eleventh chapter of the Book of Hebrews, in the New Testament, the writer says that:  "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  If this be true, then the very fact that scientists and philosophers look up into the heavens, hoping for signs of visitors from other dimensions, is the best "evidence" that they are surely there!


Answering the question of whether or not we see them or talk with them (the alien visitors, that is) is not predicated upon whether or not they are *there.*  After all, in the Multiverse, *everything is there.*   The Reconnections tell us that if we can visualize or theorize about something, then it *has to be* real........somewhere.  If it weren't, we wouldn't be thinking about it.  This principle is as true for an actual Father God and a Mother Goddess, as it is for Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or for the Devil.  


The Kundalini Rise, therefore, is a sign and a signal to the rest of All That Is that we have reached a place of *neutrality* about all the strange and wonderful things that can and do exist.  We have made peace with the incredible diversity of the Multiverse, and we are ready to *play!*   At that point, the Oneness begins downloading huge amounts of *complimentary shareware* onto the hard drive of our subconscious.  This is in preparation for the time when we will actually be able to *log on* to the Inner Net and explore throughout the Multiverse.


Have you been experiencing a strange "humming" or "buzzing" sound in your ears of late?  That, I am told, is the download as it is occurring.  It may be a bit irritating or distracting, but it has a purpose.  And, when the process is complete, we will all be very grateful that we contacted Data Central to get our personal files updated!




There are some who live on Planet Earth who are currently experiencing a crisis of spiritual growth.  Many are not able to achieve the state of neutrality that is mentioned above.  They enter an Energy Gate (known as a Trans-Portal), and they begin to move into a whole new reality.  However, instead of letting go, and moving quickly into transformation--they hold a part of themselves back.  This produces a whole host of diseases, which are currently being classified and dealt with by the medical establishment.  


I once heard a gifted channel say:  "If you can't learn to follow your spirit without hesitation, then you'll eventually end up following your hesitation without spirit."  


I have spoken at length about the symptoms of spiritually-based dis-ease in my articles dealing with "Global Acceleration Syndrome" .   The Guides now add some new information, dealing specifically with conditions arising from rapid and unpredicted Kundalini Rise.  There are many who are reporting extreme weakness, almost as though the life force is being drained from their body.  Some have even contemplated suicide, reporting that they feel there is no further reason for them to live. 


In order to live in 3D, we each have to adopt a unique energy "signature," which vibrates according to a certain "stance" or energy attitude.  This signature represents a "position" that we take, concerning how we see the planet, ourselves, and life in general.  For every polarity configuration (duality dance), we set the "dial" of our consciousness to reflect our attitude towards that subject.  It is as though our soul becomes a huge equalizer, like we might find on a stereo sound system, with bass tones,  treble tones, and many tones in between.    


When Kundalini is activated, a vortex begins to spin--moving upward through each chakra of the body.  This energy--which I sometimes call "The Inquisitor"-- will challenge and thoroughly examine each of the "settings" on that Attitudinal Equalizer, to see if they truly fit the essence of who and what a person is. In a sense, it is like death and rebirth, all rolled into one vibratory flow.  And it can happy very, very quickly. 




When "The Inquisitor" begins to move, everything comes alive. There is a quickening that occurs, in all parts of a person's body and soul.  Shadows are illumined, and covert motives may be revealed. This is not just a mental process. It is a bio-energetic one--dealing with all aspects of human personality at the same time. That is why the movement can be so rapid.  


If a Kundalini Rise brings great insight and opens up fresh desire, there may be a sudden and unexpected change in a person's behavior and/or lifestyle.  If, instead, it mandates some life change that it totally unacceptable to a person's core self---the resulting backlash can blow the circuits of his or her nervous system. 


The Reconnections tell us that a huge percentage of depression and fatigue cases that exist in the world today are the result of Kundalini Activations that were suddenly aborted, due to system incompatibility and energy overload.  A certain energy comes knocking, an inner door will slam, and the whole internal power grid goes dark.  (For more info on this, see the Recon Transmission called "Conscious Creation" )


Each time "The Inquisitor" comes, there is a new confrontation of opposites. What once was is continually being challenged by what now wants to be.  The Guides recently spoke with one woman about her experiences of extreme malaise and feelings of despondency.  They told her:  


"What you perceive as life force, ebbing from your body, is really the last remnant of a resistance factor that has been present within your family line for generations.  It has been built into your character in a number of ways, some of which are still hidden from your view.  You might say that what you are feeling (as disease) was downloaded into you, as a virus is injected into a laboratory animal, so that observations can be drawn about its effects (virulence) in the presence of gradually increasing vibratory frequencies.  


You must not separate yourself, the patient, from the other parts of you that are the researchers and students of this grand experiment.  You are ALL ONE in this process--neither a victim, nor a perpetrator.  You are all of it.  At your core, there is a desire to KNOW (gnosis) above all other things.  The efforts and pains, however pervasive they seem, are considered of small consequence to the deep inner desire you have to KNOW, and UNDERSTAND what humanity is now facing.  You wish this knowledge to be personal, intense, graphic, and very real." 




A good deal of the Kundalini Activations that are happening on the planet at this time involve moving a person away from a hyper-masculine (overly rational) orientation to life, and re-installing a respect for emotion, intuition, and the nurturing of self.  In other words, they are busy about the task of giving "type A" personalities a kick in the backside to move them more into the "being" part of themselves, rather than doing, doing, doing all of the time.  


But in the case illustrated above, the exact opposite was true.  Upon examining the root vibration of this person's character, it was discovered that she is tenaciously clinging to her upset emotions and distressed feelings as a deflection away from an intellectual giftedness which could, under the right circumstances, blossom into personal genius.  The Guides continue:  


"The arousal of that certain element known as "Kundalini".......is, in essence, an awakening of a part of the brain and nervous system that is most denied within the life of that particular 3D human.  It is this element which the body interprets as "disease."  It is a decision that has been made, a portal that has been entered, which produces certain effects.  If a person moves easily through the portal, the effects of the dis-ease are minimal.  However, if a soul lingers....hesitates....the effects can be excruciating.  


For those who have been trained (for many generations) to deny their innate intelligence, a Kundalini Rise could mean an opening into a deeply intellectual part of themselves that connects directly into the global brain, and hence into the Collective Unconscious. These folks are not afraid of deep feeling. For them, intense emotions are a haven.........a distraction away from what lies buried deep within.  


Many family lines have noticed this giftedness (transcendent, focused thought) for several generations........but have blocked access to it because of an innate fear of madness.  The madness of which we speak would not be a hysterical craziness--but cold, calculating, and detached awareness...........like Dr. Frankenstein might have, as he assembles his monster from body parts, found in a cemetery.  Not a romantic picture, eh?  And it is this picture (seen on a subconscious level) that has predisposed your ancestors to lock up these gifts..........and keep them hidden from view, lest you all revert to something that they intuitively felt would be shameful and excessive...........and, most of all.........INHUMAN."   <snip>


DJ:  I believe it was Marianne Williamson who said:  "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us."  


Humanity's current collection of rattled emotions, physical symptoms, and runaway feelings are a distraction away from who many of us really are.  But they are safe, and in a strange and unusual way.........they feel "normal" to us........familiar.  The Guides continue:




"The dormant traits that lie hidden in your internal strong box shall not turn you into Dr. Frankenstein.  Far from it!  The fears and anxieties that once persuaded your ancestors to push these gifts of intellect away sprang from an inadequate view of their ultimate power and purpose. They made a judgment call, about your collective soul essence--afraid of what you would become if your genius were to be born out of season.  


Now is your season.  Now is the time of your (collective) soul's awakening.  Before now, and before YOU........it would have been too soon.  Now is your time of Spiritual Emergence.  Do not be afraid.  The Guardian Spirit will protect you!  Move forward!  Move on into your rightful place, as Conscious Creator and Steward of your domain!   


Your frequent impulses to do away with yourself are knee-jerk reactions that spring from an ancient fear that, if this unbridled intellect were allowed to escape and become realized--the being you would become might pose a threat to all those around you, whom you love and cherish.  But it will not!  It will blend with them, and adapt to those connections...........like an E.T. who has come to Earth to assist humanity during this fateful opening into fullness of life and purpose.  This is also true of the gloom and doom prophecies that now hang over the heads of collective humanity.  They are nothing more than a suicide threat that is being offered by the whole of the human race!   


The "foggy battling" that many of you are experiencing is the last bastion of resistance before the GLOBAL BRAIN awakens.  Enjoy this time of hesitation.  When it is past, a new dawn awaits!  Others who have come before you were lost through their needs to suppress this marvelous faculty of perception and reasoning.  Their lives, which were voluntarily terminated with perfect intention and resolve, were kindling for a bonfire of realization that is soon to spread over the whole of Planet Earth.  They are not gone, nor was their sacrifice wasted.  


We draw to your attention a poem, written by the physical channel, which perfectly exemplifies this process you are in.  It is called PASSION, and it rides the waves of Kundalini Excitation, all the way to shore.  Enjoy.  And then, after you have integrated this material, we encourage you to respond, with any additional questions or insights you may have."  <end transmission>







THE ZONE OF FIRE (excellent article!)


"It is pointed out by science in the form of the various energies of the world, from nuclear fusion in the stars, to life, to soul. In all these ways, the universe is ablaze! Fire is the archetypal energy. It represents the ultimate, of which all other energies are special manifestations.  Everything is illumined and animated from within by Divine Fire. God is in the world as `a universal transparency aglow with fire.'"

~Teilhard de Chardin



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Hello!  Going through this process myself i am glad to see that there is an accelerated increase of the information available on the net. really is the most difficult process to go through, can create lots of traumatic episodes, especially when the hyper-activation of the para-sympathetic nervous system goes out of hand. it is actually a dangerous process.. in a sense that it is very likely to occur extreme states of consciousness at times. i feel it is wrong to say that some people are too attached to their self, rather it is a person that at times are more or less attached to oneself, yet the process, although long and arduous, will be less traumatic with continuous first-hand experience, preferably positive experiencing, but like pandit gopi krishna and also myself included, it is in some cases of extreme energy phenomena (kundalini), a luxury hard to establish, in the ever so stormy waves of nothingness.

~E.S. (Europe)



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