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Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Labor Pains and the New Humanity"

My Dear Friends,

These are difficult times, indeed.  Many of you are crying out in panic and physical pain.  We feel this pain, and immediately dispatch assistance to comfort and offer guidance to you.  But often, you cannot feel it.  Many more are discouraged, locked in a profound state of despair. You wonder whether you will be able to make it through this.  Were we mistaken when we said that Mother Earth is laboring to bring forth a New Humanity from her womb?  Will the "baby" ever arrive?  Will the Mother even survive?

We recount these oft-expressed feelings and questions in this way so we can remind you how close what you are all doing matches the labor experience of a human mother, as she squeezes forth new life from her body. She wails, breathing deeply, and feels as though she must surely die!  In this way, she momentarily embraces the very "Root Essence" of Third Dimensional Existence--she becomes a Bridge between life and death.  

This happens within each of you, day in and day out.  You breathe in, you live. You breathe out, you die. You pulse fresh blood to your body's organs, you return spent blood to your organs of filtration and elimination.  In, out, the pulse of life--daily, hourly, moment-by-moment.  A woman in deep labor is being called upon to let go of something that she has been cradling and nurturing in her womb for many months. It has become a part of her. How can she now separate herself from it?  But she must!  For this baby will not be denied. The baby demands his or her place in this world!  And so, the labor continues.  

We are the Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We have never been very far from you, just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all of the necessary "bridge concepts" that will connect you to what is called The Multiverse. You are so much more than you think you are!  And that idea alone forms a new stimulus for our communication with you today.  


Following that time of Planetary Activation known as the "9-11," we explained to you the meaning of death in your 3D Context of Reality.  We told you that physical death is a picture lesson, designed for those who are left behind, to realize in detail how The Oneself feels when a soul fragment chips itself off, becomes human and separates from All That Is.   

A paper doll is cut from construction paper, and pasted to a refrigerator door.  Isn't it pretty?  Doesn't it bring joy to the heart of those who see it?  And yet, what about the rest of the paper, as it lies there on the floor?  What does it feel, left unnoticed and discarded, with a void where it was once complete and whole?  We speak in this way, in allegory, because everything in your world has consciousness. Every person, every place, every object.  Everything feels.  Everything knows.  If you do not believe us, go and ask those trees that stand guard over the cemetery in your local town.  Clear your mind, sit quietly before them, for there is much that they can tell!      

To move forward, into a new life, you must first die to the old one.  And that is our point in this communication today.  What you are feeling is an accurate description of what is happening to your world.  An ancient "sun" is setting, and a kind of planetary "night" is falling all around you.  The stars are out, though....and your Children of Oneness have been sent to guide you on your path!  And yet, it feels so dark! And you are frightened, bringing a tremor to your life force that all must learn to bear. There will come a time when this very feeling will be a thing of comfort and exhilaration.  
But for this present time, it seems as though the Grim Reaper is standing directly before you.

And this is just the point, isn't it?  He is always standing before you, attending you, every moment of your lives.  He isn't off in some distant land, attending to "other" business, until your "time" comes!  Your time is here, now.........and it has always been.  You have just been asleep to the presence--and now you are awakening.  It is only natural that you would be weak, trembling, tired, and distraught.  It's a tough labor that you are doing--all of you!  

In the first "Matrix" movie, a newly awakened Neo asks Morpheus......."Why do my eyes hurt?"   Morpheus answers:  "You've never used them before."  

Many of you are asking us why you feel surges and flows of energy, in various parts of your bodies.  Your face feels numb, or you have shooting pains in your hands and feet.  You have been asleep, my friends, and now you are awakening.  You are moving from "normal" (numb-all) to "newly alive."  It is called "The Quickening."    

Have any of you had a tooth filled recently?  Did you allow usage of some local anesthetic to borrow the feeling from your jaw for a short time?  And how does it feel, after the filling is in, and your jaw begins to re-awaken to sensation?  Is it anything like what you have been feeling around your body?  

You've recently experienced power crises in your supply of electricity to certain parts of the world.  When your community is asked to conserve power, for a time, what do you do?  Don't you keep some lights on, while turning off others?  Does the Convenience Store down the block have lights on in the refrigeration case, but not on every wall?  Are there dark spots in the store, that feel dreary and full of shadows?  This is how you have been living, at your decelerated level of 3D Consciousness.  

But now, your power is getting turned back on!  The aisles in the store are illumined, once again.  And it hurts your eyes to see.  Those who have accustomed themselves to walking and working in shadow, will interpret things according to the ways of shadow.  But when the shadow is removed, you must find new ways of viewing your life.  You must connect separated "logic," to his brother "magic," so the fullness and the complete beauty of the family can be felt again!


Many of you are familiar with writings, set forth by this physiological channel, regarding a condition known as "Global Acceleration Syndrome."   This term is not a medical diagnosis, per se.  Rather, it is an instrument of identification, that can be applied to your life, when no medical diagnosis (or treatment) seems to help you with your "symptoms." At that point, you begin to realize something.  You're pregnant.  You're pregnant with the NEW YOU.  And, even though there may be medicines and treatments to help your pregnancy go smoother, which one of you expects to be "cured?"  You aren't really sick. You are with Child.  

The transformation from planetary human to Earth Mother is not limited in experience according to gender. All of you have both male and female energy within you.  All of you are capable of being pregnant with the rest of who you are!  Accept it, and move on--or deny it, and falter.  The choice is yours.    

Your first step of Reconnection has been to acknowledge everything and everyone as an aspect of yourself.  Mentally, if not emotionally as well, you have done this.  Those who haven't done it will need to begin doing it now.  After that, you begin to connect to the concept that your body has become correspondent to the Planetary Body.  "As above, so below" has many expanded meanings, as you are about to discover!  To go through this, you must begin to expand your concept of yourself beyond the first-person level, and begin to identify with all levels. The Earth is not just something that you live upon.  It is now becoming something you are.  Do you understand this?  Is so, please continue.  If not, contact the Reconnections Office for assistance in this regard.    

We will offer some additional expansion, at this time, concerning what many can expect to be happening in these next few months (or years, if you're a late-bloomer). This is not an exhaustive list, and you are encouraged to report any additional symptoms to the channel, that we might expand upon their meaning as well.  Here are a few of the main signs of Physical Transmutation, when they appear in someone who cannot be relieved through ordinary medical means:  


This is but a partial list of symptoms which may accompany the Birthing of the New Humanity.  Some of them may be indicative of some appropriate medical diagnosis, and if you can undergo some kind of treatment to relieve the distress, we encourage you to do so.  However, even if this is accomplished--there will come a time when your "water will break," and serious birth pangs may come upon you.  In each individual, the effects are different. This is because each of you is attuned to a different part of the Oneself Planetary Body.  Every cell of your being is holographic, and is in direct interface with every other cell.  But the Veil of Forgetfulness can hide this, as it focuses your 3D persona into the tasks that have been laid out before you.   

You are changing.  Humanity is on the move!  If you are on this Transformational Track, your physical body may be supported, but it will never be "normal."  Why would you want to be cured of this condition, anyway?  You are being woven into a vast network of electromagnetic tones and impulses.........the Motherboard of the Ages!   And the end result will be magnificent beyond your wildest imaginings!  


Breathing in and out, you move through your day in a state we call "FLOW."  You make sure that very little in your life becomes "forced."  You are neither pushed nor pulled, on the inside or in your outer world.  You treat the rest of your Oneself Reality with the same kind of respect.  They are your mirror, your monitors of progress. To make changes in the mirror, one must experience a profound change of perspective!. Mere outward conformity produces inward deformity!  More and more, allow your personal authenticity to shine forth.    

Instead of pushing toward some "goal," practice feeling your way into the "flow."  Enlightenment is not a static condition.  It is a self-perpetuating hunger for more and more experience of the Reconnected Self. Once it has truly begun, it can be retarded, but it can never be stopped.  Wait, therefore, and all things will be accomplished. 

When confronted, stare as much as you can into the face of your "enemy."  Study the lines, then read between them to see what the real issues are that separate you.  Your nervous system has been educated to pull your hand away from the heat of the flame.  Do what you must!  But as you do, you can still pay attention to what's feeding that fire--both inside yourself and out.       

Your emotional body is now beginning to realize that all things are moved, either by desire or by fear.  You want things, so you work, negotiate or fight.  You despise things, so you avoid them, resist them, or flee.  It is yourself that you are resisting, and every day you live in this new vibration this fact will become more and more clear. That is the very heart of enlightenment.      

Fear is not the boogeyman that many of your philosophers have made him out to be!  He is but a gate-keeper that guards you from premature entry into infinity. And yes, he is largely illusion. But so also is your physical world, and all the story plots that energize and tantalize you so.  Do you really want to cauterize your connections to this 3D process before your time has come?  Every situation, in which you push yourself past fear, will destroy sensitivity to a level of yourself that cries out to be understood and embraced.  Once honored and embraced, your fears become gateways into deeper wisdom.  But scorned and denied, they harden into a kind of pride--plates of armor,  blocking entry into the heart.  And there is purpose in this, but only for a time.     

You do wish to be strong, don't you?  You wish to be in control.  But don't know everything, even though your educated mind would have you believe it.  Why try to figure it all out?  Do you really believe that knowing the exact "details" of your transformation will make the process any easier?  On the contrary, such knowledge and focus can move you out of flow, and get you bogged down in struggle. 

Do what is before you--no more, no less.  Forget about continuity and agenda.  It has no meaning for you at this rate of vibration.  All things are completed in the Multiverse, all statements are completed, in every way they need to be.    

Negativity is.  You cannot change that.  You would not want to, even if you could.  Your momentum as a species depends upon your willingness to honor both the positive and negative forces that have guided and sustained you throughout your earthly journey.  It is the Principle of Attraction and Repulsion.  Desire and Fear.  

The same flame that warms your body may someday consume your flesh.  There is no separation, except what your soul contract will tell you.  Believe what you are told--what resonates deep within you.  Question what doesn't seem to match, but not with malice.  Do it with gentleness and profound interest. If in doubt, leave it out. Realize that your lack of harmony with some idea may, indeed, be due to some blockage in you, rather than some evil being inflicted by your fellow human.  There is really no such thing as malevolence.  There are only varying degrees of unconsciousness.

Now is your time of great expansion.  But it can be a time of contraction as well.  The pendulum swings to both extremes.  And the CENTER is who you now are.  Feelings will arise, from deep within your Multidimensional Being.  They are you, but they are not all you are.  Breathe, relax, and bring them on through. They are your "issues," your children, springing forth to experience the light of day.  If one of them cannot pass, the resulting constriction will create disharmony and dissolution, until whatever is holding is removed.  Relax, breathe, and give your process time. Pain is not your enemy.  In many cases, it is a tool--held firmly in the hand of a Cosmic Artist--which will form, in time, the you that is yet to be!  

We are your midwives, even as you shall also be midwives for generations yet to come!  The passing of history now grows very thin.  That which once took years will often be completed in days or weeks.  Breathe, open, and soon your time of travail will be over.  And then comes the morning.  Then comes the dawn.

<end transmission>    

Every midwife knows
that not until a motherís womb
softens from the pain of labour
will a way unfold
and the infant find that opening to be born.

... Oh friend!
There is treasure in your heart,
it is heavy with child.

All the awakened ones,
like trusted midwives are saying,
'welcome this pain.'

It opens the dark passage of Grace.

~ RumI

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