Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"The Living Language of Light"

Hello, My Dear Friends,

"In the beginning was the Word.  And the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Nearly everyone has heard this phrase, throughout many generations of the world.  And it is wondrous and activating, giving folks the vision that they have truly made contact with the Core of All Being.  It makes a person want to take shoes from off his feet, wiggle his toes, and shout for joy......that he finally stands upon holy ground!

Your history books are filled with wondrous tales about "The Word of God," as it flowed from the prophets' pen, spread rapidly through word and deed, and was taught in every church, synagogue, or temple in the land.  Wars have been fought over it, congregations have been divided over it, and millions of lives have been healed and reborn through even the slightest contact with it.  And this, my friends, is only the beginning.  

What has previously been considered "The Word of God," in the lives of many simply a "Forward"........a "Frontispiece" to a vast storehouse of knowledge that is about to be made available to the mind of man.  The library of which we speak is not just new and unusual "data" that has been waiting to be revealed. Instead, it consists of a whole new way of seeing and experiencing the world---a way of gathering, collating, processing, and sharing knowledge---crossing language barriers and spreading rapidly through all cultures.  We will call this "The Living Language of Light."  It is a "Meta-Language" that will eventually take the place of words and phrases, in all the ways you have come to know them.  

It is for this reason that we are recording these words to you today!  We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your expanded self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you, just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all the necessary "bridge concepts" that will connect you with what is called The Multiverse.  Once you are connected there, you will have merged with a complete storehouse of knowledge--an archive of all being, or variations of being--regarding what you have been, or will be, across the ages.


In the higher vibrational dimensions, words and thoughts are replaced by clear unbroken tones.  If one picture is worth a thousand words, one tone is worth a million pictures.  Truly words and thoughts are simply tones, living in separation.  So are each of you.  They who can hear these tones, high above all other sounds, will never be deceived.  Words can be misleading, ideas can be obscured, but in UNBROKEN TONES, there is no place to hide.  

As we have said in days past, the word "tone" is really a contraction.  It joins the words:  "to one."  When communication goes "tonal," it begins to reunite people, and gather them together in a place of Oneness and Collective Cooperation and Design.  


The usage of the word TONE (to one)......has many applications.  A tone can be a sound, a color, or it can even refer to the emotional atmosphere that exists in a room or a conversation.  Musical tones have their own sign language, thanks to the system which was constructed by composer Zoltan Kodaly.  There are those who believe that music, itself, is a universal language.  Others believe that mathematics forms the bridge that will one day connect you all. This field of study has learned to express its many tones and concepts through the visual construction of fractals.  And this is just the beginning.  

Today, it is as though humankind is moving, once again, to the Tower of Babel--that place where everyone and everything is united, according to a single purpose and self-concept.  This time, however, there will be a great unscrambling of language that occurs.  Having come down to visit and identify with their People, the Gods of All Religion and Creation are beginning to chip off parts of themselves to participate in this Wondrous Merge to Oneness, which is happening here, within The Reconnection Universe.  

In other universes, there will still be rage, division, corruption of purpose, and anything else that is required to form "All That Is."  This will continue for all eternity.  Each person gets to choose his destination, choose his or her way.  But in this universe, there will be The Oneness of All That Is............a specified focus for all beings who wish to communicate, join together, and learn to love. 


In the first Temple of the God of Abraham (one of the familiar religious contexts of this physiological channel), the sanctuary or holy place was maintained in a tent.  We will speak about that here, though we could just as easily speak within contexts of other religious traditions as well. Perhaps some of you reading here would call to us, and ask that we translate some Oneness Concept through your traditions at this time.  We will do it.  These are just words, though they carry within them some valuable analogies and bridge concepts that will be useful later.  

This TENT we speak about was called The Tabernacle, and it had several divisions within it, dedicated to various phases of the sacred ceremony and activities that were conducted there.  When the Spirit of God was present within the Tabernacle, it had a luminance to it, which was called The Shekinah Glory of God.  

We call your attention, therefore, to the miracle of inspiration and power that came when God was in the tabernacle--when He was "in the tent," so to speak.  It is from this picture that you might gather a unique root meaning for your application of the word INTENT.  We ask you:  "Is your God Self in residence in what you're doing or saying today?"   

At the heart of every action, every communication, and every situation that arises, the God Creator of that universe has a plan, an idea, an initiative that he or she is trying to make. That plan (or will of that creator) dwells in the center of each reality context in the form of INTENT.  It is a root desire that is being sought after, an "outcome" that is sought.  In fact, we have mentioned before that the word "desire" literally means "of the Father."  It is a genesis from which all other actions, ideas, or initiatives are born.    

Just as the Jewish Tabernacle had many "levels" within it--an outer court, as well as a Holy of Holies--so also could it be said that every word or action has many levels to it as well.  At the center of them is what we call the ROOT INTENTION that brought about the communication in the first place.  This is also the Gateway into the TONE that connects that particular word or action to every other word or action like it, throughout all time and eternity.  

Your education and legal systems of today have, in many ways, departed from the original sanctity and purity of honor that characterized their establishment so long ago.  As a result, your usage of words has become a dance of ambiguity and manipulation of the senses. We do not condemn this, as every movement in your history has its purpose.  But we do point out that the proliferation of "relativity" and "ambiguity" in your intent has destabilized your contact with one another, thereby requiring a newer, more universal means of communication.  This will make way for the formation of TONAL COMMUNICATION, with the resulting establishment of the Living Language of Light.     


Let us speak now about your generation's diminishing need for physical detail.  The 3D world is currently built upon a conceptual template that is founded upon the words "I AM."  To have an identity here, you must ascribe to yourself certain characteristics and attributes which form an identity, a signature of sorts, that can exist within the parameters of an established reality base.  The energy signature for the Multiverse is lighter and more porous than that.  It is built upon the words "Suppose I were..........," and deals more with potentialities than with actuality.  It is the INDEX PAGE for All That Is, while each discrete universe embodies a "chapter" in the Grand Book of Life.

The more you concentrate upon where you have been, what you now are, or what you earnestly desire to be, the more you are operating within the spiritual frequency of "I AM."  The more details you ascribe to yourself, and require---the denser your conception of yourself will be.  There is no problem in this, if self actualization is what you have left on your itinerary of evolution.  However, if freely traversing the Portals is now the object of your desire, some ballast has to be dropped from your boat, so that you can attain the speed required to make the journey.

To abbreviate a word, a person removes as many unnecessary letters as he can while still retaining a sense of what that word is.  Abbreviance is the conscious ability to look ahead and "fill in the blanks," rather than to rely upon explicit detailed descriptions of what is happening.  Do you currently finish other people's sentences before they complete their communications with you?  Do you have a growing impatience with waiting in lines, stopping in traffic, and speaking in explicit ways and formats?  If your answer is yes, you may now be in the process of installing Abbreviance Software onto your inner computer.

Even as your physical world is virtually awash with the availability of physical details, people are overlooking them more and more.  Jumping to conclusions is becoming a worldwide sport!  Have you noticed how your computer software will actually finish familiar words for you, once you begin to type them?  Your own minds are also doing that.  Little by little, the planet is developing a UNIVERSAL TONAL VOCABULARY---consisting of physical symbols, sounds, colors, words, and phrases that immediately invoke virtually the same inner experiences, wherever they appear.


We have spoken to you in days past about the difference between being "self-centered" and being "centered in self."  The former mindset still believes in separation, and rejects the idea that everyone and everything are aspects of the same Oneself.  Insisting on having its own way, it denies the rest of humanity as a viable source of concern, or an additional reflection of what is going on within him or her.  The soul wants what it wants, and it does whatever is necessary to "win."    

The latter mindset has effectively integrated the concept "It's all you."  It knows that every person is the creator of his or her universe, and everything in each universe mirrors an aspect of who and what that creator is.  Life gets very PERSONAL when you view it this way.  There is no longer a need to ask the questions "Who is speaking?" and "Who is being spoken to?"  Oneness solves all that.  Once that is recognized, the only question remaining will be:  "Do you really want to listen?"  

A good deal of the superfluity in life could be eliminated if people were genuinely honest with themselves about what they actually want, at any point in their day.   Immediate feedback, honest and sincere, creates instant evolution in society.  This is why the Internet is having such a powerful effect on your collective consciousness in daily life.  Believing without question, the internal information one receives (his or her intuitive assessment of a situation), is a turbo booster pack to speed humanity on its way to personal and collective expansion.  

Before the Living Language of Light can truly manifest, there must be an appropriate environment within which it can function.  We spoke about this a bit in our transmission concerning "Time/No-Time."   There must be time to feel, time to align your body energy with what is going on around you. Personal authenticity (congruence between the inner you and the outer you) must carry a far greater importance than it currently does.  

Do not wait for society to change before you begin making some of these necessary shifts in priority. Creating your personal "flow" and setting your own "groove" is the beginning of personal wisdom.  No amount of possessions or stature in society can even come close to replacing it.  It's simple, direct, and it becomes its own filter--blocking out unnecessary involvements and superfluous concerns.  

Your personal universe is all you, and it's all about you.  Believe that, and go forward.  As you process images, deal with situations, or have encounters with various individuals, keep asking yourself the question:  "What do I want all of this to mean?  What interpretation will make my heart sing?"  When all is said and done, it is a singing heart that forms the foundation for your Living Language of Light.  

In days to come, we will be speaking more about the actual translation of tones from one context of reality to another. We will talk about certain symbols, colors, sounds, and movements that can assist you to form real and fundamental bonds between yourself and the rest of your universe.  

To begin preparing for your shift to these new modes of communication, it may help you to set aside some time in your week, or your month, where you deliberately de-emphasize the importance of WORDS in daily life.  As we said earlier, words are powerful.  We cannot deny that.  But words are only part of the picture.   

Try going for a week or a month without speaking.  Pretend you are mute, and see how creative you can be as you find new ways to make your messages known. Begin looking for all of the non-verbal ways that communication flows in and through your life:  body language, physical arrangement of environment and circumstances, facial expressions, internal "knowing" about things, hand gestures, and so forth. You will be amazed how multi-track and extensive your communication already is.  

Now is truly your time!  Infinity is opening, right before your very eyes.  With an endless sea of choices, you will find it very hard to function if you don't know your signature vibration, and learn to stay within it.  We are available to help you personally if you so desire. Just call to us and we will be there. But remember, we listen closely to the heart, not just the words. It will help you considerably if you begin to do that as well.  

As the writer once said so beautifully:  "What you are speaks so loudly, we cannot always hear what you say."  

<end transmission>

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.