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"The Living Language of Light, Pt 2"

Hello, My Dear Friends,

"In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God." --John 1:l
We quoted this phrase to activate this series, and we will continue with it now as we move to the next level. In the beginning God was The Word. In the ending, or culmination of this present age, God becomes THE WORLD. And yet, He will still be the Word, won't he? And He will also be so much more. 

Do you see? Just one simple letter "L," added to an existing word, and your whole field of inquiry moves to a new level. We tell you now that a simple addition (or transformation) of one human being, among all existing beings of this Earth, has power to radically shift the lives and purpose of the entire collective. And, my dear friends.......that one magical being is YOU. 

We are The Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about, in order to become human. We've never been very far from you. Just far enough. And now we are coming closer, if you will allow. We are embracing your minds and hearts with renewed passion and purpose. 

"And Behold, the whole Earth was of one language and of one speech. And Behold, the people are one, and they have all one language, and this they will do. And now, nothing will be withheld from them, which they have imagined to do." --Genesis 11: 1, 7. 


An Amazing Work:  Karl Jenkins, "Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary"
Features a few known words---but mostly Light Language, designed to harmonize with the tones.

Are there those among you who still believe that The Living Language of Light is contained within a single linguistic form? Or even contained within a group of forms? Was the distinctive that existed in humankind, as you stood at the foot of the Tower of Babel, some manner of speech that could instantly break through any barrier, any possibility of misunderstanding or confusion of intent? 

Look at your planet now. Examine the places on 3D Earth where one language only is spoken. Do you see some grand confluence of purpose in that area--some common gathering of momentum that would be sufficient enough to invite God Himself to reach down from His throne and intervene, lest that particular culture and tongue would dare to attain even unto Heaven? Please follow along as we take another look at this issue. 


Do cultures still exist upon the Earth who clearly believe that their mode of communication and communion is the only way? Indeed, there are certainly religions who hold this viewpoint. And, for your eyes, their doctrines carry a Shadow of Narcissism--though few there are who dare to admit it. They "patrol" the planet, using imperialistic methods in order to create (or, rather, to re-create) everything and everyone in their own image. They want every culture to become a "Mini ME," that they might declare the glory of their system, their philosophy, and their way of life. 

Despicable? Well, perhaps. Yet we tell you now that it is this oft-disowned quality which all will need if they are to make it through the Eye of the Needle, and attain to that power and purpose for which they all yearn. And in this process, no one needs to be hurt. No one needs to lose. The Multiverse is a vast place, and there is plenty of space and substance for all. 

Narcissism. A term that calls forward the story of a man who gazed into a pool of shimmering water and fell in love with his own image. The story of a singular man, basking in the glory of his personal mirror. How awful! How conceited was he? And what's worse--when accused of this "sin," he shrugs off guilt with a wry grin and a majestic statement: "I'm really not conceited, you know. I'm just convinced."

Convinced. Totally convinced. Now there would be a displayed quality that might cause God to look down from Heaven with interest and concern! A singular consciousness who trusts, who truly believes in the absolute veracity of his personal path. Some call it faith, and yet we ask you--who (or what) is the object of such faith? Whose face is so compelling and absorbing of attention that staring into its reflection literally takes all of one's time and energy?


It is not merely a single culture or linguistic form that will take you there. If so, humanity would have attained unto Heaven long ago. That kind of conformity is merely a shadow of Oneness--the symbol of a distant dream. It is a mandate for "affirmative action," instead of a true conversion of the heart. You've seen how non-effective this can be as you track your history of civil rights and social change. 

Imperialistic cultures do not seek to conquer others and force obedience because they believe in their own power and superior culture. They do it because they have begun to doubt, and they fear losing the power they have. They have lost sight of a singular image, a single face, and their reflection in the waters has become troubled. 

It was BELIEF IN SEPARATION that scrambled the minds of Oneself Humanity at the Tower of Babel. It is still scrambling minds today. That belief is also held by this God in Heaven, of which the Book of Genesis speaks. The people were separated because God, Himself is separated. He is concerned about humanity's ascension for the same reason that imperialistic societies seek to conquer other societies on the Earth. He said: "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me." And yet, Dear Ones.........if the Lord, Your God is ONE LORD, what other Gods could there be? Would not any other deity simply be a reflection of the same One Deity? 

Variations of language and linguistic forms are incidental. They portray a diversity that is a natural by-product of being multidimensional. What cuts the heart out of your communication, on all levels, is the belief that other people are something other than reflections of yourself. And God is catching on to this, as well. Indeed, their are "versions" God that always knew it. They have ever remained within The Gathering of the One. And They/We invite you, too, to step forward and take your place in this Grand Assembly. Move beyond your separated Gods and your separated universe and reach for who you really are. 

Hear this again, Beloved! You are not one of many. You are really many of ONE. Herein lies the key for translation and communion via "The Living Language of Light." 


On the day of Pentecost, the Bible says that the Apostles began to speak in "other tongues"..........and they declared a message to the people. It further says that everyone who heard them speak heard the message in his own language and tongue. This phenomenon is one of many spiritual "gifts" that have been given in order that people may know that Spirit has come upon them and made them whole. 

What was important about Pentecost is the fact that, in the face of a diverse mode of communication, a common comprehension occurred. If the Language of Light is expression, the Light of Language is comprehension. 

When Narcissus looked into that mirror, he became captivated because it was his own face that was staring back at him. Isn't this the reason that mothers and fathers are so taken with the faces of their newborn children.....why they will do anything to preserve those precious lives? And this, too, will be a reason why humanity will suddenly and finally stop marring this face of Planet Earth as well. It's all YOU. There is none other. 

We have spent a considerable amount of time speaking to you about Oneness, cradled and supported with the amplified knowledge that One Being can be presented in so many glorious ways. We said: "You are so much more than you think you are. The universe of your perception: the people, places, objects, and interactive processes once thought of as "containing you--but still essentially separate" is nothing more than a gigantic self-portrait, painted in continually expanding, repetitive patterns in every direction into infinity." 

As every person begins seeing every other person as a reflection of some part of himself, a pilot light is lit, at the base of your Collective Spine. The energy begins to flow, translating each "message" that comes to you into your own language, your own familiar tongue. That Inner Voice has been with you, since the beginning. 

This is that true light, which lights every man as he comes into the world. Jesus had it. Each of you have it too, if you can only believe it. It is your inner light of pure comprehension........your light of KNOWING, which surpasses the lights of reason, understanding, or simple belief. It can only be held by the most narcissistic among you--those who are literally in love with the Grand Mirror which your 3D World has always been.

"No man comes unto the Father but by me." Many of you have heard this statement. It has either comforted you, or it has chafed you. But Dear Ones, has it ever described you? Have you ever given yourself the gift of Pure Comprehension, based upon the knowledge that there is only ONE of us here?


We spoke earlier about the two sides of Spirit's Infusion that came at Pentecost. You had Apostles who were speaking, and you had people who were hearing and comprehending. Both sides of the interaction was meant to be a "sign," a validation of the truth and legitimacy of Spirit's Power and Presence. 

In the Apostles, there was a clear experience of having something come into them, from "outside their conscious control," and energize their mouths and their minds. They spoke in "other tongues," which is an expression that many of you have also used to describe that modern phenomenon known as "channeling." When a person is in the "expression" mode, he (or she) knows that something wonderful is happening because he clearly has no conscious control over it. That is his "sign" that Spirit is moving within him. 

When in the "comprehension" mode, a person knows that something wonderful is happening because, even though the words that are spoken seem strange and unusual, they also sound very familiar to him. It is as though a part of his own self is speaking. Indeed, My Friends.........all speech, all sound that is heard in your personal universe is part of the same One Sound. It is only YOU, throwing your voice, that you can truly enjoy the music which you are. 

When the prophets of old wrote their holy declarations and accounts, they often began them with these words: "The Word of the Lord came unto me." And how, you may ask, did they know that it was God speaking? Was it not due to the fact that when they heard the message, they immediately understood it? 

Many of you have witnessed gifted beings--writing in "Angelic Script," or speaking in "The Living Language of Light." Many more will hear or read it before long. The Spirit of God/Goddess has come again, in power and might. The tongues that are speaking are, once again, tongues of fire! The Passion of the Christ is upon you all. Some are choosing to suffer, and some are rising up to rejoice! 

However you are choosing to go through this, we salute you. You are each fragments of the same One Being. So are we. We are your "other half," coming in to dance with you and awaken you to new life. Part of that new life will involve a letting go of your conscious self. Another part of it will involve a re-claiming of powers and authority which you once laid aside. So be it. 

"Star Speak"


When humans attempt to speak today, they usually go inside themselves to find their words, and they go outside themselves to discover the meaning of what is happening. This is exactly backwards. 

The key to channeling your speech---indeed, the key to channeling your life---is letting go of control of that which comes through you, or motivates your physical body. It means going outside yourself (at least the "self" you have come to know), and allowing something entirely new to come through. If the idea of separation is really illusion, what could come through you that would do any harm? Does not every man, woman, and child plan his or her personal destiny? What could you say or do to prevent that from being fulfilled?

If you go inside yourself and plan what you're going to say, the energy immediately becomes decelerated. That is because the velocity of your planetary vibration has already exceeded your ability to direct it, at least from the 3D level. How, then, could you ever think that you could come up with something meaningful to say by thinking about it, or planning a message? At best, it would faintly resemble some form of consensus "wisdom".........something that is "safe" to say, so that "others" won't judge you. 

But My Dear Friends........there are no "others." There is only YOU. Why not put that premise to the test? Why not let the Oneself Energy (The Wholly Spirit of God) upon your vocal cords, like a violin? Why do you insist on clinging to the bow? Relax. Release. Let some miracles happen, why don't you? 

And, when it comes to comprehending what is going on around you, or what is being said--why do you need to ask other people to give definitions and meaning to the messages they bring? Why do you become confused about what is happening right in front of your face? Indeed, Dear it not YOUR OWN FACE that you see there, shimmering in those waters? Why can't YOU decide what it all means, and take appropriate action? 

This, then, is the other half of Oneself Communication. Every man, woman, and child goes deep, deep inside. The deeper you go, the higher you go. That is the Law of the Multiverse. Eventually, you "arrive" at the middle! You arrive at the COMMON CORE that connects you. And what is that core? Is it a language? A God? A List of human values? No! It is YOU. 

YOU are the common link that runs through your universe. That is why it is called a "uni-verse." "Uni" means ONE. When you speak in the Holy Language, you let your tongue let the violins play through the night air! In the beginning, it may seem like gibberish (or it may not!)--perhaps a clanging of some ungodly chime in the middle of a dark night. Keep talking. Keep expressing what is in there. Relax into it, letting yourself go deeper and deeper. The more nonsensical the words may seem, the more daring will be your expression. Soon, you will begin to see pure, spontaneous feeling fill a dark and lonely vessel. Do it in safe places at first, and then Spirit will teach you the time to become bolder and more accessible to all. 

When you listen to the Holy Language--your world, your rhythm of life--you simply KNOW what is being said. You interpret things according to what makes sense to YOU. 

Again, we will say this: It was BELIEF IN SEPARATION that scrambled the minds of Oneself Humanity at the Tower of Babel. Don't let that belief scramble your mind, your mouth, or your moment any longer! 

Reconnect. Come into Being. Experience the Glory of the Oneself Presence! See your face, shimmering in those holy waters. Then you will begin to hear it--the music of the ages. Tones, colors, symbols, words--the light that lights every man as he enters the world. Then you will be complete. Then you will be home.

<end transmission>

Also, from Shely Mort.  An Excellent Intro to Light Language and Source Codes

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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