Another Transmission from The Reconnections.....

"Learning to Trust"

"My Dear Friends, it is human nature to run and hide from personal power.  After all, you came here from realms of existence where you could literally accomplish anything, just by thinking it.  You put on physical bodies, and placed yourselves under the constraints of physical "laws," just so you could get a vacation from the exercise of all that power.  And now, as your Planetary Veil begins to wear thin, your collective consciousness is beginning to remember--ever so slowly--that it is YOU who are doing all of this.  And the mere thought of that is blowing up light bulbs, shorting out computer screens, and making you all feel like running fast for cover.  

An "energy flux" is created when a creator's gaze moves from what he or she considers to be "self," in any physical space, to what is believed to be "other"--whether that means a person, an object, or a place--and then back again.  Each time your consciousness goes through this "loop" of comparison, a vibratory "pulse" is created in your energy field.

The more "others" you must identify, when you go through these perceptual "loops", the slower will be the velocity of your universe.  After all, each time your awareness "pauses" to identify an object or person, in order to examine and identify it, your energy slows down.  

Vibrations in your current universe have been accelerating because your mass consciousness is steadily integrating the New Paradigm of Universal Oneness.  More and more, your consciousness is learning to simply say "this is me" when it loops around the game board.  No analysis, no muss, no fuss.  Everything is you.  There is nothing to fear, nothing to examine, nothing to identify.  Faster and faster the gyroscope spins.  This is the pulsation of your "ascension" process.  How high up in the energy spectrum are you willing to declare:  "This, too, is me" ??  The higher your consciousness goes, the lower it will also go.  Everything expands in spherical proportion.  The Guardian Spirit guarantees this.  Light and Dark will always follow each other, as they fulfill their mandate to maintain the balance in this, your Reconnection Universe.    

The more you learn to trust, the less vigilance you need to maintain while playing the game.  Your focus begins to narrow itself to a pinpoint--a laser, even--as you adeptly search the game board for reasons to say:  "I am not alone!  There is something that I yet must accomplish."  As you continue the scan--searching for drama and intrigue--your universe always seems to provide.  Meanwhile, the velocity of your signature vibration continues to rise. "

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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