Big Debate Tuesday Night.  Everybody's declaring themselves the winner, huh?  That's because they're in the "politics" business.  As with any "business," the "winners" are the ones who get the prizes.  So far, it seems that ALL the "prizes" are being taken home by the people who put on the events. News Media, Political Professionals, Consultants, Lobbyists, etc.  Meanwhile, the "players" in this Game called LIFE are running hard and fast just to keep up......just to make "ends" meet.  We are busy trying to push boulders up hill---rather than simply OWNING the POWER that is being displayed all around us.  I do count myself in that mix!  I am a willing consumer of media.  I TAKE IN the "programming" that comes along with it. You might say that I willingly "swallow the brew" that is being mixed and mingled for public consumption.    

After all, I did take my "Vacation in Limitation" with everyone else!  Why not put in the "work" while I can?   More on the POLITICS OF ONENESS..........

"All involvement in what you call "Politics" is, at its root, a form of conspiracy. Though this latter expression is very often upon your lips today, it surely is not new.  Through Politics, you create a space called "society," where YOU form an agreement with THEM.....that you will all subjugate your spontaneous, authentic, in-the-moment choices and behavior to a pre- established protocol of expression (or repression)---to the desired end that you may live (peacefully, if possible) within a pre- fabricated, postured environment that looks good, sounds good, but inevitably ends up feeling quite empty and sad.

To realize that there is ONLY ONE......regardless of that One's various masks and faces, smiles, tears, or overt actions the beginning of a new world, right then and there. And it only takes One, for that is all there really is, or ever was!  As this One begins to own each "other" one, and another, and another, as self......continually expanding his or her identity....and sentience of self---an innate force of personal homeostasis begins to take over.  It isn't a "negotiated peace" at all. It is now, and always was inbred. Natural. Quite efficient, really.

In a Reconnected World, as in an aware, functional human body......the instinct for self-preservation always ends up reigning supreme. All AS One, One AS All. Every man for himself. But friends......what a "self" ye all are! Focus! Realize! Relax into it! You'll be amazed."  

~The Reconnections


We'll see where it all takes us. Even though certain individuals seem to be huffing and puffing, around the areas of social change---I don't feel the world is really ready to lay aside its outward forms just yet.  Those who tend to fight, will keep on fighting. Those who tend to be passive, will continue in their ambivalence.  As much as the news goes on and on about VARIOUS MAELSTROMS that lie ahead for Planet Earth, there is no indication from my own "Inner Sources" that things will be shifting outwardly.  Inwardly, THATS' another story!  The layers of insulation which lie hidden around each of our "secret inner parts" are beginning to crack open, big time!  We're about to change enormously in the Realms of Inner Perception!  Ancient biases and prejudices about "mental disorders" and "healing" are about to undergo the biggest shifts they've had since Hippocrates gave birth to his famous oath.  Here's something I wrote before the Iraqi War, and it not only holds true for today---it has actually INCREASED IN ITS INTENSITY: 

"What we are upset about is NOT what is bothering us!   And it is only a mere shadow of what is going on.  I am not suggesting this in order to deny reality, per se.  What I am denying is this tiny "shell" of reality, stuffed with a lie , that is being served to us as the cause for what we all feel.  Our planet teeters on the brink of a major paradigm shift.  We're not just talking about a crumbling of the American Dream, or the collapse of financial markets, or even the start of World War III.  It's much bigger than even that.  It borders on a shift so profound, that we just might find Isaac Newton dropping his famous apple, only to find that it "falls" UP this time!

Such an "adjustment" to our reality is so unthinkable, so unnerving, that most folks wish not to even address it.  We're talking about a total re-arrangement of religion as we know it, the arrival of time/no-time (4D Access and Integration), hard evidence about ETs, as well as documented records of Earth's long-standing dealings with them, instant cures for diseases we thought would dog us for 20 or 30 more years, and Inter-Dimensional Communication and Transport.  And that is just the beginning.  We are not ready to hear it, and most of us are earnestly trying to close our ears to what is coming in to them.  But even that isn't an option.  The vibratory patterns of the planet are so high, that any attempt at denial of the imminence of change could produce the equivalent of a *stroke* in the Mass Mind."  ( from:  War or Anti-War )

Stay tuned, friends. This next "dip" in the road promises to be a dilly!  It's a good this COMMUNICATION on this planet is at an all-time high!  The world is hungry for good "color announcers" for ALL THAT IS.  And under certain circumstances that sort of job often falls to some bloke like me!  My fingers on the keyboard get "itchy" just thinking about what's ahead! 

DJ,  10/15/2012. 



I've just discovered this guy---and he's knocking my socks off!  I'd like to share him with you if you don't already know him.  An incredible singer, songwriter, performance artist---inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Multi-Grammy-Award winner fellow........and also an Actor.  He's one of the co-stars of the new movie "Seven Psychopaths."  As far as I can tell, he and Christopher Walken are the best people in it.

His introduction and panorama of performance as he's inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is incredible.  He's so off-beat, so original, so hurricane-lively......he knocked me off my chair.  I've heard OF HIM before, but never took the time to listen!  MY LOSS.  Wow.  When he starts talking, as he's given the award........listen to his voice. Do you recognize anything?  How about Heath Ledger's portrayal of THE JOKER in "The Dark Knight?"  Sound familiar? Tom is well-known in Australia. No doubt in my mind.......Heath used him as a springboard into that complex character he created. 


Pretty amazing, huh?  Here's one of his latest cuts from the New Album (he's done scads of them, check You Tube!)


Political?  You bet.  Very timely, too!  Wacky, Marvelous, Original---TOM WAITS.