(SPOILER ALERT for "50 Shades Darker"---Book Two of the Trilogy---Stop reading if you mind my giving away just a bit of the plot in order to share some thots and invite conversation.)

Book Two of "50 Shades" goes in a completely different direction than I expected. ... Ana vacillates between abject terror of losing Christian and her own version of "cockiness"......which becomes a springboard to keep her from totally falling into the man. It's so innocent and authentic that it not only perpetuates an internal revolution which is going on inside herself, but also starts one in him. Herein lies the true strength of a woman.

I'm not totally convinced that what Christian is doing isn't simply a tried-and-true technique for eliciting complete compliance from a reluctant "sub." Simply show her (or him, for that matter) what total surrender looks like. And this he does, over and over. Though I must admit......if what he's doing is a "ruse" to elicit her complete trust.......he's certainly going the LONG WAY AROUND.......because he appears to be facing his greatest fears while in her presence. As he faces his, she faces hers. And isn't that the way relationships are meant to be?


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