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"Linear Flow"

My Dear Friends,
As you begin to lighten your grip on the "issues" of life, your energy stream will become lighter as well.  You will move from deep enmeshment in 3D to a summary presence here, while becoming more available for exploratory "flights" outside the reality boxes you had created for yourself. 

Be aware that The Third Dimension, as a Game Format, is NOT going away anytime soon.  There are those who are espousing that, but they are not teaching from Universal Oneness.  In regards to you, they are wolves, in sheep's clothing......seeking to lead weary souls down idealistic "rabbit trails" towards transcendence and bliss (consuming their Earthly energy and focus as they         go), while delaying the inevitable retrieval of "disowned parts" which have been scattered across time and eternity. 

When the rabbit trails are through--- all must eventually return to this place in consciousness once again---so that certain "resolutions" can be made, within those various universes you are inhabiting, up and down the dimensional "scale."  We speak here in separation---in regards to time and conceptual arrangement.  We do this because you are always INHABITING 3D, and must come to grips with that before expanding beyond it towards levels of consciousness that are less detailed and/or defined. 

Be aware that, at every level of density on your "radio dial," there is a version of YOU that is playing out a portion of your Plan of Unfoldment.  If a lighter YOU takes off on a flight of fancy, a denser version of you mind the store (so to speak).  These journeys, of which we speak, are OUTSIDE TIME, do you see?   They can happen in a nano-second (Earth Time)...........even though the journey, itself, may seem to take 60 years.  It all happens between heartbeats, blinks of the eye, or breathing in and out. 

As more and more of you "lightens up"..........more and more fragments will begin making journeys, discoveries........even as your 3D vehicle remains perfectly stationary and functional in the World of Form.  Have you noticed a sense of "emptiness" inside lately, as though parts of you have "gone away?"  Never fear.  They are simply on journeys......leaving your conscious mind to "mind the store" while they are away.

Granted, the 3D body can only handle so many "flights" before it feels completely drained and depleted of essence.  And the way this manifests is.........your body begins feeling tired and depressed.   The 3D body wants to go TOO, do you see?............even if it cannot (yet) handle the velocity of such a leap.    

You will find great relief in the fact that EVERY LEVEL of your journeys:  whether in the ground crew or "test pilot" aspects of your meta-human brain...........have already completed the lifetimes they represent.  No "new" decisions are being made, nor is there any need for you to pour time and attention into details about your linear future(s).  They will take care of themselves, because they ALSO ARE you see?   No one "part" of you is superior or inferior to the others.  It only looks that way, based on the universal explorations which are underway.  At the Core, all is connected..........and all is contracted to complete the tasks assigned to them...........and, indeed, those tasks ARE complete..........because all time is NOW. 


How, then, do you handle your singular 3D viewpoint in the midst of all these comings and goings?   It's very simple (not easy, but simple).  You STAY PRESENT, and focus into whatever dominant tone that holds your attention in the moment.  Think of yourself sitting in the cockpit of a plane.  As the moment changes, so will the dominant tone.  GO WITH IT.  Stay in the plane, and continue to look through the window of that cockpit.  Don't put your head up by worrying about the past, don't worry about the future, just STAY WITH THAT NOW MOMENT TONE.  Be aware that the most expanded tones are not always the loudest or most dynamic.  They simply interest you and energize you the most.    
The "dominant tone" in any universe is the point of focus that naturally holds your attention.  You don't have to "try" to concentrate.  You are genuinely interested.  Further, the decisions that are made while focusing there represent the natural progression of that tone to its chosen destination.  GO WITH IT.  Go, until you feel the dominance go out of the tone.  Usually, this will represent itself as a drop of body energy and dissipation of interest around that point of focus.  It will suddenly "disappear" from your field of perception. 
Do not worry if this happens.  And do not attempt to follow after and complete it, just for the sake of form and responsibility.  The Multiverse automatically completes every idea......and carries it into all the various expressions it can ever have.  Then, it archives those universes (and there are often millions of them) in a kind of "Video Store," where they can be examined and experienced whenever they are needed. 


Your job, as a transforming being at this point in history, is to follow the dominant tone in your energy field..............just like a homing beacon.  Listen carefully to the inner voice, and be completely authentic about what you hear and what you need to be and do as an expression of that idea in your world. 
Trust that every idea has a linear flow that carries it to completion.........even ideas which feel completely NUTS, and have no reasonable flow to them.  As soon as the excitement of a tone dies, LET GO...........and that universe will tend to itself.   This is as true about your family, your business, and your finances, as it is about some Star Being you encounter along one of your meditation excursions
As you go through your day, you may sense yourself go you can explore non-physical Portals.  When that tone is upon you, secure your physical space, lean back and GO.   It will feel like taking a little "nap"........but it is ever-so-much more than that.
When it comes time to "LAND"'ll feel yourself shift from Multi-D focus to 3D physical focus again.......sometimes in a matter of minutes........or, your landing could last the whole afternoon.  Time is irrelevant in the process, unless 3D focus makes it the dominant tone.  Then, my friend, it's best to move your "buns" and get where you're going ON TIME. 

Nothing is important until it IS, do you see?  And when the dominant tone has a time component to it, GO WITH IT...........until the interest and excitement leaves.  If you have the option to curtail a piece of work or a conversation/interaction with a friend........say to them:  "It's been nice, but I've got somewhere to be."  Then......go where you need to be........and the next dominant tone will make itself known.  If that conversation or project NEVER appears to you in 3D again.......or appears to fall it no mind.  In the Multiverse, all things come to their completion.  It is not your job (at the Ego Level) to hold things together.....even though you can affect things, simply through investing focus of awareness in the direction of the dominant "tones" that are represented in any context of awareness.   

In a sense, you might want to think of them like WAVES...........moving from the sea to the shore.  You jump aboard one of them and ride it home.  Then, at an appointed time, you leap off, and wait for the next wave. 
As your world continues to "fall apart"..............the ONLY lasting effect it will have is to cauterize your deep concerns about physical reality and linear outcomes.  After all, as a Citizen of the have access to ALL possible outcomes, don't you?   But here, in 3D space.........the only thing you have to worry about is KEEPING YOUR EYE on the DOMINANT TONE...........whatever that may be.  Simple?  Yes.  Easy?  Not on your life.   
Remember.............the 3D self continues get older, you suffer, experience joy, eat, make you go on your linear way. The REST OF traveling........traveling........ all over the place.........exploring here and exploring there.  Soon, you'll be able to envision comprehending it ALL, while accepting that your 3D instrument is only capable of so much "memory" to concentrate on any given aspect of the Oneself.  The more you let go, the more these invisible hands reach out and begin working with all levels.  And really, they are YOUR Expanded You...........moving you through the next levels of your journey. 
When you are tempted to will either catch the fire of this vision we are offering now, or you will sink down (for a time) into polarity again.  With either choice, there is learning..............and nothing really changes.........except the level of reality you are focusing upon.   As more and more Limitation BIAS leaves you, regarding the various levels in operation............even your concepts of higher/lower, light/dark, and so on will no longer hold sway.  Your fluidity of your movement across the Veil will will the pristine clarity of your comprehension when you focus.  Less forgetfulness, less distortion........because there is LESS JUDGMENT. 
Are you ready for this?  We feel you are.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  
We love and support you as you come into your own.  Your evolution is our evolution, and any assistance we can offer will be felt all around.  So may it always be!   
<end transmission>

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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