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Golden Hawk:  "Another Reality Show"   A Strong Supporter of Reconnection Teaching! 

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ABC ONLINE RADIOradio online
  A Network of specially selected Online Radio Shows---including Voice of America, and several more.  Worth a listen!



Celtic Gardens (Channeling Archive in Australia)  Patricia Hooper                                             

An inspiring and nicely set array of wisdom from around the world, and around the energy spectrum.  Well worth a lot.  Pay special attention to her Gallery of Photographs of Power Spots, Orbs, and Spirit Phenomena. 
Tricia Nobbs
  I originally met Tricia Nobbs through my studies into the Living Language of Light, about 2 years ago.  She had been given some of the Recon Transmissions on same, by a friend, and had contacted me about sharing her gifts.  The encounter led to a Teleclass on the subject, and then to a couple of workshops, hosted at the Reconnections Office in Kirkland.  She has become an amazing resource and a lovely compadre, in the journey of life!  She's well worth a look!


Isaac George and Lyn Patterson

Pure Divine Love-Awakenings to Ecstasy, Pathways to Home'  Home site for Isaac George and Lynn Paterson. Gateway for channelled messages from Archangel Ariel and other Beings of Light. Tools for awakening, healing and transformation. You can ontact Isaac and Lyn at

Val Roney:  Spirit Work and Addictions
  I have known Val Roney since the early 80s.  She is a woman of integrity, a recovering alchoholic herself, and an extremely expanded soul.  She has a depth of experience in dealing with drugs, alcohol and food addictions---especially where they interface with the law, the court system (many government agencies call upon her for assessments and treatment), and family interventions.  I highly recommend her in these areas.  She is an especially wonderful FRIEND, if you ever get a chance to chat with her.   
The Mystica
  An incredible resource for background into New Age, Esoteric Philosophy, Spiritism, and much more.
DiAnne Seith:  Signature Songs
  DiAnne is an amazing woman.  She is an "ancient," and has a depth of understanding about spiritual matters that is often difficult for me to fathom.  She is a good friend, and her Web Site is a blessings to the Inner Heart!
Ellie Crystal:  Crystalinks
A major Site!!!  Come join the world of Ellie Crystal as she takes you on a whirlwind tour of facts, icons, energies, and possibilities.   Very nicely done, with tons of links and bits of info for both the neophyte and the ancient ones!  This site has become, for many the new Spiritweb (if you've been around long enough to remember Rene Mueller's marvelous work).
Antonio Kos, Conscious Channel
  Antonio is  a dear friend of Reconnections, living in Petropoulos, Brazil (Near Rio de Janiero).  He is an adept channel, and has volunteered to be our Portuguese Portal for Oneness and New Paradigm in his area.   His special passion is Astral Journeying, and he has done plenty of it.  His new Blog Site is his maiden voyage into public ministry---and it is well worth your time to consider the messages he brings. 
Children of the New Earth Magazine
  I could go on and on about Sandie Sedgbeer, and the work of CNE, but I'll just let it suffice to say:  Try it out.  I have my own Spirituality Column in there, monthly, and I love being a part of this work!
This is Sandie's other publication.  It was the first contact I had with her.  It was from the "Children of the New Earth" section that the whole CNE project (just above this) was formed.  Very powerful resource, to which I also contribute regularly.
Pathways Within
  An online publication effort, headed by Leslie Palacio.  I have enjoyed being a part of this one, and highly recommend it, for content (of course!), quality of focus, and artistic layout.
The Mystical Web
A powerful site, with lists, archives, and growth materials dealing with the topic of Arthurian Legends, Folklore, Ghosts, Crop Circles, and many other fascinating topics.

Flemming Funch's marvelous collaboration of materials and resources, all dealing with Whole Systems, New Civilization, Spiritual Evolution, Soverignty, Synchronicity, and a whole host of other subjects.

El Collie:  Shared Transformation (Great Info on Kundalini Awakenings)                                    

  This website is a work of love.  It is kept up in memory of El Collie, who transitioned in 1995.....who was a kind of closet-mystic (by her own description)......who wrote with such clarity and purpose that many, many people have been healed and helped through her work.  Well worth a visit!

Aum-Rak Sapper

I am very excited about my growing connection with Aum-Rak, who I met on the Net awhile back.  We have spoken on the phone, and in detailed e-mails about the processes she conducts for people who come to visit her native land, in Guatemala.  She has led tours and conducted ceremonies for many, who are seeking to reconnect with the Mayan Civilization--their ways, and their power.  I hope to be meeting her soon to share an event.  She lives near Lake Atitlan, and is seen in one of these photographs as saluting the volcano, which she says is her friend.   

ALIJANDRA:  Healing with the Rainbow Rays                                     

logo.jpg (9619 bytes) A powerful being, Alijandra is a healer, teacher, and all-around GEM!  She travels the world sharing the joy of Spirit.  The site is filled with great information, with a solid Oneself Connection.  
Elia Wise:  Letter to Earth
  Elia is a new addition to my points of interest on the Web.  Her book was published back in 2000, but its words ring very true today.  I have been deeply enjoying the insights, and would like to learn more about this lady. 
The Mystic.Org
Graham Ledgerwood has put together some fantastic insights about traveling the Mystical Path.  Of particular worth is his rendering of THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL.  Highly recommended!
A powerful exposition on life, love, sexuality, energy.....from a very original thinker, in the European Way. 
Spirit of Ra
Visit Elizabeth Elon Omera's world of healing in light and sound.  There are many resources here, particularly support material for walk-ins and wanderers alike.  She is authoritative in Psychophysics, Bioenergetics, and Personal Alchemy.     
Miscellaneous Online Publications and Resources
Journey through the vortex to multidimensional consciousness.  A combination of science, psychology, and spirituality presents tools for healing and enlightenment.  Articles, books, and meditation CDs offered for personal growth.

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Conscious evolution through multi-dimensional music and sound.  Awaken and activate your multi-strand DNA codex with higher octaves of sound/frequencies/modulations channeled by Shapeshifter.  Music soundscapes created with the intent to assist in building the frequency maps to our omni-dimensional Universe of Light.  A powerful tool for all Lightworkers involved in grounding their work to Planet Earth.
The work of Maia Christianne.  This is a fascinating site, which includes an whole array of mystical resources, including "The Shield of Avalon" (a women's resource site), and some powerful channeled teachings from Thoth.  She especially has some fine material on transmissions of information from the Dolphins.  To review that, click HERE
Kryon, South Africa
David Brown presents a clear and pristine energy here.  It may be a bit heavy on the Biblical Metaphors, but I sense that he is bringing through some powerful truths, especially on the masculine and feminine energies, as they dance in the physical transformation.  Take a look at his article, in the Relationships Sector, about "The Sun, The Moon, and Personal Power." 
Internet Sacred Texts
A great resource.  A compilation of many sacred texts---nicely archived, and easy to peruse.   
Dragonsfly:  Maya Preece and Daygan Robinson
These two singers lead an awesome singing group, based in Glastonbury.  Using a combination of styles (mostly Celtic and Eastern Fusion), they  literally BLEW OUR MINDS at the 2005 Reconnections Conclave.  Their sensitive souls and fun-loving energy lit up the room.  Come have a listen to them.  My favorite songs are both by Maya:  "The River" and "You Have God."  The CDs are well-worth the purchase. 
Claire Moylan:  Prisms of Reality
A nice collection of insights and Metaphysical Explorations, by a woman with a very well-defined viewpoint.  Claire has been a powerful part of our Research Forum.  You'll enjoy this varied and detailed resource bank for spiritual seekers of all backgrounds!
Seth Network International
Seth is an entity that was channeled by Jane Roberts, back in the 1970s.  His teachings have become a touchstone for the New Age Movement. 
Katherine Rayborn:  Native American, Poet
I came across this lovely collection of poems, thoughts, and midi background, and my soul resonated.   Nice graphics, comfy atmosphere, and golden tones of heart and spirit that are soaring, feeling deeply, and always reaching for more.  
Lotus Moonwise's Sacred Grove
Here is a delicate and beautiful collection of deep insights, poems, spiritual teaching, and Pagan/Wiccan background material that I believe belongs in every library.  Amy Topham (Moonshadow) has been a powerful contributor to our Reconnections Research Forum for some time now.  Come share some time with her, and receive much in return for your investment of time and attention.
A Gathering Place
A Center For Wellness. A holistic health and wellness New Age magazine site for metaphysical information, EMF and frequency news, light therapy, earth changes, channeled messages, research, Reiki, graphology, listing of events, and much more.
A compilation by James Monahan, of resources dealing with health, alternative psychology, spirituality, and yoga.  It's new.  Check it out.
Pam Saari
Pam is a Holistic Counselor and Life Coach, with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology.   She is also Certified in Feng Shui and specializes in Sacred Interior Design.  In 1997, she began noticing (and consequently working with) certain "exceptional children"--a study and life interest that has taken on far greater proportions.  She has many powerful services to offer.  Her site is crisp, clear, and filled with a fine sampling of her wisdom.
Children of the New World, Dutch Caribbean
Come visit the workspace of Juan and Francisca Kock-Dirksz, a powerful contact for Children of the New Earth in Aruba, the Dutch Caribbean.  Juan is a new contributing editor for CNE Online, and the site features a number of resources to assist New Kids and concerned persons.  Articles in both Dutch and English.
Welcome to the world of Cynthia Larsen.  She is a fascinating being--who, from early age has been able to notice the Multidimensional nature of all life.  Her newest books include a powerhouse book on Auras, and also a children's book, that nicely outlines the power of reality shifts.  Very worth the connection!
Kan'Nal (Acoustic Trance Troupe)
A powerful group, who I met through Aum-Rak, specializing in Latin-Flavored Acoustic Trance Music.  They do fire dancing, and genuine Spiritual Initiation through their songs.  They also have a new album, "Dreamwalker" that hits stores on October 4, 2005.  Well worth a listen!
Supernatural Minds
  Home of the finest minds in the world!   Lots of fascinating facts and resources for those whose intelligence is expanding!
Temporary Temples (Excellent Crop Circle Info)
  The work of Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas.  First class stuff, from what I have observed.  Nice tones.
The Cloud Appreciation Society
  Would you believe that there is an organization of folks who do nothing but study clouds?   It feels like a Joni Mitchell song to me!  Beautiful pictures here.
Elven Realities
  Welcome to the world of Railian, and the realms of the "Otherkin."   I absolutely love the lyric energy of this site, and this group of people.  They are young, vibrant, and very close to the Earth Mother.  They are very worth the time it would take to have a good look.
  What I love about this site is the fact that it is being created, moment-by-moment, by people all over the world.  It is a reader-contribution web site---an online Encyclopedia---made up entirely of reader-submitted info.  Very powerful, and very expansive!  

Earth Portals                                                            

I cannot say enough about this Site. You have to see it to believe it---so many wonderful and inspiring bits of writing and art! Especially not to be missed is the Wisdom Portal. Enjoy!

The Monroe Institute                                                  

Robert Monroe was a pioneer in the field of Astral Travel and Out-of-Body Experiences.  His three major works, dealing with these subjects, were:  "Journeys Out of the Body," "Far Journeys," and "The Ultimate Journey."  His life's work was centered around these topics.  The Monroe Institute is located in Faber, Virginia, and is a training center for people who wish to explore the inner realms, using the methods and technology developed by Robert while he was alive.  Among the most meaningful tools offered through the Institute are a series of tapes that are called "Hemi-Sync."  This simple sound technology has revolutionized Inner Work for thousands upon thousands of people. 

More will be added!!!! Come back often......

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