Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Loss of Identity"

My Dear Friends,

As your planetary vibrations continue to rise, there are those among you who are languishing, because you feel as though whole parts of your 3D self have been lost in translation.  You say you can't tolerate the feeling of NOT BEING FULLY ALIVE for one more minute!  The body breathes and moves about, but deep at the core of yourself you feel NOTHING.........and that "nothing" is beginning to spread.  It's beginning to permeate EVERYTHING in your world.  Isn't that an interesting dichotomy?  Everything, permeated by Nothing.

In one of our messages to you, we suggest that you are really "everything...........pretending to be something."   And now you are beginning to feel as though you are NOTHING.  Could it be that your Reconnection Form Ego has become a doorway........a PORTAL, if you will.......between "everything" and "nothing?"  If you face one direction---you see a vast panorama of diversity, filled with possibility.  And if you turn to face the "other" direction--a diffusion of viewpoint immediately dissolves all that diversity into NOTHINGNESS, leaving you as the sole surviving witness that it was ever there at all.

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self which you had to forget about to become human.  We've never been very far from you, just far enough.  We speak in linear continuity because that's how the "witness" aspect of the Oneself operates. That's how IT WILL ALWAYS operate, do you see?  A whole panorama of events and occurrences---a virtual LIBRARY of human endeavor and experience---filed neatly and safely within the living consciousness of ONE BEING. 

What you are feeling now is the inevitable realization of a fear you presented to us when we began this wonderful journey together.  Do you remember?  You asked:  "What if I begin channeling this energy and I lose myself in the process?"  And our answer to you was:  "There is an upside to that picture.  If you lose yourself, you won't be here to know that you are gone."

That is how it's always been, across time and eternity.  It's how it will always be.  You let go of yourself, as we hold onto your essence for a time.  Then we let go of OURSELVES as you return the favor.  Back and forth, our Singular Consciousness is passed.  God becomes man---lives, dies, and is buried---only to be resurrected again to love and glory.  Man becomes God, embracing fully The Great Mystery---only to lay aside that knowledge, in the name of Love, and return to physical form once more. 

Have you ever been afraid of losing your body?  Keep it, then........or try on another one.  It's ALL your body.  The only thing we shall ever lose is separation.   

Do not resist your "urge to merge" when the time arrives.  But do not try to hurry it along, either. The despair you feel now is your ANCHOR........holding onto you, while you serve as GATEWAY TO ETERNITY for your world.  That voice inside you, crying..... "What's Happening to Me?" holds you steady, till you move past mid-point, between "everything" and "nothing"......where each life experience gets translated into pure memory. And SUCH A MEMORY it is, Dear Friends!  Such a roar of laughter!  Such a cry of sweet freedom!   Nothing is ever the fear of loss, itself. 

As one story appears to end, another begins.  On and on we go......diversified, distinct, separated.......divided by a Veil.  One Soul, One SELF.......One Holy Gateway.......wearing many hands, many viewpoints, many voices.  Sing, Dear Ones!  Sing your pain, sing your joy, sing the wonder of it all. 

We love you, we honor you, we are always here.          

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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