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"Magnetic Pole Shifts"

"Once upon a time, humanity thought the Earth was flat.  If you tried to explain it differently, people   just shook their heads at you and said you were crazy.   Then, Columbus sailed to find a "New World" for himself.   Presently........... much of humanity thinks of the Earth as one single, objective, "mass reality."   We all live upon it (i.e. we share it), and where that one Earth goes, everyone must ride along.  Spirit now establishes for us that such a concept is every bit as archaic and limited as when we believed the Earth is flat."  ~Daniel Jacob     


 My Dear Friends,

Planet Earth, as has previously been mentioned........YOUR GRAND CENTRAL STATION OF TRANSFORMATION.........has begun breaking into "fragments" (like pottery thrown hard against a stone wall).  Each shard (or fragment) launches itself upon a journey---formed and fashioned by those various souls who wish to explore specific destinations and contexts of reality that are stationed along its route.     

The experience of what you might call "The End Times" will be left to personal choice.  We are not speaking simply of ego selection, though the ego will have some say in the matter.  Rather, we are speaking more about "signature vibration"........the insignia of the soul, longing to attain its next levels of experience and realization.  When the journeys are complete, ALL will be satisfied, though the details surrounding each departure may bring some initial discomfort, until each person gets settled into the itinerary that has been chosen.

Within each universe viewed from your Multidimensional Ship, there is a magnetic field which attracts, nurtures, and anchors each traveler into the life scripts that are being enacted in that context of reality. Each of you "lands" exactly where you need to land.  And you remain there for as long as your magnetic field opposes what is seen and practiced in that environment.  To understand more of how this works, you may want to review our transmission of "How Universes Are Formed" before reading further.

The attainment of Vibratory Neutrality is your ticket in and out of each universe that is represented along the Fourth Dimensional Corridor.  Forces of personal attraction and repulsion are the "fuel" which drives your journey.  There is no "right" or "wrong" in life, except what you choose to believe.  And there is always at least one universe to honor each and every belief imaginable (and then some). 


As the time approaches for humanity to learn a "new dance," breaking free from old vibratory patterns---your internal guidance mechanism has installed some energetic upgrades to assist you to graduate to your next levels of experience. These are manifesting in the form of "Magnetic Pole Shifts." 

Some people are characteristically "positive" in their approach to life.  So much so that they can't imagine what it would be like to experience fear, doubt, tragedy, or to depend on anyone.  When they want something, they go for it.  When they are ready for change, it happens.  For them, life is a 1-2-3 kind of formula, and no one can convince them otherwise.   

There are other kinds of people who move from a completely different place.  For them, life is all about escaping something terrible that is about to happen. They thrive on chaos, are exceedingly non-linear, and feel upset most of the time........because life (for them) is naught but a continuing attack from clandestine forces, who operate just beyond their immediate control.

We realize that these descriptions are representative of extremes in your planetary spectrum.  Most people exist somewhere between these extremes, with variations all their own.  And wherever we place them on this graph, they form a unique "energy signature," registering who they are and what they came to explore in 3D space. 


We have spoken in days past about an energetic entrainment that is taking place between your physical bodies and Mother Earth.  You are becoming microcosms of the macrocosm which is your planet.  This is not literal, of course, because no one body could hold it all.  But each individual represents a puzzle piece that fits comfortably into that Whole.  And each individual puzzle piece has energetic access to ALL OTHER puzzle pieces.  This is what makes you Holographic Beings.     

In each perceptual universe, the MANY exist to serve the ONE, through the reflections they bring.  It it not accurate to say that the world owes you a living.  But it can be said that your world owes you a reflection.  And you owe them one in return.  When you experience new life and wisdom, everyone in your world begins to experience it, too.  At that point, they have a choice.  They can either cling to their old ways and put up a shield, or they can open to their own versions of new life, and accelerate along with you.          

You are the "Hundredth Monkey" for your perceptual universe.  As such, you are stewards of a precious transformative tone.  Use that tone:  in your thoughts, in your actions, and in your dealings with fellow everything and everyone can observe your ways and choose to function as new beings also.  It is not really something that requires effort or resolve on your part  It is simply the NEXT THING which we perceive you will find yourselves wanting and doing........and we expect to see it flowing everywhere quite soon.   

As you complete your entrainment, you will notice that Earth's magnetic fields begin to shift and change---according to your needs for "adjustment" in thinking and action.  That which was deemed "positive" in days past may suddenly begin to repel you.  And that which was seen as "negative" takes on new luster---or, perhaps, it repels you twice as strongly.  Do not be shaken by this.  The You-niverse is simply working to adjust your thinking and focus away from "de-liberating" and purposeful action, and re-directing you to something that flows easily, and feels more natural and allowing.  In this way, you learn what it feels like to find energetic "neutrality."  This one exercise, in and of itself, is currently having a powerful impact on your personal density. 

The more you push or pull yourself to do something, the more the Earth's Magnetic Field will resist you in that endeavor.  <mind you, this is ONLY for beings who have completed their     entrainment!>  Your chosen "goals" will seem as though they are running away from you. 

Conversely, the more you fight or run away from something, the more that idea will seem to chase you, wherever you go.  Some esoteric writers refer to this dynamic as "The Hound of Heaven."  As we apply the term, it is very important to realize that what chases a person is not nearly as significant as what it is that is making him run.     


In days to come, you will find that the most efficient means of propulsion through Multiversal Space manifests in the form of "Whimsy" Energy.  Have you ever had a day off from work, where you had no real plans, but you simply let the energy of the moment incline you wherever and whenever it would?  Isn't that a wonderful way to live?   Light and Easy.   It feels like one long vacation.  This is your foolproof Multiversal Power Source for moving about in space and time.

In a single universe, especially one that is loaded down with "Work Ethic" Consciousness, the idea of industry, diligence, and focus in business is often extolled---while qualities such as relaxation, spontaneity, playfulness and joy are treated like character defects.  And this is as it should be, considering the context in which those dynamics are being explored. 

But YOU, my Dear Friends........are NO LONGER captives to such universes (unless you find it amusing).  You are heirs to an INFINITY of variance and possibility......CITIZENS OF THE MULTIVERSE.  Instead of functioning within a 1-2-3 formulaic existence, you now have power to skip around---wherever and whenever you choose.  Remember how Master Jesus moved about, whenever he was pressed upon by large crowds?  He simply disappeared, and re-located wherever else he needed to be.  Poof!  In the wink of an eye.  The crowds were left there, confused, wondering where he went.    

If the Primary Unit of Exchange in the Multiverse is Focus of Awareness, the Primary Power Source is WHIMSY.  The darker the storm cloud which can surround you in some dense universe, the more you require WHIMSY to extricate yourself from its influence.  Whimsy is the antidote for "fight or flight" impulses.  It was first introduced by Leprechauns, in the Age of the Tuatha dé Danaan.  Like the washing of sweet potatoes in the "Hundredth Monkey" story mentioned above, the practice caught on like wildfire.  Before long, all magical beings were using it with great exuberance.     

More and more, as the energies rise, you will allow yourself to do things "on a whim," only to find that you "hit a bulls eye" in a target that you never knew you were aiming to hit!  Being unattached to a universe of "toil and trouble," and being completely open to universes that run on magic, love, and joy........your momentary intentions begin to crackle and pop with miracle precision. 

If you are tired, broke, or sick a lot, during these highly charged days, it is some are still "hooked" on laws of "cause and effect" that were hammered into your heads when you were young.  And those laws worked, so long as your life itinerary was focused on enmeshment in world affairs, and enjoying your Limitation Vacation.  But now, vacation is over!  It's time to RETURN TO PLAY.........leaving drudgery and habitual misery behind.

Therefore, if you begin living your life in struggle and fretfulness, the Magnetic Poles of your Planetary Vehicle will automatically resist what you are attempting to do.  Try as you might, those familiar FORCES OF WILL you enlist to achieve your goals will stop functioning.  Neither will it help to try protecting yourself from "sudden terrors" which may be waiting for you, just around the corner.  A great example of this would be America's "War on Terror."  How's that working for you, my friends?   

Let them have you.  Let it ALL have you!   There's plenty of YOU to go around.  You are so much more than you think you are.  You can't be killed, you can only stop yourself, and anything you truly wish to attain will manifest in reasonably short long as you don't use "fight or flight" to acquire it.

So there you have it:  THE LAST WHIMSY. <pardon the pun>  Are you ready, My Friends?  Ready to LET IT ALL GO?  Ready to then have life jump back into your (open) hand, bringing lots of friends along to amplify the energy?  That's how it works when you work it. 

It will all come to you, bit by bit.  The appearance of time is but illusion.  Treat even that with a wink of the eye and tip o' your hat.  If it works for the "Little People" it will surely work for the big ones as well. 

We are always here. 

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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