Making Love:  Finding ZERO POINT


Being a Bodyworker who uses energy all day, I am intrigued when I find the existence of that vibrational state called "neutrality."   Some people call it the state of being "cool."  But is it?  I doubt that "cool" is necessarily neutral.  Often, people who appear that way are simply detached from their emotions.  Though they might "play" well by appearances, they lack often substance in some crucial areas.    When people are "making love," they are rubbing up against each other and celebrating either their similarities or their differences.  That interaction creates realization, the moving of Shadow issues from the unconscious to the subconscious to the fully conscious mind.  To me, that transformation process is similar to what happens when vapor turns to water and water turns to ice.   

As a friend once mentioned, once Shadow reaches the latter stage, it ceases to be Shadow.  If we were to chart the vibratory frequency for each of those manifestations of vapor, water, and ice, they would probably reveal themselves to be made up of those same mathematical formulas that make up archetypes (and everything else in reality).    

Imagine, then, a tennis game that is being played by two partners---each one dancing with (or rather AS) the Shadow aspects of the other.  If we successfully embody, or WEAR the other person's area of DENIAL (his or her Shadow quality), we generally cause the other person to become totally excited..........and we get an activation. Often, this feeling is irritation or anger.  Then, if that same partner is able to process and integrate an irritating quality AS SELF, passing up the opportunity to project it onto the other person, that point is blended and harmonized.  LOVE PREVAILS!   Many refer to this as ZERO POINT.  It is the Gateway to 4D and beyond.

Someone once said:  "If two people agree on everything, one of them isn't necessary."   Therefore, the times that we will spend celebrating our SAMENESS in the love dance will be more of a REST PERIOD rather than the intensive object of the game.  More often, our gentle waltz will change to a break dance, when the honeymoon period is complete.  After all, we came here to LEARN, did we not?    

How many Shadows can your partner pull out of your closet?   As he or she grows closer to you, they learn more and more about the nooks and crannies where the real "slam shots" and handicaps are hidden.   When we see these "dark reflections".........we might exclaim, in the heat of the dance:  "You've got to be putting me on!!"   Which, of course, is entirely true.  My partner is wearing ME, the part of me that I have denied or forgotten.   

There is the serve...........and then the return.   However, before our "racket" is shown for what it is.........the INNER GAME has to be played.  We see our shadow----we name it, we claim it, we integrate it, we learn to love it.  If we don't we lose points!  Isn't that what people say when they're arguing?  They keep TRYING TO MAKE THEIR POINT.  Sorry, Charlie........we've gotta go inside to do that.       

It's also interesting to note that rejection of a trait by one partner actually becomes a SHADOW PROTEST that is being registered by the very person who is displaying that trait.  It's a sign that somewhere, within him, there is a sense of DISAPPROVAL for being that way, and the awareness of a need to change or examine it.  That's why he called in this particular partner in the first place.  And, if that person stubbornly says:  "You must learn to accept me the way I am!"....he just might lose a point for failing to recognize his own inner urge for change and growth.         

Making love?   Oh's quite a game indeed.  Pat Benatar says:   "Hit me with your best shot!......"   And John Cougar Mellancamp returns the ball with "It Hurts So Good."   If her point is properly received and processed within him, then the game goes back to LOVE........(zero to zero).   If not, the score mounts up on one side or another, and both become invested in making the other person wrong.  It's a funny game, too.  When one player keeps racking up "points," both players lose, because they have failed to realize what their racket really is.       

If the darkness and wretching that goes with Shadow work appears HERE, in the physical realm, then we've missed the point..........THE GAME POINT, actually.  We're out of bounds.  Of course, I still do that........often.  That's why I'm glad we've gathered around THIS particular NET, so that I can work on perfecting my game.   Thanks for sharing.  Tennis, anyone?  

Daniel Jacob. Fall, 1999.

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