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People frequently ask questions of the Reconnections about MANIFESTATION.  Yes, we create our own reality.  But how do we manifest?  Are there any specific techniques to use?  Can there be pitfalls, and if so......how can they be avoided?   In attempting to answer, the Guides are careful to remind folks that humanity is between Paradigms right now.  Some of us have one foot in a Separation Paradigm, and one foot in a Paradigm honoring the Integration of  Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality.  

For those still involved in the Separation Paradigm, the idea of Manifestation seems very much like the practice of Magic. First, you don't see it, then you do!   Mountains of books have been written about this subject.  Days and weeks of seminars, workshops, and retreats have been scheduled.......all centered around the goal of learning how to attain the manner of living each of us wants. 


In their segment "The Magical Manifesting Mind," which is a key part of the "Trans-Portals Series," the Recons talk about invoking change within your own perceptual universe.  Here are some of the points discussed: 

From THE RECONNECTIONS..........  

"As we mentioned in Trans-Portals 1 and 2, the key to travel within the Multiverse is found in a person's ability to detach himself from his current surroundings, by finding a state of neutrality, so that he can journey anywhere else he wishes to go.  What keeps you all trapped in your current 3D context is your continuous *clinging* to outcomes (cause and effect relationships) that you imagine are in operation there.  My Dear Friends, this is ILLUSION.  
When something manifests in your 3D world, it arrives because you *called for it* with your mind and heart.  It makes little difference whether your call was a conscious one, or whether it was something that was issued from beneath your Veil of Forgetfulness.  It came from you, and you need to own that before you can break free from its influence.  Those who have trouble with this concept may need to circle back and do some Creative Shadow Work, as we mentioned a bit earlier in this transmission.
  Basically..... a successful "call" for reality manifestation involves (at least) two elements:  
1.  A clear statement of belief or intent, spoken or held in a positive way........followed immediately by........  
2.  A complete release of the outcome into the hands of the Expanded Self.
A person doesn't manifest his or her world out of nothing.  Rather, each of you forms your personal reality from the *everything,* which exists all around you.  In order to make something physical, you simply focus upon it.....(which slows down the vibration sufficiently for it to solidify), and then you install Perceptual Veils around it, to block out the awareness of everything else that is there.  This is your own perceptual equivalent of putting blinders on a horse. 
As you begin your process of focusing, you must clearly realize how the creative element of your mind works.   The explanation we are going to make for you now is a linear one, because you are currently operating within a linear reality base.  Please realize that you have the power to change the order or the rules of this process at any time. 
Like the printer on a computer, which faithfully stacks and programs its activity based upon keys hit by the operator, your very own Creative Manifesting Mind begins printing out reality based upon statements which you, yourself, hold to be true.  Even though your statement is uttered only within your own mind, and is held for just one second, it has absolute power to form your world.  And it frequently does!
Your affirmative statements, especially when accompanied by true desire and passion, are like Genies from a bottle, granting you everything you could ever wish for.  As one Dear Entity once phrased it:  "The universe rearranges itself according to your beliefs about what is real."  It does this through your own declarations of *what is,* not through declarations of *what is not.*  
The programming software in your Creative, Manifesting Mind *does not* recognize or respond to words like "no," "not," "don't," or "can't."  It automatically eliminates them from your command line.  Therefore, whenever a person declares, within himself:  "I don't want to smoke"  or  "I am not going to be angry today,"  the Creative Manifesting Mind hears (and responds to) an affirmative version of those statements.  What it hears is:  "I want to smoke," and "I am going to be angry today."


"You must realize that physical reality is created from FOCUS.  If you are constantly focusing upon what you *don't want," rather than on what you *do want,* your manifestation power will tend follow that focus.  The locus of power in a Call to Manifest is located between the subject and the desired (or declared) action or outcome.  The commands are stacked and prioritized in your printer, according to the following factors:
1.  The "Level" of Self that is making the command  (The more Expanded Aspects of you get the most clout when it comes to ordering up your manifestations) 
2.  The Desire, Intensity, and Clarity behind the declaration. 
3.  The Order of Command Presentation to the Creative Mechanism. 
If the desire and intensity of command lines are equal, and they all come from the same level of Self, the manifestations will print out according to the order in which the commands were made.  Indeed, this is a very 3D explanation, and we realize that.  However, it absolutely works, as long as you are still operating within a 3D format.  If a command line comes in from "outside the box" (from your Expanded Self), it will automatically hold precedence over commands that are presented from the Ego Aspect.  In other words, it gets to crowd ahead of you in the cafeteria line.  But the Ego still has creative power, as all aspects of you have divinity. 
Statements of similar velocity, which are contradictory, tend to cancel each other out.  Their expression is like a husband and wife who go together to vote in a public election.  He votes republican and she votes democratic.  In truth, the 3D effect produced is no different than if they would have stayed home (except for the satisfaction they receive from exercising their options).  In the same way, your inner consciousness frequently entertains divergent points of view.  At times, many aspects of you can be barking contradictory commands with virtually the same intensity.  If this occurs, your printer gets jammed, and you may end up having to reboot!"   ~The Reconnections


With the release of books and movies like "The Secret," there has been a resurgence of enthusiasm around the idea of Conscious Manifestation. As it was back in the 1970s, our natural inclination was to place a huge amount of emphasis on the Power of MIND in the process. What still seems to be lacking today is the inclusion of EMOTION and OVERALL ENERGY INCLINATION, over and above what we consciously try to "program."  I spoke about this in my article "Beyond the Secret." 

The promise issued by those who share in "The Secret" is:  "You can have, do, or be..........ANYTHING you want."  And this is very true.  But the integration of a Oneness Paradigm puts a person face-to-face with the fact that we are EVERYTHING, pretending to be SOMETHING.  And the Universe of our Perception........every bit of it.........is but a TINY MIRROR of the vast and limitless ALL-NESS which we are. 

A fellow wrote me the other day and asked this question:  "Am I reaching too much if I demand that I get external manifestation of those things I call into being?  Being impatient, I tend to desire "instantaneous" results.  Judging from the way I think, at times, it's probably best that I DON'T get my results right away."   

My response back to him was:  

Well, really, you DO get your results immediately. Whenever we dream of something or ask for something, it manifests INSTANTLY. But it's manifestation may not be physical. It may NEVER NEED to be physical.

The idea behind translating into Light Bodies is........we're learning how to expand our concept of what's "real" BEYOND dense (solidified) matter to more of a porous, dreamlike state. You might say that what we once thought of as "dreaming" was actually WAKING to many parts of self we had forgotten, while what we once we thought of as "waking" was really a form of TRANCE or SLEEPWALKING. Think of Morpheus and Neo in "The Matrix." Do you remember the scenes of the two of them walking among crowds of people.......people who never even realize they are there? Remember the woman in the red dress?


The Reconnections teach that the denser formats of living (in other words: 3D) are being dedicated almost entirely to dealing with people, objects, and situations that we're having trouble integrating at higher vibratory levels. In other words: Shadow Work. The Recons refer to 3D as "The Orthopedic Shoes of the Multiverse."

There are Metaphysicians who have begun using the term "Body as Shadow".....even if one's physical reality is pleasant and happy. The reason? Any significant absorption with solid matter tends to distract a person away from all the ALTERNATIVE realities which also occupy that same space. Allowing oneself to become entranced with 3D existence means becoming blinded to everything except our "Designated Dream."

As our reconnecting "perceptual fields" expand........we begin noticing that every person or object in our universe has multiple, alternative levels of him/her/itself which span outward, in concentric circles (spirals, really)......beyond the physical. Concurrent bodies, STACKED ON TOP of one another..........a veritable SPECTRUM of "beingness" on into infinity. Each "level" vibrates higher and lighter than the one before it.  Each "layer" of perception requires less and less DETAIL before you recognize what it represents. The less details you require for recognition, the FASTER you are said to be vibrating.

Of course, if we allowed ourselves to view things this way continually.......it would be impossible to focus. That's where 3D reality comes in. By "toggling" our perception back and forth between 3D and Multi-D........we get to "play around" with various levels of manifestation........riding thought waves, here and there, at lightning speed........transforming our definitions of what's "real" with each blink of the eye. Each concurrent level is like a radio show, playing on a different channel of the dial. We use our focus of attention to "tune in" to a show, then we move to another and another.  We go as far and as fast as our Life Itinerary allows us to go.  

Sometimes we focus outward. Sometimes we focus inward. We let the energy be our guide! And after awhile, we begin BLENDING the two.......until all distinctions begin to fade. We never get rid of 3D entirely. We'd never WANT to do that. Dancing back and forth across the Veils is what makes our growth process fun! The key to conscious expansion is learning not to GRIP those people, things, or concepts which flow by us.....either in mind or body. If we do, they can have a tendency to stick to us and that weighs us down. After awhile, we learn to handle life lightly, like bouncing a soccer ball around the room.

Doubting Thomas, in the Bible, needed to SEE and FEEL and TOUCH the nail prints in Jesus' hand before he would believe he actually rose from the dead. Jesus humored him, and let him experience that....... but he also stated to Thomas: "Blessed are those who have NOT SEEN and yet believe." I believe this goes for ALL manifestation. If we want it, and say we want it...........it's THERE. The next question is: How much THERE-NESS do we need to experience before we believe that?



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