Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Many Faces of Fear"

Hello, My Dear Friends,

The Phase of Ascension, through which many of you are passing at this this time, deals primarily with the identification and elimination of FEARS and DOUBTS.......which were designed to hold you in stasis while you completed your studies and explorations in the World of Form. 

These elements---which some have referred to as "Dark Forces" or "The Powers That Be"---are like SEAT BELTS that a person might wear on a ride at an amusement park.  They are meant to have power over you ONLY while the machine is in motion.  When the experience is over, you will be instructed to remove the belt so you can exit the ride. 

There are many among you who now proclaim: "This is it! The Time of Destruction is upon us!"  Though there are universes where deconstruction is taking place, the reality context in which you read this transmission presently has other things in mind.  Primarily, we are referring to the systematic release of FEARS and LIMITATION DOGMA, which are no longer required to keep you solidified within your 3D Format of living.   

As we have mentioned several times before, the "Big Three" Grounding Forces....which are being used to keep your adventurous spirits in check, are:  Health, Relationships, and Finances.  Whenever you are in danger of coming on too soon into full remembrance, your universe will manifest people and situations to remind you that "You are HERE, and you are still human."  The recent upsets you have experienced in Government and World Economic Markets is a direct reflection of those messages. 

 Those who ARE getting too expanded, too fast, are assisted in their evolution as these self-designed "seat belts" bring them firmly back into current 3D Focus.  Those who are ready to transcend these restraints will allow Fear, Doubt, ,Shame, and Regret to become SPRINGBOARDS, launching them far beyond worldly concern and hesitation.

When confronted by your greatest fears, during this important time, it is important NOT to get overly tied up in processes of self-protection, negotiation, or blind speculation about various "calamities" that may be coming your way.  AS we mentioned, in detail, during our very first transmission to you........there is no one "out there" who is plotting against you, to bring you down.  Whatever comes your way is for purposes of growth and remembrance.  These operations are self-designed and initiated---even if they don't always feel that way. 

Stand firm.  Be confident.  This, too, shall pass!  Ye shall be victorious, my friends.......regardless of how your 3D Lens sometimes bends and distorts its images.  We are here for you.  Reach for us, and we will whatever form and embodiment you require.  Be patient as you do this, because energy that is set forth as a "demand" is harder to penetrate and transmute.  Be clear about your desires, then relax and let your "Magical Manifesting Mind" do its job.  In such an environment, you will readily feel our presence and influence.    

You are so much more than you think you are!  As are we all!  Learn also to nurture a spirit of gratitude as you go along.  You will find that it makes an excellent frosting for the very substantial "cake" that is now being baked in your honor.  Enjoy!  Selah!  

<end transmission> 

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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