"Out on a Limb"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

“If you want to taste the fruit of the tree, you must occasionally be willing to go out on a limb.” 

This is a phrase which actress-singer-dancer Shirley MacLaine found herself hearing over and over, as she pondered whether or not to “go public” about her personal spiritual explorations back in the mid-1980s.  The recurrent echo of this old saying is an example of what we Metaphysicians call “Synchronicity”…..or the repetition of a phrase or image….coming from various unrelated sources, none of which has any relation to the other, except that they emphasize a message which Spirit is trying to get through to us. Synchronicity is just one of many “tools” Spirit Guides use when they work with us.  And it was certainly an effective tool when used with Shirley MacLaine!


These days, the whole issue of "to speak or not to speak" seems moot.  Shirley did, in fact, “go public”….. to such an extent that the name Shirley MacLaine and the term “New Age” have become almost interchangeable.  Her book and made-for-TV film, entitled “Out on a Limb” was a real source of encouragement to me when I began my own spirit journey.  This past week, I was listing for a friend the titles of important spiritual films I would recommend to strengthen her on her life path.  Immediately, ‘Out on a Limb was one of the first films which” came to mind. 

 It’s pretty hard to find this video in local video stores, so I decided to buy my own copy.  I was surprised how expensive they are!  I guess they’ve become a collector’s item.  Anyway, I received a used copy in the mail day before yesterday, and enjoyed it once again last night. 

As people begin to “awaken” these days, they often approach me, asking:  “What can I do to assist Planet Earth as she evolves?”  My regular answer to them is:  “Be willing to share openly with others the struggles, questions, processes, and insights you learn as you mature in your own journey.”  Just as Shirley hesitated at the thought of telling her world that she believes in UFOs, Faeries, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts---so many of US also quiver at the idea that people will ridicule us, and think we’ve “lost it” when we own up to our own belief system. 


So……the idea of being ready and willing to “go out on a limb” is crucial if we want to make a difference these days.  If we aren’t willing to broach the subject with strangers---or ANYONE, when we feel prompted to do so---how will we be able to taste the sweet fruit of MIRACLES that can happen when those “strangers” suddenly smile (or weep) at the idea that they are not alone in their beliefs!  That YOU, TOO, believe as they do.    

One of the most attractive elements of Shirley’s books and films is the innocence she shows as she approaches certain subjects---especially the highly esoteric ones, like Trance Channeling was, back in the 80s.  She’s not afraid to admit confusion or doubt when she tackling these topics, a trait with instantly puts her reading and viewing audience at ease.  After all, if SHIRLEY can admit she’s “blown away” by some of these issues, then it’s probably okay for THEM to feel those emotions as well. 

Shirley has since written many other powerful, spiritually-oriented books.  Among them are:  "Dancing in the Light,"  "Going Within: A Guide to Inner Transformation,"  and "Don't Fall Off the Mountain."  



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