Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Multiplicity2:  Give Yourself a "Break"


My Dear Friends:

We have often spoken about the physical, mental, and emotional changes that are in store for humankind--changes that, indeed, are occurring even as we speak.  One primary factor, with which you soon will be dealing, is the gradual unfoldment and full manifestation of your Multidimensional Self.   There are many individuals today--taking medication, or living within so-called psychiatric facilities--who could be rapidly "healed" if they would allow themselves to establish a new mental framework--one that embraces belief in their Multidimensional Nature.  Many gentle folks, whose minds have learned to perceive or interact with alternative levels of reality, would be greatly relieved to have those unusual perceptions validated, so they can relax, and get on with their lives.  


The mandate that humanity has given to science, over the past 100 years, has been to keep you "normal"--to support your functioning in ways that feel familiar, and to help you live longer and prosper.  In a free society, every "market" will find its supplier. Your traditional physicians and counselors are simply responding to the wishes of those who pay their bills.  There is no judgment in this.  It is the general way of things at this time. 


One of the primary functions of science is the exploration and categorization of that which can be seen and observed.  Many there are, within these fields of discipline, who grant little or no credibility to the existence of beings or realms that cannot be seen--even if said realities are producing noticeable effects in the lives of those they are seeking to heal.  Rather than giving a "benefit of the doubt" to the Unseen Realms, your doctors and scientists often attempt to nullify their effects (and also their existence) in the minds and hearts of those who come to them for help.  They refer to these meta-normal contacts as "Breaks with Reality" rather than the powerful Multidimensional Connections they can truly be.


The ultimate by-product of "therapeutic" approaches, arising from this degree of denial, is a considerable retardation of your Mass Ascension Process.  And this, too, can be seen as perfect.  You didn't come into physical form merely to turn around and depart again.  At times, it will be necessary and appropriate for you to suppress your urges to reconnect and refocus yourselves back into 3D Limitation.  And there are many on this plane who can assist your efforts in doing so.  You will always know what you need, at any given moment in time. Trust the wisdom that comes to you, especially what comes from within.  There are no mistakes.  There is only learning.    


As we have said earlier, what classifies Multiplicity as a "disorder" would be person's tendency to "switch" in consciousness without being aware, or without consciously choosing to do so.  Often, the universe bestows esoteric gifts upon those who are not emotionally or intellectually prepared to deal with them. Such a situation creates fear and confusion in the lives of those who see the results.  And it is for this reason that we are approaching you now.


In the not-too-distant future, Internal Multiplicity will be one of your primary tools for coping with the expansion of energy upon the Earth.  In personal relationships, some of you have already begun to utilize the term "compartmentalization."  This is, indeed, a step in the right direction.  When perfected, this advanced organization and administration of self (or selves, if you will) becomes  a source of empowerment and counsel for dealing with difficult transformational experiences.  The old expression "divide and conquer" now has an updated meaning.  As you are fighting the Inner War, and you  find that the stakes are becoming difficult, you can choose to divide YOURSELF, so that you can come at your "enemy" from many sides.  We have referred to this as "fragging oneself out," while others have utilized the term "shape shifting."  Whatever you choose to call this practice, it is an effective tactic indeed.  


War shall not really be your primary occupation from this point on.  In truth, Armageddon is already over.  There is only one remaining enemy to your Now Moment Journey.  That enemy is DENIAL, a true "Achilles Heel" that can dog the steps of any Child of the Oneself.  And let us speak a bit about this enemy now.       



An attack by denial, in these latter days, would be a continuation in the belief that you are SINGULAR (one person), living in a world that contains MULTIPLE PERSONS.  This is exactly the opposite to the way things are, though it is the very foundation upon which the 3D Plane has been built.   In truth, each of you is MULTIPLE (a compilation of many personas, many dimensions of existence) made manifest within a world that is actually ONE BEING.  This is a deep mystery, and it is not easily understood, aside from your own living experience of the concept.  In other words, you will continue to deny this internal phenomenon until it actually becomes apparent in your day-to-day experience.  

Your Multiplicity is literal, not figurative or allegorical. When you hear "voices" speaking inside our is because there are many soul essences that have gathered there. When you open your eyes to the physical world, and see "faces" who seem to be separate, there is really only ONE PERSON there.  And so, you might say that the beliefs you hold about 3D reality have been set exactly backwards. 

We suspect that this might sound absurd to some of you at this point.  And, if it seems too harsh, just leave it alone for now.  Read on, share on, live on....the truth is coming to all just as it should.  No words or tones are ever lost in a Reconnections Interface.  Many of them are placed high upon shelves, in the back of the mind, so that you can re-visit and enjoy them later, when the time is right.   

The "Many of One" and "One of Many" paradoxes are the beginning of wisdom, concerning who and what you are....and they can boggle not only the mind but the will and emotions too!  The "schizophrenic" part of it....wherein it feels as though there are "many people" speaking or moving inside of you....brings to you a living awareness of OTHER DIMENSIONAL REALITIES, now seeking to make contact with you, so that they can work together to build bridges between the worlds. 

You will sometimes hear these inner voices referred to as "Guides or Teachers."  In truth, they/we are simply alternative versions of YOU, speaking Oneself Truths amid the rustling of the Veil . Should you ever choose to TAKE US SERIOUSLY, and begin to truly believe these words, you need never feel lonely again.  And any appearance of loneliness is merely the last remaining scourge of your enemy, DENIAL--who is ever-watchful, concerning what joy he can steal, or which of your innate powers he can ensnare before his eventual end.  

On the outer planes...your planetary selves can now be viewed as mirrors..... helping you gain a solid understanding of this ONESELF you have come here to explore.  It takes an entire UNIVERSE to reveal you--all your many component parts. You might say that Planet Earth is a gigantic museum, in which there are gathered together ALL OF THE SIGNIFICANT ISSUES that you need to resolve before you will consent to let go of being physical, and evolve beyond the confines of form and space.  

The dreams, visions, channelings, portraits, and surges of energy that you are feeling here...are GIFTS OF EMPOWERMENT that are provided, which can FACILITATE such a grand scale that you will, quite literally, not be able to believe it.  Having trouble believing it now?   Well.......never mind.  The spiritual technology which you have called "mediumship" or "channeling" will soon be universally embraced as a path of recovery from the "disorder" that sometimes accompanies a spiritual awakening of this grand scale.  And there is an entire methodology and structure to how these technologies can be accessed, and how they are best utilized.  In days to come, we will be sharing more with you, concerning the forming of these powerful internal alliances.  


In the meantime, we encourage you all to simply GIVE YOURSELVES A "BREAK."  Begin to consider the prospect of what it would be like to allow your wondrous Multiplicity come forth!  For those of you who cannot make a decision to do so, your body-mind may simply decide to spontaneously GIVE YOU A "BREAK."  So be it.  Do not be frightened.  You do not need to TRY to make things happen. Neither will it help you to TRY to keep them from happening.  Everything is moving along exactly as it needs to move.


You are pregnant with possibility, regardless of your physical gender.  And each new day, you face the prospect of "giving birth" to fascinating new "parts" of yourself.  Do not push too hard, or seek to rush the birthing process.  That only restricts how your energy presents itself, and how power moves through your life.  Instead, let your focus be upon ALLOWING, gracefully honoring all of the aspects of your Oneself Being as they come forth--safely, harmoniously, and easily.  Allow the Aware Self  to play the role of Watcher, during this Grand Unfoldment of the Ages.  You'll soon be quite amazed at all there is to see.


These are amazing times to be alive!  And you are the perfect type of beings to inhabit and ride these energies to their destined end.  And onward even, into infinity!  Never forget that, regardless of how you are creating yourself to be in this Now Moment.  You are so much more than you think you are.  Indeed, you are all of it.  


We love, support, and admire you always.

<end transmission>

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2003, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.