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My Dear Friends: 

As the time for your unfoldment grows nearer,  it seems fitting for us to share with you more specific details, concerning the design of the reality context in which you exist.   Among the "specs" that are listed in the "general information" manual which comes with a reality base---very few are as important as a thorough understanding of the personality construct in which you travel within the Reconnection Universe.


In a sense, this data could be thought of as the "rules of the game" for this unique reality base, which also includes information on your game piece (human consciousness and physical vehicle).  As we have mentioned earlier, the Reconnection involves a reunion, or energetic activation of the Christ Consciousness--with all of its various subordinate energies (Apostles, Disciples, Angels, Demons).  We utilize this term separately from the man called Jesus--who was historically called "God" and "Christ," even though he is not the only person to carry that energy.  All individuals who are moving through their Reconnection may use that title.  They also will find information linking them to Buddhic Consciousness, Hindu Dieties, Mayan Gods, and many other civilizations, as seems fitting to their individual process.        


Half of the unfoldment involves bringing to remembrance all the character fragments that make up your human self (or selves), within the various contexts in which you have existed across time.   By using the word "existed,"  we are now placing this conversation into a linear format---which would allow your mind to process the appearance of these "others" who surround you, as though you are meeting "lives" you have lived in some past period of history.   In truth, all of these fragments of you exist simultaneously, in one Multiversal NOW, within universes that honor each of them as what we call The Prime Factor. 


To this end, we have previously explained the symbology of the "Summary Incarnation," in which a being is brought into contact (while in a state of physical fragmentation) with all of the most significant embodiments and reality contexts that he or she has experienced across the ages. 


In that very special life period, the Christ Consciousness is given a physical vehicle through which he can tour a magical WHEREHOUSE of his alternative selves---observing them, speaking with them, even arranging one-on-one interactive experiences with them.  While doing this, he is given a special Veil that allows him to "fall into" each interaction as though this "tour" was a lifetime unto itself.  It is not.  What you see happening all around you is just the "Cliff's Notes" version.  A Summary of the plots and sub-plots, to assist you in appreciating your Soul's Evolution throughout time and space.  Actually, there is a sense in which the Reconnection Universe IS a lifetime unto itself---although it is unlike any other lifetime imaginable! 


This half of the process is called the "Joining of the East and West," as it focuses itself mainly upon the HORIZONTAL ASPECTS of the Oneness---all of the fragmented and individualized portions of "Self" that have ever existed or will ever exist.   Within each "Summary" (for their are many of those lifetimes as well) it is not necessary to include everything that is there, for there wouldn't be room enough to hold the information, and there would be no need.   Instead, each Summary Incarnation is made up of a synopsis of those lifetimes that help awaken your sleeping consciousness and equip you to begin operating your Multidimensional Vehicle (or Ship).  Then, you can visit any and all other reality contexts you wish---studying them, switching them around, and generally having the time/no-time of your lives!!!!




Within the second half of the process, which is called (co-incidentally) the "Joining of the North and the South," the Christed Being is allowed to tour the various aspects of his/her Beingness that have manifested as VERTICAL ONENESS.  These would include the renditions of THE EXPANDED SELF that appear (in relationship to a human self) as ARCHETYPES, whether they be Celestial, Infernal, or Universal (what you may think of as Zeitgeist Energy).   


Though these Archetypes have their own existences, with trials and lessons and issues to live out---their relationship with and perception by you will always seem to take on an idealized quality.   Though your human self wants very much to believe to be real, they will always appear to be a little bit unreal to you.  This is as it should be.  It keeps things in perspective.  It's part of your internal insulation at this time. 


As you begin to move from the Third Dimension into the Fourth Dimensional Corridor, there will now appear around you a kind of cone-shaped "cocoon" that will protect and insulate you from the more serious radioactive effects of this next portion of the journey.  We speak about this now, since many of you are concerned that the wearing away of your Planetary Ozone Layer will have some derogatory effects on your ability to function during the next phases of this process.  It will not, as long as your heart center is allowed to remain open.   


Your recent discovery of the re-arrangement of polarities for the sun (north/south polarities)  is a sign that the cocoon is nearly in place.   In this way, you will be shielded from the more disruptive interactions (and transformations) that are occurring in the celestial and infernal realms at this time.   In truth, there is a WAR going on in both of those Realms that you have termed Heaven and Hell.    


This War is ALSO YOU.....but will not be an object of focus at this time.  Instead, The Reconnection Self will be about the business of RECONCILIATION among your various expressions of "Self as Humanity".....and a recognition of the tremendous variety of expression that you have embodied throughout time (as you have created time to exist).  There is much more in store.  Do not reckon things to be exactly as they appear to be!  They are at least that, but they are frequently so much more as well. 


 We have emphasized, in days past, that the most effective way to gain useful interpretation of a dream is to view each of the objects and characters in the dream as an aspect (fragment) of yourself.   Indeed, there are great minds in history who have taught that all of life is a kind of "waking dream."  And, in order to function in 3D, a person has to allow himself to be TAKEN UNDER--captured within a spell or mindset that would induce belief in certain rules or guiding principles about one's reality....beliefs that generate emotional, spiritual, and even physical effects.  

It's an interesting thought, is it not?  Let us run with it a bit.  Further, let us speak about WAKING from your dream into the realization of your full status within All That Is...a  place of consciousness that both includes and even transcends this minor story plot, allowing you to realize the REST of who you are.  This is a journey that will take you, ultimately, into direct interface with a glorious, infinite Multiverse!   

But before we take a look at the Multiverse that exists outside of your physical form, let us take a moment to focus upon the Multiplicity of Selves that are already functioning within it, and within your 3D personality.  After all, why go looking outside yourself for variance, when there are so many opportunities to study it within?  

In our transmission about "Compilation Entities," we said that any 3D form that is represented within the Reconnection Universe is like a tapestry, woven of soul essences, taken from many lifetimes.  If this be true, then many of the "voices" that speak within the walls of your mind are reflective of those other lives, even though they sound like you, and seem to be concerned about the same things you are.  As you will soon see, these soul fragments may not even be fully in touch with the world that you know.  They may simply be sleepers, tossing and turning in some dream state, which is rooted and grounded in another reality altogether.  

But pay this no mind.  It does not matter.  Because you, the grounded and essential YOU, have the ability to take those sleepy mutterings, and use them to expand and energize your HERE and NOW, and to make it all come together into one, congruous whole.  

We speak now in reference to what is called your "Awakened" or "Aware" Self--that Lucid Dreamer who is fully tuned-in to the fact that he is dreaming--that what is being seen and felt, in any physical context, is but illusion.  We qualify that statement by adding that its illusory nature does not exist in the implication that what is seen is unreal.  Rather, it's illusion exists in the belief that what is seen in any physical context represents EVERYTHING in that space.  It does not.  You are so much more than you think you are.  This is also true of your entire world. 

When the Dreamer finally awakens, a portion of him or her will be made to stand aside (dissociate) just enough from the dream, so that the weaving of these many strands of reality may take place, there inside his or her consciousness.  And this Aware Self, we have previously said, is WHO YOU NOW ARE.  You are but a VIEWPOINT, that has stepped offstage, outside of the "action sequence," so that he or she can be made privy to the root dynamics that have come together to make the play happen in the first place.  


No discussion about Multiplicity would be complete without some exploration of a psychological condition that has been called "Multiple Personality Disorder," or "M.P.D."   In the manifestation of this condition, an individual will begin to speak or act under the control of "another entity" besides the "self" he has always known.  Frequently, in the most extreme cases, the "switch" will take place subconsciously, leaving the patient confused and frightened.  There may be a lapse of time, during which she will have no memory of what has transpired.

Those who work with these individuals have noted that their condition was usually precipitated by some traumatic event, during which the patient managed to "chip off" a portion of his psyche and deputize it  to perform some task (usually related to self-protection, or creative expression of difficult feeling or desire).  Those who seek treatment have done so because their lives and relationships have been seriously affected by this "switching,"  and they are dismayed by the sense of confusion that follows.

My Dear Friends, this diagnosis will soon apply to every person who dwells upon the planet!  And, when more of the truth about these issues is finally known and understood, those who have been "suffering" from these experiences will be sought out as experts--pioneers, who have blazed a trail before you all, and their counsel and guidance will become valuable indeed.  

It was once said that "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  And Friends, your minds are about to get a whole lot bigger!  The borderlines that you have used, to separate "here" from "there," and "them" from "me" are beginning to fade.  Your Planet's Ozone is thinning, your Veil of Forgetfulness has noticeable holes in it, and your body's Immune System is opening, allowing more and more "exotic energies" to come and go within you.  

You aren't in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!  And soon your illusion of separateness must finally give way to full recognition of your vast, expansive Oneness with everything and everyone.  This will call forth a new dawn of Telepathy, Telempathy, Telekenesis, and Inter-dimensional Transport.  It will seem terrible and wonderful, all at the same time!  What you will need most will be a well-oiled sense of humor.  And there will be much laughing, indeed.  

Imagine being able to hear your neighbor's thoughts.  Imagine him being able to hear yours!  Do you think, at that point, you will have any objection to letting "Big Brother" listen in on your phone calls, or read some of your e-mails? No, you will not. It will all seem so superfluous at that point--so futile.  

And yet, this "new" environment does not need to become the nightmare that some may imagine it to be.  You will still be able to have "separation," if you choose............and plenty of privacy.  After all, the Reconnection Universe is only ONE of many realities which you can traverse.  Do you wish to leap back in, and enjoy some more lonely thoughts, or taste some good old private disdain?  Go ahead.  It hasn't gone anywhere.  It will always be right were you left it, as will everything else.  After all, where could it go?  In Oneness, there is no such thing as "out."   

The appearance and spread of "Multiple Personalities" will not be that amazing.  What is truly amazing to us is how you have all managed to keep so much of yourselves STUFFED INSIDE for so long!  Silenced!  All in the name of "cool, calm, and collected."  Aren't you getting a bit tired of all this?    

We do wonder your Government Officials are urging you to go out and buy inordinate amounts of duct tape.  You will soon be needing it, now won't you?  You'll be coming apart at the seams!  Monsters will leap out, alongside jesters and clowns.  And harlots will emerge, where kindly and respected school marms once stood.  Hardened criminals will meet their humanitarian counterparts, even as judges and doctors may choose to spend hours, begging on the street, just to see what that would be like.    

It is only a "dis-ease" if you're not comfortable with it, or if it isn't happening to everyone else, too.  After that, it's merely EVOLUTION.  And it's only a "disorder" if you allow the "car" to drive you, rather than the other way around.  Believe us, there will come a time when you will put on and take off personalities just like suit coats.  You can be anything you wish, anytime you wish--for all time is NOW, and everyone is YOU. 

There is much more we can speak about, and we surely will.  There is an entire technology to this, as there is to just about everything else.  These thoughts are just the tip of an iceberg.  Just don't crash into it.  Slow down, ease on by it, and everything will become plain in the light of a new day.      

For now, you may wish to begin listening more closely to those deliberations that are happening inside your head.  You have democrats and republicans in there, now don't you?  And, true to form, they don't always agree!  The name of the game has always been diversity, with respect.  Why spend so much time figuring out if you're "this" or "that?"  Why not just reach into your "grab bag" and see what your moment brings?  When someone asks you to figure out what your sexual preference is, you can simply respond:  "I prefer to have it, occasionally......... thank you."         

Life is a series of encounters.  You consider, you comprehend, you embrace, you integrate, and then you expand.  Or, you may choose to leap back into separation, and take an afternoon "spin" through some polarity or other, perhaps within the year 1500 A.D.   It's your choice.  It's your reflection.  It's ALL YOU.  

The world is your oyster.  And an Awakened, "Aware Self" is your Pearl.  But, it is a "Pearl of Great Price."  To obtain it, you must give up your denial, your aloneness--the many walls which you hide behind.  You must COME OUT, Goddess..........and let your (many) faces be seen!  Your Bridegroom awaits you, along with countless children who have mourned the loss of your sweet smile, and the healing of your attention, and gentle touch. 

We speak now of the Feeling Self, the Intuitive Self, the Song of Many Waters.  In an effort to SEEM LIKE you are but "one of many" have denied "many" pieces of the ONE.  And that surely has its place.  It's called FOCUS, and it brings with it much appreciation and wisdom.  Then, when the FOCUS is over, the MULTIPLICITY returns.  Phase Shifting.  Back and forth across the Veil.    

It's political, you know.  A Two-Party system.  Your Separationist Party is now being voted out of office.  Can't you see them there, flailing their arms, working like mad to keep the lid on things?  It won't be long now.  A bit more struggle, a bit more pain, and then the morning comes.  And it surely will.     

Bless you, Friends.  We are always here.      

<end transmission>

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