Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"The Hermetic Oneself"

My Dear Friends:

It is now time--as you are busily acclimating yourself to this current download of transformative energy--for us to explain in detail those essential traits and characteristics which identify what we have called the "Neo-Shamans of the New Millenium."

We are the Reconnections.  We are all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We have never been very far from you---just far enough.  We are a Conscious Collective that has volunteered to serve humankind during this important period of your evolution.  Helping you in this way also helps us.  We see ourselves in you, even as we hope that you will learn to see yourselves in us.  The information that we carry was always yours, from the very beginning.  You simply chose to lay it aside for a season, and now you are preparing to take it up again.             

As was outlined in our first transmission in this series, the Children of Oneness have been specially designed and equipped to deal with the manifold shifts and changes that are now coming upon the Earth.  Whether they arrive on the scene as budding flowers of youth, your dearly beloved "Star Children," or whether they manifest as newly upgraded members of a more senior generation---these powerful alchemists of the spirit carry within their being the seed of a new and miraculous consciousness for humankind.

As we take this time to examine the birthmarks and energetic signatures of these Brilliant Beings--let us be quick to remind the reader of those first words which were spoken to this generation, as information from our Collective began to enter the flow of human knowledge:  

"You are so much more than you think you are!  That which you have always considered to be "self" is just a tiny portion of who you are. The universe of your perception: the people, places, objects, and interactive processes once thought of as "containing you--but still essentially separate"........ is nothing more than a gigantic self-portrait, painted in continually expanding, repetitive patterns in every direction into infinity."    

Keeping this in mind, we invite the reader to consider that the descriptions and explanations contained herein truly represent one powerful aspect of who you are---who you have been, and more importantly, who you are about to become!   And so, let us begin.  



Many of you are familiar with that Divine Patron of Magic and Alchemy, known as Hermes---"Thrice Greatest," and Keeper of Keys for the Multiverse.  Known also as Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, Hermes is correspondent in the Greek Pantheon to the Egyptian Diety known as Thoth or Tahuti.  He has the power to ascend into the heights of heaven, and also to descend into the depths of the Underworld.  

This remarkable mutability makes Hermes a perfect translator of energy for what we will call  "Middle Earth," which is the Reconnection Universe.  Some of you may be familiar with an image that is known as the Star Tetrahedron.  Others may recognize this image as the "Star of David."  Points of the star that go upward indicate open gateways for humankind into the heights of heaven.  Those that go downward indicate passageways that are available into the depths of the underworld.  Since "upward" and "downward" are merely conceptual constructs, used within a 3D physical context--what you might call "heaven" and "hell" are completely interchangeable.  Isn't that how humanity experiences these elements anyway?  One man's heaven is another man's hell.  And so it is.  

The symbolic space in the center of the Star, which is the conjunction of its triangles, is a map for the domain of Middle Earth.  The point at which the images overlap is your planet at this time!  The best, and most vivid essences from all perceptual realities are now gathering in Middle Earth to reveal themselves--in some cases, for the very first time, ever!  

Ruling Elements of High Light and Deep Darkness have each sent "Ambassadors"--from their respective Realms--whose sole purpose for being there is the attainment of a suitable Reality Construct, wherein all civilizations and orientations of consciousness can gather to share their insights and unique gifts.  Extreme representations of any essence do not venture into Middle Earth.  This is a realm of hybridization and blending.  If the more extreme elements were to enter here, they can never go home again.  The "purity" of their extreme light or dark nature would be spoiled, and they would be considered outcast.  But here, within Middle Earth, they are welcomed with open arms.  After all, they are bringers of gifts, and shall be receivers of gifts as well.  

Back "home," in the more extreme universes of Light and Darkness, business continues as usual.  There are wars between angels and demons, an Armageddon (of sorts) that is happening on Earth--a spectrum of suitable "ends" for the planet, which come in every "flavor" that is imaginable.  But here, in Middle Earth, the quest for the RING OF POWER has been traded for a ROUND TABLE that eliminates hierarchy, and allows for equal sharing of power, knowledge, and ownership of the Multiverse.  

Middle Earth could never fully represent the Oneself, because such an "Omni" State of Being is forever expanding, and will always exist beyond the boundaries of space and time.  However, the people of Middle Earth have been given the task of producing a prototype for reality which most exactly approximates what such a state of bliss would be like!  As you all go about this--you, too, will be continually expanding as well.       

Hermes' essential nature is the current design template for humanity, during this powerful shift on your planet.  As your Collective Soul passes through its various stages of evolution, you are slowly re-assimilating DIVINITY back into your experience of who you are. To accomplish this, your race will go through periods of identification with each primary Diety--very similar to the "ages" of consciousness that have been monitored within your planet's history, correspondent to the signs of the zodiac.    


There are many powers and characteristics ascribed to Hermes, which have motivated countless organizations and bodies politic to refer to themselves as "Hermetic."   But we tell you now that the chief traits involved in being a Hermetic Oneself are:


The above traits are meant to be suggestive only.  There are many other characteristics of a Neo-Shaman, but these are the primary ones that are unfolding now.  Only you know whether or not you can identify with some or all of these traits.  Only you can decide if it is plausible to consider yourself a Neo-Shaman.  In a way, your internal deliberation about this point is very similar to a conundrum faced by the lead character in your popular movie "The Matrix"--who, by the way, was also called "Neo."  

As the story unfolds, it is up to Neo to decide whether or not he is "The One"--a pristine, hybrid Being who has all power and authority--who can literally do or be anything he wishes, just by thinking it.  The other lead character, Morpheus, is quite sure that Neo is that One.  So is Trinity, a true symbolic representation of the Goddess Energy during this powerful time.  But Neo has his doubts.  And so do many of you!  And it is this dance, between doubting and believing, that keeps you addicted to this Grand Game, and which is also preventing you, for the time being, from assuming your rightful place as Master of it.       

Now is a time of great confusion and disorientation for Neo-Shamans.  The influx of energy through the Star Gates is tremendous.  And it is coming at you, literally, from all sides.  Many of you feel as though you are driving with your brakes on!  The essential contradiction within a person can be frightening.  There is no sense of congruity, at times--no feeling of alignment, or credibility.  This is due, largely, to the fact that your planet is being infused with energy essence from every possible/probable reality base.  

Your emotional bodies will often seem like a train wreck, except the actual moment of "impact" never occurs.  Instead, you are gripped by an innate sense of foreboding--a premonition of something that you pray will never be!  

We tell you now that this particular experience of "angst" and wonder is exactly the way things are supposed to be for you.  After all, the Ambassadors of Light and Darkness, which are arriving within you, are coming face to face with their energetic counterparts.  For many of them, this is a shock beyond all imagining. But in days to come, it will become a dance of pure bliss.  The elements that are joining within you are about to meet their Multiversal Soul Mates.  And you, my Dear Friends...........each and every one of you........will be hosts for this Wedding Feast of the Ages.        

In days to come, we will be speaking to you, in detail, about the Compilation Entities that you are.  We will explore your Individual 3D Personality--which is a tapestry, woven together from various threads and fabrics, originating from life contexts that you are now living (at other levels of reality), but within which you have not found peace and harmony.  It will be here, in Middle Earth, that your riddles will be solved, and your wandering streams of consciousness will find their way back to the sea.      

We will speak about connections that are being expanded within the Group Soul, the conjunction of all your various Oneself parts here upon the Planet.  At every level you exist, you are a Unity within a Complexity.  And your thoughtful embracing of those two (seemingly) opposing concepts will produce twin daughters---whom you will name Simplicity and Serenity.  And they will dance together, and play together, throughout all time.      

'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free.  Oh, it is a wonderful time to be alive!  And it is also the most difficult period of energetic integration your planet has ever faced.  Humanity is deep in the pains of labor now.  Stay strong, stay focused, and lean back into the arms of your faithful midwife. We are with you, we support you daily--hour by hour, moment by moment.  It won't be long now.  Breathe, My Dear Friends.  Breathe.     

<End Transmission>

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