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My Dear Friends,

Everything is in a state of change.  Life is moving at such a velocity that you, as physical beings, are straining to keep pace with all the "new" ideas and energies that present themselves for your knowledge and experience.

The Spirituality of the Nineties was a hybrid creature.  It was a mixture of knowledge and traditions that are as new as last Monday, and as old as the trees and stoney guardians that stand along the coastline and commune with the sea.  In the same way that the United States has become a "melting pot" for the Earth, gathering together a vast number of  beings---diverse in race, creed, and national origin---so the faith that ushers in this New Era has become a kind of "soup" that is made up of the best and most flavorful portions of nearly every religious and philosophical tradition that has come before, plus some new elements that are just now making their entrance into physical life and reality.

With a banner of Universal Oneness flying from it's tallest tower, this new creation, which could probably best be called "Millennial Spirituality," is coming into view from behind the smoke of dissention, and the religio-imperialism that has so characterized the last 2000 years.

From the gunshots and angry cries of the Protestant/Catholic uprisings in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to the "Holy Wars" of the Middle East, past the shouts and the complaints of the Humanistic Political Activists, the calls for separation that come from the Aryan Brotherhood, or over threats of hellfire and brimstone from the Religious Right,  comes a soft and gentle song that promises to unite instead of divide, and bring healing where once
there was injury.

This is the Spirit that will carry Planet Earth through the "Eye of the Needle," and into the Fourth Dimension.  Many voices will cry out, citing reason after reason to cling to the "old ways" of the sword.  Still, when the smoke clears away (as it surely will), the vision remaining will be one of peace, tolerance, inner exploration (rather than outer expansion), and goodwill toward men!  Yesterday was the "promise."  Soon will come the fulfillment.


As leadership for this "new" experience, we can surely accept nothing less than the BEST of what has come before.  Whether one visualizes them as resurrected, born again, the result of reincarnation, or simply Gods and Goddesses come down to mix with mortals---there will appear shortly, upon the face of the Earth, a race of priests and rulers---the souls of ancient and beloved Shamans and Druids, come back to experience the final "act" of this play.

Indeed, they live and breathe upon the planet as we speak.  Many of them have purposefully "forgotten" who and what they are.   They wake up to normal jobs, as did Richard Bach's "reluctant Messiah," yet they surely are not "normal."  They sit beside you at the diner, shop in your grocery stores, and lie on beaches reading books and magazines.

These are the Children of Oneness, aged and seasoned to meet the need which shall surely soon present itself!  Though they were born "from the old ways" and steeped in ancient customs and bygone disciplines, they return today to stand beneath the Tree of Life.   As thunder rolls and temporary chaos shakes the Tree, these wise and wondrous beings shall catch the ripe fruit, precisely where it falls.


Your world systems, your planetary alignments, your modes of thought and manner of living, are soon to transform.  Crafty forces within your governments, angry citizens without---rush at each other.....O! So silently ............neither one comprehending the storehouse of terrors that each has directed against the other.

The Armies of Light gather atop some distant hill, poised to quell the Forces of Darkness.  Each one believes that HIS way is the "answer," yet each one forgets exactly what the questions were.  The Guardian Spirit, installed in the late 80s, has kept the battle equal and free from dominance, and will continue to do so.  This universe is now an irresistible force that runs headlong into an immovable object.

The Heart of Polarity is to be broken at last!  It's template thrown hard against a granite wall, and shattered into a million shards.  Each "piece" is a universe unto itself.  You have, no doubt, heard the prophetic utterances concerning the ends of the Earth.  There are to be earthquakes, and plagues, thundering, and gnashing of teeth.   The armies of the East will face the battalions of the West---mirroring Northern and Southern brethren from the now distant Civil War.

Each prophecy shall surely come to pass.  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the prism of this density will shatter and divide---each separate faith and expectation shall claim it's followers and set out upon it's chosen path.  All that will remain of this universe of transformation, which we have called "The Grand Central Station of Transformation," will be the broken chains of limitation and the torn ticket stubs of karmic choosing---recent reminders to the Children of Oneness, of the throngs of individuals whose trains have long departed.


To "abstain" from taking a position "against" someone or something, in a highly polarized environment, is to become functionally invisible.  Indeed, it is our resistance against someone or something that landed us in physical form in the first place!  To unravel, bit by bit, each strand of judgment and condemnation--to begin to embrace all others as reflections of oneself---is to merge with a new vibration, a "homing beacon" of grace and peace for a new world.

To learn how to "hide" in this maelstrom of worry, hostility, aggression, and separation is to begin to live "between the cracks" of society.  When you are lost in the crowd and looking for comfort, it often feels as though you are the only one left with any sense of softness, any desire for freedom from the din of hostility.  Then suddenly, an invisible hand reaches out---from behind a lamp post---and pulls you into a hiding place where Spirit can teach you how to look at life from an entirely new angle.

The Spirit of Oneness calls forth it's leaders by peeling away their Veil of Forgetfulness, like layers of an onion.  As in days of old, the leader will not seek this post---but rather,  each simply acquiesces to his assigned duty through finding that he can literally do nothing else!

At this present time, the hours and days before the Grand Acceleration, the heat through the ozone is systematically melting away the conformity of these dear people to the ways of a world that is dying, or has died.  The Neo-Shaman, slowly coming to himself, is often confused and wincing in emotional pain.

The budding leader's fundamentally social nature has instilled within his personality a deep desire to belong and to make a positive contribution to the local community.  However, his energy patterns and shifting rate of vibration make it nearly impossible for him to remain in close proximity to another individual or a group for long at a time.  This anomaly, which we will now discuss at length, while being his true salvation, also feels like his greatest curse.


You will often hear, in our explanations to you, an expression that describes a matrix of focused energy which, in the Neo-Shaman, nestles right below the sternum.   The "Cinderbox" is an etheric gateway that is commonly utilized by a transitional consciousness, both to enter into the Unseen Realms or to introduce into the World of Form those various "spirit travelers" who desire to visit here.

The heat that is often generated in this area is symbolic of the passion and excitement that characterizes this place called "The Betwixt and Between."   You see, when a person dwells here, he has access to the two prime motivational forces in the Multiverse.  Please let us explain!

Living in the World of Form, a being is committed to the business of achieving, experiencing, or creating a symbolic representation of some idea or truth that exists within the Mind of All That Is.  It is FOCUSED existence.  There are boundaries, limitations, rules, and designs for what he may or may not do.  While this condition automatically creates a sense of security and purpose, it can also cause an innate sense of restlessness as well.

This is why people, in the World of Form, are constantly talking about or fighting for freedom.  Their memories of life in spirit teach them that limitation is not their natural state.  Therefore, though they are comfortably fitted into a nice "game format," here in the physical world, they will forever be searching for ways to get out!

The Etheric Realms are just the opposite.  The beings who live there know nothing but freedom!  They have no walls, no responsibilities, no jobs to perform, no mountains to climb.  They wander, endlessly searching for a meaning to their random existence.  To physical beings, these spirits are tiny faces, pressed against the window of the World of Form, earnestly desiring to get in.

These two "passions,"  the urge to be free and the desperate need for a life purpose,  are the primal source of energy for the "Betwixt and Between."  Each force, within it's context is equal to the original driving push that brings a baby into this world!  It cannot be long denied.  The Neo-Shaman is like a midwife for both sides of the Veil.

The Shamans of Old were called "Gatekeepers," because they were nearer to the Gate than anyone else in the village.  In a sense, they were like travel agents, booking "flights" into the Unseen Realms.  Or, for those who were too timid to travel, they were simply news commentators, describing the sights that exist on the "other side."

The Neo-Shaman is more than a "Gatekeeper."   He or she is actually The Gate, itself.  As was said by Jesus, one of the chief Neo-Shamans of this New Age:   "I am the Door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture."


Because the Gateway is actually a decompression chamber that exists between two different densities of existence, it is often an accumulation site for energies that represent both sides of the Veil.   The inner qualities of innocence or joy, for example, can create a strong attraction for beings from the Unseen Realms.  This is why you will often hear of faeries, elves, and leprechauns coming to play with children.  These "Little People" are naturally attracted to other "little" people!

On the other hand, the qualities of nobility, courage, and desire for adventure  (which are all spiritual in nature) are really prime motivations toward exploration for people who exist in the World of Form.   The mere possibility that he could experience the thrills of discovery that accompany a journey into the unknown sent Columbus and his crew off the "edge" of their known reality---into a whole new state of existence!

The Neo-Shaman will possess all of these highly attractive, highly intoxicating elements.  They are the "white hot cinders" which fill his "Cinderbox."  He (or she) will have a "presence" that surrounds him. Beings, from both sides of the Veil will be drawn in.  That can become a problem!  Not all beings who smell the "scent" of adventure are ready to sail off the edges of the Earth!  And, conversely, not all faeries who appreciate innocence are capable of "playing nice" with a physical child.

It is the job of a Neo-Shaman to modulate the energies and protect the integrity of his or her Etheric Gateway!   The energetic residue which tends to collect there is, for all practical purposes, radioactive.   It tends to illuminate spirits or physical bodies with whom it comes in contact.

The usual effect of this "radioactivity" is the appearance of passion.  Whether we are observing bodies in Form or conceptions of Spirit, the Neo-Shaman will tend to attract them to himself---creating in them the desire to MERGE with him or her!   Therefore, it is not unusual to find that a sleeping Neo-Shaman will be surrounded (both in spirit and in body) by throngs of interested people, all wanting a "piece" of who and what he is.


Hidden, deep within the heart of a Neo-Shaman is the inner motivation to give assistance, not to possess or dominate.   Since he (or she) is a hybrid being (half human and half divine), his role within any universal context would be the same as your popular "Starship Enterprise" in the Popular TV series "Star Trek."  He would seek to offer assistance, to learn about and explore each universe, so long as his actions do not interfere with the life itinerary of the individuals with whom he comes in contact.

Etheric "radioactivity" has a way of making people crazy.   If a human, casually interacting with a Neo-Shaman, becomes temporarily enamored with him (we call it being "infected"), the results can sometimes be disastrous. He might become "willing" to make explorations for which he (the curious human) is not prepared.  In a way, this relationship could be a lot like experimenting with psychadelic drugs.   If you're not ready to take them, they can really mess you up.

Neo-Shamans will know, instinctively, when their "partners" in the World of Form---be they friends, relatives, or lovers---have had enough of them. Usually, this sense of "knowing" will have been installed through a distinct memory (be it current life or past life context) of what it looks like to "unravel" the consciousness of someone who is not quite ready for transformation.  The picture is not a pretty one!


The path of the Neo-Shaman is not an easy one.  The conflicts within him (or her) are manifold.  This is because each "side" of the Neo-Shaman is an EXACT OPPOSITE of the other!  As we have said, he will ALWAYS have within his heart a desire to belong and to merge with those around him. Neo-Shamans are quite social beings at heart.

Still, innately knowing the effects that can be produced by the smoldering of his "white hot cinders," each of these leaders will often elect to live, for long periods of time, in solitary fashion.  He will be "in the world" but not "of it."  Until he fully awakens to discover and admit to himself (or herself) what he/she truly is, this sense of "separateness" will cause the Neo-Shaman to feel somewhat like an alien..

In truth, there is a
WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between being "alone" and being "all one."  The former expression is a contracted version of the latter--a purposeful shying away from that power that flows from knowing you are one with all.  To merge with everything and everyone is the final "path" of the Neo-Shaman.  This physical life he lives (in focused separation) is truly his final life of that kind.  He will, therefore, make sure it contains all the best of who he is and who he was.

When his task is completed, and he departs, the Neo-Shaman will turn to his "followers" (those other Neo-Shamans who must now do the work) and say:  "Lo!  I am with you always.......

But for now, as the New Leadership awakens, there will only be felt a sense of restlessness---a nagging feeling of "purpose" that is, as yet, undiscovered.  In future transmissions, we will discuss in more detail the information that will be needed by these Shepherds for a New Society.  For purposes of illustration, we have called them "Shamans," as this term now carries with it a charge of respect and dignity.  Another term for these beings could be Neo-Druids.  The picture is the same.

When the time comes for society to throw off the chains of oppressive laws and limitations and cast their trust upon a life of personal intuition and inner knowing---they will turn around to see if someone, anyone, has the necessary wisdom and spiritual "connections" that can assist them in moving forward into that wondrous vibration.  At that moment,
THE NEO-SHAMANS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM will arise and quietly take their place of leadership---the place they were born to occupy, since the very beginning of time.

<End Transmission>

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---The Reconnections

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