The Politics of Oneness

The Awareness Crisis

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True economic crisis or not, it appears that we are afforded at this time with a rare opportunity to examine the underlying premises for our beliefs in prosperity and lack. It has been presented to humanity repeatedly, that no matter where we find ourselves within the hierarchy of human values, we will never be able to find inner freedom or contentment by trying to amass material riches… assuming of course, that finding inner freedom and contentment is a priority. So let’s look at that.


Personally I don’t believe that any of us, by definition, will find more contentment in our lives because we grow more prosperous financially. On the other hand, lacking the necessities and/or comforts of life certainly doesn’t do it either. And yet here we are, on this extraordinarily beautiful planet… a virtual Garden of Eden… and we continue to compete for the rights to own, to dominate, to control and to consume her resources, and we’re willing to fight and kill one another to get them. How did this happen? Is it a kind of collective madness… or, have we been duped and conditioned somehow to think this way? It’s quite possible that we can answer yes to both of these questions.


Have you ever considered that what we, as individuals choose to value, becomes our personal reality? Wouldn’t this then, be true for us as a species? The absurdity of our present economic dilemma seems to be pointing toward unseen options… and a new awareness that could take us beyond the fear of loss and lack… eventually creating a system based on true prosperity and equality. To find this awareness however, it seems we need to understand how we’re defining our present belief systems.


We base our current world economy on an “agreed value” of earth’s resources; precious metals, gems and oil. How this all came about is of course ancient history. Because these resources were rare maybe, and considered precious for different reasons, they were much sought after. Those who “owned” more of these resources became “rich and powerful,” following prescribed standards. They became the ones who had control of beings of lesser stature. They became the ruling elite of this planet; they who controlled the ebb and flow of resources and monitored the value systems that form society.


What has changed then, since then? In actuality…nothing much. True, a monetary system of exchange has been created instead of bartering and trade. Yes, we have new technologies that make it easier to move this “wealth” around. Regardless, the duality between “rich and poor” remains primarily the same. In reality, the few still rule over the many, while the many still allow the few to decide how they must live their lives.

The thing to understand here however is that although we are dealing with a value system based on material possession, it is still only a definition of a reality we have agreed upon…once upon a time. And therefore it can be redefined and redesigned.


What is it then that needs to be changed? This question must be foremost in our minds, since change is such a buzzword in the political arena these days. I wonder how far we and our leaders are willing to go to create real change. Surely the free trade market and competition is a necessary element in the creation of growth and ultimately our welfare? Is it?


Let me submit something to you here, you may or may not agree with; competition is the result of our belief in lack...that we must compete for what little there is. At some point in our evolution we have adopted the belief that there isn’t enough in the universe to go around. This belief is at the core of our relationship to life and therefore also defines our financial systems. It is a definition of value that seems real, because we believe it is real. But what isn’t so apparent is that this core belief is dominating our lives on every level of our being, be it our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual values as well as our relationships.


If this postulate is true, then this is where we need to change. You can’t replace the cogs in an old, worn-out machine with new parts. You will eventually have to replace the machine. If our belief systems are outdated, we need to change our mind about what we truly value in life.


So here’s the core question we need to answer; is it true, that there isn’t enough in the universe… and therefore on this beautiful planet, to go around? I think many of you will agree it is really a matter of redistribution of wealth, redistribution of resources, developing the right technologies and most important, how we are willing to respond to the needs of others.


Personally, I intrinsically believe there is more than enough to go around and that the source is virtually unlimited. Vast majorities of people are beginning to adopt this belief and thus it grows. How we approach this renewed source of prosperity and how we agree to share it, will redefine our future financial systems. Ultimately, I believe such a system will be based on honoring our relationships to life, to the planet, to its inhabitants and thus; not solely on personal survival and fulfillment.


We are evolving very rapidly at this time, on all levels. We are more aware than ever, of past and current imbalances and the need for a real change. The potential for a whole new awareness and way of life is right before our eyes. This is the real crisis… are we willing to truly acknowledge where we are now and to help create the foundation for the kind of future we all deserve? How? By examining ourselves and facing our issues of lack and prosperity wherever and whenever the need arises. By re-examining our priorities we may discover a power within us, we have long since forgotten… the power to know and to create what we truly want, deep within our soul. When enough of us have discovered this power, the misuse of power will disappear.


Until then, ask yourself this; at the end of the day… when we pass into the great beyond, what can we take with us? What treasures will last, if not the treasures of the heart? It has been said, that what we hold before our hearts is where our treasures lie. My grandmother once wrote a little book entitled, “Better than all the Gold and Diamonds in the World.” She was referring to her love for life and her family.


Now, because of our growing awareness, even our concept of family is being redefined. The very fact that we share this planet means it is our home. No one in our family should have to suffer poverty or lack. Nor should our home be the playground of thieves, plunderers and murderers who care not for anything but their own pocketbooks. There are plenty of resources on this planet and the potential for prosperity for everyone. If this growing awareness constitutes a crises, then so be it. Let this then, be our constitution and our declaration of independence.



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