Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Of Mice and Women"

My Dear Friends,

Even though the Principles of Reconnected Relationship apply equally to both genders, we are taking some time to particularly address women now, since the fairer sex seems to be going through a particularly difficult transition at this time.  You are being called upon, by Spirit, to let go of your traditional role as "helpmeet" for the masculine gender, so you can stand up and be the independent and unique creature you've always longed to be.

To accomplish this, you must overcome centuries of social programming, which have drummed into to you that you are NOTHING if you cannot "get the man and hold onto the man."  Though many of you DO manage to attain this social goal, it eventually DRAINS your sense of freedom and joy.  PLUS, any man who is too easily "gotten and kept" tends to become boring after awhile.  It is the way of things.

Like Dear Lenny, in Steinbeck's play "Of Mice and Men," you pour such focus and affection on the object of your love that he (or it) eventually gets crushed by that energy.  You simply do not realize how POWERFUL your "love" can be.  OR, in rebellion against social mandates, you shun males altogether, which also drains power from you, though in a different way.

We strongly urge you to DRINK DEEPLY from your well of love and sexual beingness.  Be in your NOW, be in your JOY!   Only watch yourself, lest you slip into that old mass delusion of "Us-ness"  (aka "The Gruesome Twosome").  And the illusion you have finally found "The One." 

Remember that ALL MALES, everywhere you look, are reflections of your own Inner Masculine.  Love them for that.  Embrace them for that.  Then LET THINGS BE, handling the energy deftly and lightly--- so both sides of the dance can breathe!  In your universe, only YOU can be "The One."  And each of you have universes where that gets to happen.

Social Patterns, like Human Values, are now ON THE MOVE.  There are many changes in store.  Be wise.  Be flexible.  Be alert.  Most of all, be FREE......for nothing less will satisfy the deep thirst that is now moving through your souls.      

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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