Hello All,

We are resonating strongly with the awareness that many here, who are of empathic giftedness, are being recruited for "Off Planet Duty".......as we mid-wife in MANY NEW WAVES of awakening souls to the Ascension Process.

The closing of the 9/9/9 Gates opened up bold new possibilities for inroads into the Multiverse.....and many of YOU are being called to perform OUTLANDISH and STRENUOUS TASKS in your meditative and dream states. This may account for a huge resurgence in Global Acceleration Symptoms, including exhaustion, hyper-emotionalism, spaciness, and memory loss you may be experiencing at this time.

Give yourself plenty of breathing room for the duration of this 2 week period.  As your Off-Planet Duties increase, you will naturally find your 3D universe backing away from you.....as your white-hot core begins to glow wildly with the extent of your energetic influence.  Don't resist this, or think of it as rejection.  They're just giving you a bit of breathing room.  

Stand firmly, and remain centered in your NOW, and don't try to deal with ANYTHING that doesn't apply to that NOW.    If you MUST do planning stuff, or advance prep for some project.......do only as much as you have to do, and give yourself the rest of the time as "empty" processing space.  You're going to need it.   Don't worry about money or provisions.  If you have enough for your NOW,  leave the rest to the Multiverse.

If you feel you are manifesting an illness or disease state from this stress, remember that what is happening Off Planet is demanding..... what part of yourselves that you see here, in 3D, is just a bare bones rendition of what you are.   For this reason, don't be surprised if your "bona fide disease states simply disappear when the pressure is off.  If possible, you may want to wait before investing loads of money in medical exams, etc. From here on out, most disease states will simply be signs of depletion in your physical vehicle HERE, being caused by how much of you is being invested THERE.......(in alternative consciousness).   If the situation is otherwise, for any reason, your spirit will inform you.  

If you EVER needed to believe in what we're all doing, NOW would be the time.  Many of us hold these principles near and dear......IN A PHILOSOPHICAL SENSE........but tend to balk if things get too emotional or they affect our daily 3D journey.   Now is a time to BELIEVE.....to really BELIEVE.......because there are energetic waters crashing on the shores of our Collective Soul........that many who witness this will not survive if they don't receive support being provided by YOU.  

May those who have ears to hear, and the need to do so.....HEAR us now.

And, by the way......THANKS TO ALL for the work you are performing!   It is awesome to witness.

Daniel and the Reconnections

October 5, 2007.