An Inward Revolution and a Healing Practice

By Michael Bridge

Mostly because words
were not introduced to us
in a sacred way, our relationship
with words is wounded.
The reality which has taken form
around the utterance,
bears the same wound.

It is a wound as distant
and expansive as the world,
yet closer than inside of us.
As difficult to see as it is close...
as difficult to grasp as it is far and wide,
the wound eludes our notice.
The wound is spoken.
By our language it is inflicted
and re-inflicted.  Language
holds the wound in place.

As our relationship with words
heals, our spoken reality also heals.
As the ground of wounds gives rise
to illness, then with this healing,
what illnesses may vanish?
What other healing may come?

The sacred function of a word
is not to command attention...
is not to call attention to itself...
is not to draw attention away
from the natural core of the moment
and the real body of Nature.
The sacred function of a word
is to hold Nature's soul in place
in the womb of our imaginal lives...
to conjoin the conceptual mind
of human beings with the actual mind
of Nature.  The sacred function of a word
must be held with a clear vision
and clear intention throughout
our conversation...throughout the story
of our life together here on Earth.

Using gestural language,
hand signs with assigned meanings,
we will reframe the human conversation
in a field of stars.  No cost is attached
to this offering.  For gatherings
or a private meeting, call.
There is more to tell you.

Michael Bridge is a spiritual teacher,
and healer. 

He is the author of 'PILLOW MOUNTAIN,
Notes On Inhabiting A Living Planet'
(Times Change Press, 1991),
and coauthor with Rosa Zubizarreta of
'Revelations From The God of The Raindrop, The Leaf,
and The Slithering Snail' (self-published, 2000).
He is available to sit with individuals
and prearranged groups.

Michael Bridge
822 Jewell Avenue
Sebastopol, California 95472
(707) 824-0833
see: http//www.co-intelligence.org/P-gestures.html