Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Pandoiante:  Renewal  for a Frazzled Soul"

My Dear Friends,
We come now to update you on a interesting new tool, becoming available to humankind at this crucial time.  It is a highly advanced form of Crystal Wisdom and Healing, focused and nurtured through a Multiversal Game Format known as "Pandoiante."   The Project Team who developed this Format.........called "Serenity"....... is stationed now on Rigel III, originally a mining colony, which now hosts a Therapeutic Retreat Space for souls undergoing translation from 3D Consciousness to Fourth Density and Beyond. 

The process.....(part play, part neural therapy) involves usage of an impulse isolation device which reduces individual personality traits (or aspects) into a "purified" state (unmixed with other aspects), then places them in a Game Construct within which they can act out and communicate fully---free from the influence or domination of other traits.  Instead of having that trait be PART of who you are, Pandoiante creates a space where that trait becomes ALL you are---letting it have dominance, for a time, within work and play story plots of its choosing.  And while we are speaking to you of this, please bear in mind that this is a tool, a game. Multiversal Beingness is far more than this, though Multiversal Gamesmanship can be a great deal less as well.



There are two stages to a Session of Pandoiante:  a Vibratory Pattern Analysis (VPA), and a Holodeck Experiential.  The former stage extracts an electronic print-out of each digitalized "self" (if you will)........each "formula".....its peaks and lows, character tendencies, likes and dislikes, and then notes the energy signature correspondent to each. There is a multiversal table of character "essences" available within what you might call The Akashic Records.  The "doi" part of the game title stands for "digital object identifier"......which is an electronic filing system used in internet technology.  (Remember......there is a huge correspondence going on between the ways digital technology is being developed and released and the internal structure of human personality)        
The technicians at Serenity use these print-outs to create harmonization programs for the modulation of "selves" who are gathered together in Oneself Conglomerates (such as you are embodying here in the Reconnection Universe). You might think of these print-outs being similar to symbols used in the "Matrix" movies.......your very own HTML of the soul.   

The latter stage of the session uses an isolation construct where each aspect can go to be with itself, remember itself vividly.......before any other aspects were added in. Sound technicians in the recording industry do this with music, when they separate out "tracks" that have been laid down in a recording.  Each "self" is like a track on a recording, and it's maximal or minimal effect in a Personality "Mixing" can be adjusted by analyzing its symbols (in relationship to the others) and changing them slightly at the foundational level.  The isolation chamber is equipped with a holodeck where selves can call forward anything and everything they are "missing" by being a part of a Compilation Entity

(Daniel note: The closest description of this process I can think of is found in "Voice Dialogue," where players move from chair to chair to channel information from various "selves."  However, the effects of Pandoiante are far deeper and long-lasting, usually penetrating all the way to the Soul Contracts for each 3D life itinerary)

This type of "play therapy" is getting more and more popular as humanity flows towards a Oneself Mode of Being.  You won't hear about it in the 3D world for some time yet, but it's now in frequent use throughout many sectors of the Multiverse.  The closer a person comes to the Oneself "Zero Point," the more likely he/she will need this resource. The present format was originally designed by the Arcturians, who still carry abbreviated versions of Pandoiante in their ships to use in case of emergency (personality crisis during transformation).   

If someone is undertaking a series of extremely complicated mixings and blendings (as many of you have been over the past 6 or 7 months)........he will sometimes agree to visit the base on Rigel 3 for the purpose of "balancing and tuning" internal energy dynamics, as well as restoring a proper balance between "hive" mentality and individuated consciousness. Proper "tuning" is essential if the Meta-Human Prototype inside you is to be brought fully online.   

(Daniel Note:  I will be posting a new series "The Meta-Human Prototype" on the Recon Site at the end of January.  The first of these articles is currently running at )  

Folks undergoing Oneself Transformation can often get "mucked" up, due to continuous mixing and blending (mish-mosh) of personality traits and essences.   It's like making a fruit drink with so many different fruit essences that you end up with brown fruit "muck" that doesn't taste much like anything distinctive, but everything in general. 
Pandoiante separates the "mish" from the "mosh" that the quality of each self is restored and appreciated........before it is re-combined for subtlety, for delicacy.....and harmonized with others for a richer, deeper blend of Oneself Essence.  Sounds like a really great cup of coffee, doesn't it?  In many ways, the analogy absolutely applies!   

To invoke this experience within yourself, send forth an application for service by speaking the term "Pandoiante" (pan-doy-anta), then watch your dreamscape and meditations for indicators you have been "mixed and re-mingled."  The most common indicator that the process is underway (or has been underway), is a steady, comfortable pulsing between the second and third chakras.  This signifies the final stage of re-blending at the personality level. 

Do not be concerned if you can't recall the specifics of your participation in the Game.  Your 3D Self reasons and compares as a ONESELF CONGLOMERATE.  If you suddenly tuned into just one character component, set apart from the Whole, it could be more stressful for you than you might imagine.  You could say it would "set your teeth on edge."  However, the technicians at Serenity know how to accomplish this while you sleep, or between the individual "beats" of your daily consciousness.  We will share more about this in due time.   

Most of the time, you WILL know when the process has been completed.  It's effects are unmistakable: less internal criticism and turmoil, increased fluidity of movement between internal "selves" during everyday life and function.  And, of course....... an increased quality of personal SERENITY, which is what gave the project its name in the first place.

Enjoy the surge!  Enjoy the merge!  Pandoiante: The only way to fly.   

<end transmission>


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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