Passion, from Belteshazzar..........


You say unto to me, "speak to us of PASSION."

I say unto thee:  "We (your Guides and Teachers) speak to you FROM Passion. 

It is said, when someone dies, that he or she has "passed on."

How near does that sound to "Pass-ion?"

To be physical is to be DECELERATED from passion.

And we say unto you---"Use every moment to invoke that passion.  Let it in---let US in.  Speak every phrase, direct every action to INVOKE your highest passion."

And when you release, and finally return to your Source, those who think of you will remember these moments---laughing and joking---and there YOU WILL BE riding upon the waves of their laughter.

Passion is a grand and glorious bird, gliding across the night sky.  Perched upon it's wings, you look down at the city far below and you smile.  The people, all snug in their fleshy houses, will look out at you with respect and with admiration. 

To be in Passion is to forget time, forget Limitation.  It is to be free from hesitation---shooting straight and sure while taking no aim.

To know Passion is to give freely from a storehouse that never runs out, never says no---it is crystalline and molded to eternity.

One can be CAUGHT UP in Passion---it takes you as it will.  A starship, a moonbeam, that whisks you off to parts unknown---then drops what's left in a meadow, panting and breathless, and not quite certain who you now are.

One can also be PERCHED UPON Passion---guiding it with ease.  Fearless, and hapless, it blows with the breeze.

But passionate, you can still speak and feel and know.  Nothing is lost, but the fear of loss itself.  And there are no spaces between the moments---each one growing forth from the last---an endless stream of consciousness that knows no boundaries and feels no lack.........

channeled by DJ.