I've seen her. 

She rides bareback through the meadow,

motioning for me to come too.

Where is she going?  What does she require of me?


"What do you need?"  she asks.

"What must you have, lest you die?"

"When you have answered my question,

you will have begun to be alive."



Passion NEEDS.

It does not WANT to---it HAS to.



A child does not WISH or DESIRE to be born.

It slides, headlong, down a dark and moist corridor---

desperate and unrelenting---

bound for it knows not what.

It only knows it NEEDS TO GO THERE.



There is no CHOOSING in a world of passion.  

There are no options, no sweet discussions,

no considerations of the outcome.


There is only RAW ENERGY---

the voice of a thousand volcanoes,

awakening from their dream.



This, then, will be your pilot---

the Captain of your "Now" Journey.

He brought you to this place, and---with benevolent focus of intent,

has bid you rest awhile.

Soon he will be back.


That which has been called "normal" for you could only then be called

an EXCEPTION to what is normal  At best, this has been an existence inside a parenthesis.


Your lot has grown stale and inadequate.

With all of it's intricacies and it's emergencies---

with all it's ponderings about time and provision---




And, how could it ever be?


You are not THIS.

You could evaporate the very foundations upon which you stand---

leaving only ashes as your calling card.

Yours is a deepening, broader scope.




But, for this moment, you merely consider.

You measure things, negotiate and despair.


Do not stand upon principles.

They could never be strong enough to hold you.

Look, instead, to the energy itself.

Understand that, if something or someone holds dominion over you---

if you are now constrained and held tight so that you

cannot do what you will---

It is a good and a just thing that you are there.



That darkened face of momentary power,

unknowing and unfeeling, shall keep you and feed upon you---

though it knows not who you are.



And you shall be held---innocent and suffering---





Therefore, take this time to languish still a little while longer.

Cast away your power to the four corners of the Earth.

Let it rant and cry out and claim dominion---

while you rest a bit in this weakness.


Let it be THERE instead of HERE.


For once it is HERE---it will NEVER AGAIN depart.

And those who THINK they know are MISTAKEN.



There is no boasting in the Sun or in the Rain.

There are no idle claims to wealth or power.

Only faithful and appropriate dispatch.


But, in-between the showers or the noonday heat,

we can still enjoy this hour of peace and security---

distinct from what we were, and are, and yet shall be.


Copyright, 1992, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.