The Kybalion

"When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh the lips that are ready to fill them."  

--The Kybalion

The energy of Hermes has not been the same for me since I brought through the "Hermetic Oneself" material.   The realization that this energy is to be the Host Guide for our Collective Infusion of Divine Awareness has placed these writings and teachings right in the foreground of my consciousness.   

RECONNECTIONS:  "Many of you are familiar with that Divine Patron of Magic and Alchemy, known as Hermes---"Thrice Greatest," and Keeper of Keys for the Multiverse.  Known also as Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, Hermes is correspondent in the Greek Pantheon to the Egyptian Diety known as Thoth or Tahuti.  He has the power to ascend into the heights of heaven, and also to descend into the depths of the Underworld.  This remarkable mutability makes Hermes a perfect translator of energy for what we will call  "Middle Earth," which is the Reconnection Universe.   

Hermes' essential nature is the current design template for humanity, during this powerful shift on your planet.  As your Collective Soul passes through its various stages of evolution, you are slowly re-assimilating DIVINITY back into your experience of who you are. To accomplish this, your race will go through periods of identification with each primary Diety--very similar to the "ages" of consciousness that have been monitored within your planet's history, correspondent to the signs of the zodiac."

The Kybalion is said to have been written by Three Initiates, as an exposition and overview of the teachings of Hermes Trismegastus.  Their emphasis on anonymity has always fascinated me.  They claim that they are not so much wanting to erect a new "Temple of Knowledge," as they are wanting to create some "Bridges" that could be used to link up the already plentiful amount of them already in existence.   This differentiation is a great parallel to the relationship that I enjoy with The Reconnections.  In essence, they are a "Temple Resource" for the Oneself, while the Daniel of me becomes a Gatekeeper for that energy.  In the Danielverse, I have the option to view these "Three Initiates" to be three aspects of my Multidimensional Self.   

At this present time, I am particularly focused upon the idea of developing the MIND ASPECT that is extolled so much in this sacred work.  So much has been written these days (even by me) about the influx of the Divine Feminine (and rightly so!).......that I feel a balance may be in order.   And, it has interested me that my own writings about the "Feminine" have been approached in a very mental way.   Perhaps if I approach the Divine Masculine for study, I will invoke the emotional/intuitive self to balance it.  

The Guides have spoken seriously about "The Doctrine of Correspondence," which is clearly outlined, in detail, here in The Kybalion.   The principle of "as above, so below" was written in their First Transmission, and is used to describe many key aspects of our Planetary Shifts and Changes that are occurring during this time.    

Love is the law, love under will.

  It has been said that the Earth is our Planetary Cauldron, into which are being poured all the basic essences and elements that are needed to create this powerful new variation on life in the Multiverse.  

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Oneness.  Everything and everyone.  

It's more than politics, more than religion, more than philosophy.  

It's an event, and it's happening now!











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