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The mixing and mingling of various elements (prima materia), which we have been discussing in regards to human transformation also applies to the planet as well.   This is especially true when it also involves a heating up of that collaborative "potion" upon the planet (global warming?), with the aim of distilling a root essence---one that is common, not only to some peoples and cultures, but to all people and living things.

This root essence (tincture) gets refined more and more, having all the "impurities" extracted by the expanding energy.....until the whole planet becomes what the Alchemist's call THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE.   When it is perfectly distilled, this world becomes it's own transmuting agent, which makes it possible for the pilot of each Multidimensional Ship to go anywhere or anywhen he or she chooses. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the jump-starting of this world's hardened and damaged heart, by these random, terrorizing events (and the equally terrorizing responses that come from them), is designed to be (in the Bigger Picture) the heating up process.....that boils away these "internal issues" so we can get to the prima materia of each culture.....leading to a distillation of that culture's particular "medicine" (tincture).  Once all the "purities" (the separating distinctives) are extracted, from each culture.......we can combine them to form a GLOBAL PRIMA MATERIA, which will make us all citizens of Planet Earth.  Many prefer to refer to her now by the name of Terra. 

I find it laughable that drug companies......literally being begged by the African people for "AIDS Medication"......continue to ponder, even for one moment, that they will not freely give them.  In truth, it is the African culture that carries the very "medicine" we now require to complete the next phase of our Worldwide Alchemical Process.......which will open up the next set of "locks" that guard the entrance to the core of All That Is.   If that culture is allowed to die, our chance of entering the Gateway goes with it. (Which takes this whole business into another universe, by the way).

"A most wonderful Magistery and Archimagistery is the Tincture of
Sacred Alchemy, the marvelous science of secret Philosophy, the singular gift bestowed upon men through the grace of Almighty God--- which men have never discovered through the labor of their own hands, but only by revelation and the teaching of others....."

Thomas Norton, 1652.

I sat down one morning with a tape recorder, and Belteshazzar brought through a wonderful treatise called "Alchemy, as I Remember It" I cannot describe the energy that passed through me as he recounted it. I could almost see him, as if he sat at the table across from me.

His words were wistful, and the energy that passed through me was edged with remembrance of a time, of a season, of the sharing of a tone, a whisper of truth, that had not passed between fellows for many centuries.

The madness for transmuting base metals into gold, in the day of the Sorcerers, is the magic(k)al equivalent of the technology boom in our day. Everywhere, there are software makers who are scrambling to put together something commercial, something that will make them the next Bill Gates.......super rich.  Meanwhile, a person invents the mosaic system of Web Page Design....and his "secret" unwittingly slips into the hands of the general public.......with no
financial return to the inventor.....but with the joy and ebullience of the pure bliss of working in the medium he loved, for the good of all people.   My friends, this is how it will eventually be on Planet Earth.  Freewill, free hands, free hearts!  

The "kiln," wherein these magical "bootleg" potions are best fired and purified is still the human body. The cauldron, wherein the necessary elements (tinctures) are mixed and the human mind and heart.

The collaborative ONESELF BODY.......and the synergy of collective mind and heart are now ready to be fired up........and each of you offers up (if you so choose) a match and a piece of sacred kindling to start the blaze. The fire is right here, in our group passion.......fueled not by hate, or wanton desire.....but by pure anticipation......our own playful curiosity.

It could be said that one of the "prime components" of Divine Revelation is clear and present belief.  Solid.  Unshakeable.  What we are remembering now has been passed on to us, from a very reliable source.  A sacred Source!  

From: The Book of Thirty Chapters (Hermetic Text)

"When I realized that love of the GREAT WORK had fallen into my heart and that the preoccupations I felt about it had chased sleep from my eyes, that they prevented me from eating and drinking so that my body was wasting away and my appearance was bad, I gave myself up to the prayer and fasting. I begged God to drive out the miseries and cares that had taken hold of my heart, and put an end to the perplexed situation in which I found myself."

And so, my whatever way each of us feels so inclined, let us go, and do likewise---that we may enter into the "operating room" clean, and clear..........and ready to go where no man has dared venture before!

Your thoughts and questions are, of course....always welcome!

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