What a way to start the New Year!   A friend sent me a video on this movement, which I sleepily clicked on this morning.  It was the video for "Stand By Me" (see below), played by street musicians all around the world.  Suddenly, I had tears flowing down my cheeks, as I realized that this project is the singer-musician's version of that incredible dancing video, made famous this past year by Matt Harding on You-Tube. 

PLAYING FOR CHANGE INTERNATIONAL is a musical exploration that glides across four continents, revealing a relentless insight of humanity that strives for global unification. It is a story of hope, struggle, perseverance, joy, and celebration. It is a story of human ambition to overcome prejudices, separation, natural hardships, and evil existing in our world today. Its passion, its path, and at times, its weapon, is music.

PFCF is dedicated to providing resources, facilities, and educational programs to musicians around the world.  There is a documentary film series which gets the ball rolling in various geographical areas.  Current areas of involvement include:  (USA)  Los Angeles, California... New Orleans, LA.....Zuni, New Mexico...New York, France, Italy, Israel, Palestine, South Africa, India and Nepal.   

The Project was founded by Grammy Award Winning Producer and Director Mark Johnson and Documentary Filmaker Jonathan Walls.  It includes a full-length Documentary Film, which is the product of 3 years of traveling throughout the world, gathering film clips, making connections, and laying a strong foundation for bringing peace to the world through Collaboration in Music.  In October, 2008, Bill Moyers interviewed Co-Producer Mark Johnson on his PBS "Journal" Program.  To view this interview on the PBS Web Site, click HERE


Playing for Change:  Peace Through Music

The Film, along with selected clips posted on You Tube and other sites, join street musicians from around the world---people who have never met each other in physical space---in song and rhythm, collaborating on such songs as "One Love" and "Stand By Me."  I must admit that I am quite blown away!  This newest manifestation of Internet Power is just the tip of the iceberg, I sense.  May the music (and dancing) ever flow and ever grow!   


Playing for Change:  "Stand By Me"

DJ.  1/2/2009