B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B


Politics is not the answer.  We’ve seen that, over and over. For now, though, it seems to be all we have.  At least it’s all we have that’s TANGIBLE.....ACTIVE…..VOLITIONAL…..MEASUREABLE. 

 The Metaphysical Community spends a great deal of time talking about Affirmation, Vision, and Conscious Creation.  And all that is very good.  But in the face of Suicide Bombers, Housing Foreclosures, Soaring Unemployment, and a host of other issues……. humanity has obviously opted to continue placing our “bet” on the powers of negotiation, national defense, strategic economic strategizing, and tons of plain old PROMISE MAKING. 

 When I watched the second Obama-Romney Debate (Tuesday Town Hall at Hofstra University), I was (once again) utterly convinced about the absolute FUTILITY of working out our nation’s GREAT DIVIDE through debating, wrangling and finger pointing.  I was also intensely aware that “these means” are all we have at present!  So the beat goes on.

The final debate between these candidates was more-of-the-same, except each candidate had a chance to put on a "new face" for the American people---which included whatever parts of their individual character they felt hadn't been highlighted in previous encounters.  In politics, it's always about THE SHOW--and  our current climate in news media makes darned sure that every SHOWing gives good entertainment. 

The most potent “healer” of any Great Divide still resides within the heart and soul of every person watching.  How does that work?  It’s very simple.  (simple but not easy).   Each viewer must be willing, and able (at some level) to OWN EVERY BIT of what’s going on, AS SELF.  You know how the President keeps saying (or someone says it for him)…..”The buck stops here?”  Well folks…..every viewer has to be willing to say the same thing. 

 “In my own, self-created universe…….the buck stops here!”  Everyone on that political “stage” represents an aspect of ME……..not in who they are…….but, rather, in HOW I PERCEIVE THEM.  After all, my world is my very own ROHRSHACH TEST.  As feminist author Anais Nin put it so well:  “We don’t see the world as it is.  We see the world as WE ARE.” 

In the meantime, though…….Politics is really a hoot, isn’t it?  And all the drama and excitement that goes with it!  Far more fun than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!  The fact that we're still trying to determine the "winner" of a political debate indicates that we're all choosing to be LOSERS when it comes to practical wisdom. 

Mother Theresa put it quite succinctly when she said:  “The reason we have no peace is we forget that we belong to each other.”


In Genesis, Chapter 4, from the Old Testament---we see the now-infamous story of Cain and his brother Abel.  Sacrifices were offered to God.  Some were acceptable, some did not earn favor (the spectre of competition raises its ugly head).  Anger, jealousy, murder ensues. 

 “And the Lord said to Cain ‘Where is your brother?”  And Cain responded:  “What?  Am I my brother’s keeper?” 

Make no mistake about it, friends. When THAT QUESTION gets raised, in any society…….SOMEONE (or Something) has been murdered.  That philosophy, circulated in public thinking, is akin to taking a blood test and finding the antibody for a serious illness proliferating within the patient. It means that SOMETHING’S ROTTEN in River City!  It has very little to do with "entitlement" or balanced budgets.  It's about blood crying out to God from the ground. It's about shutting down part of our Collective Conscience, because we don't want to acknowledge the things we have done to get where we are.

 And you know what else?  It’s all a mirror.  A HALL OF MIRRORS, really…..for each and every one of us.  Societal Disease does not begin or end with “them.”  It always has and always will begin and end with ME.  A huge COLLECTIVE ME.  He (or She) who has ears to hear…..may we open them and begin listening…..NOW.            MORE




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