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My Dear Friends,

All involvement in what you call "Politics" is, at its root, a form of conspiracy. Though this latter expression is very often upon your lips today, it surely is not new. 

Through Politics, you create a space called "society," where YOU form an agreement with THEM.....that you will all subjugate your spontaneous, authentic, in-the-moment choices and behavior to a pre- established protocol of expression (or repression)---to the desired end that you may live (peacefully, if possible) within a pre- fabricated, postured environment that looks good, sounds good, but inevitably ends up feeling quite empty and sad.

To realize that there is ONLY ONE......regardless of that One's various masks and faces, smiles, tears, or overt actions the beginning of a new world, right then and there. And it only takes One, for that is all there really is, or ever was!

As this One begins to own each "other" one, and another, and another, as self......continually expanding his or her identity....and sentience of self---an innate force of personal homeostasis begins to take over.  It isn't a "negotiated peace" at all. It is now, and always was inbred. Natural. Quite efficient, really.

In a Reconnected World, as in an aware, functional human body......the instinct for self-preservation always ends up reigning supreme. All AS One, One AS All. Every man for himself. But friends......what a "self" ye all are! Focus! Realize! Relax into it! You'll be amazed.

It is the belief in your perceived "other" as separate from your Oneself....that gives birth to fear......and eventually to various forms of Politics (be they clans, tribes, or Federal and State Government).  And.... even though a person's politics are fair, honest, and true......they are still the fruit of a poisoned tree, an illusionary tree......called "Separation."

Indeed, what you call Politics, in the sense they are practiced today, are an encouragement for living in a deliberated state of DISHONESTY and INAUTHENTICITY in regards to your fellow man. They are an agreement to act, or not to act.......from a root premise that seeks to anticipate, and basically eliminate the appearance of the Shadow Self in broad public view. And yet, is not that appearance of The Shadow in human relationship, the very reason that you are drawn together in the first place?

It is as if you say to each other......"I promise not to show you yours, if you'll promise not to show me mine......" (Shadows, Reflections..... do you see?)

Indeed, it is a fearsome premise. To lay aside struggle, cleverness, and social manipulation (especially manipulation of your own self) favor of pure, childlike TRUTH, DESIRE, and SIMPLICITY.  But this, My Dear Friends, is the path that spreads itself before you now. Soon, it will the only ground upon which you can safely or comfortably stand.

(End Transmission)

CIVIL UNREST (New Transmission, 2007)


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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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