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"The Power of Movies"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


This I proclaimed my delight about last night's Oscar Ceremonies with a friend, I began to exposit once again on certain views I hold about the relationship between movies and politics in today's world.  I'd like to share a bit of that conversation with you here.  

At key moments in history, when diplomacy fails---where humanity heads for deep waters and all means of rational negotiation seem to hit a wall---movies have power to BRIDGE THE GAP.......providing much-needed insight and purposeful introspect to an otherwise blinding process of casting shadows, discerning outcomes, and fixing blame.

When the lights go down in a movie theater, it's as if society (as a whole) closes our eyes for a moment---and dares to VISUALIZE human experience from a different place, an imaginative place, a compassionate place. 

The Reconnections refer to this as "Building An Astral Bridge,"  and it's the same process we can each utilize by journeying inward, opening 5th dimensional learning spaces, and speaking TONALLY (communicating beyond words) to those we love (or hate).....diffusing our human biases, and laying aside limitation thinking.  In meditation, we practice these skills individually.  In movies, we do them together---as a true experience of our Collective Oneself.

For some time, humanity has known about our need to "think outside the box" in order to solve contemporary problems.  Movies provide a perfect means to accomplish this---highlighting relevant issues and key transformational themes---taking audiences DEEP INSIDE the minds of those people we fear the most, as well as those we long to emulate!

There are no quagmires thick enough or deep enough that the POWER OF IMAGINATION cannot find a way out of them, around them, or all the way THROUGH them to the other side!  During this year's Oscar Ceremony, politicians were pretty much left out of things.  There is no more "Bush Bashing" to be done.  I did hear a few respectful references made to our "historic" and winsome new President, but beyond that......the entire evening was a celebration of ART, and it's absolute power to change the world.  Hear!  Hear!  I couldn't agree more.      

DJ.  2/23/2009.


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