"Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder"

There are those among us who earnestly believe in this phenomenon called "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder," which supposedly appears as a result of some shock or traumatic event, which disrupts human consciousness and occasionally turns a person's life upside down.  And, in normal 3D parlance, this is understandable.  Cause and effect.  First this thing goes down, then that thing comes after.  Very neat and convenient, that.   

In the 1970s, a very smart man named Alvin Toffler introduced a term called “Future Shock” to humankind.  I recently reviewed this book, which has been on my shelf for years, because it has once again become relevant in the lives of those people I am encountering through this work---particularly in sensitive young people. 

 Using that initial data, provided by Alvin Toffler in his books, and that which is supplied by many others.........such as Megatrends 2000 by John Naisbitt.........and........taking into account the research being done in Quantum Mechanics, and "The New Physics," is it possible that there are people all over the world who are now beginning to experience another form of PTSD, an awareness or PREMONITION of POTENTIATED ENERGY............a dread (and physical reaction) about things which have not happened, but feel to be inevitable? 

In his visionary book, "A Brief History of Time," Stephen Hawking made the statement:  "Do you think it is possible for us to remember the future?"  That one statement set the scientific world reeling!  And, indeed, with what we are now learning about the Time Continuum, as studied by civilizations from the Mayans to the Atlanteans, and now Quantum Mechanics.......is it possible that there are "visionaries" who are experiencing FUTURE SHOCK GLOBAL ACCELERATION before it (physically) comes upon us...........like the "calm" that appears, just before a storm?

It makes a person wonder.     

Channeled by Daniel Jacob



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