By Daniel Jacob


I am grateful for all the great mail I have received about the transmission that was included in Sedona Journal's "Predictions 2004."   It was one of the first times I have written from the Guides in a predictive way, although I have been doing psychic readings for people for many years. 

One fellow began his e-mail dialogue with me with the words:  "Ah, to bring back the days of old.....when predictors of falsities were killed."  This cracked me up, so I wrote him back and asked:  "Isn't the declaration of something as "false" a kind of prediction in itself?"  He wasn't impressed, and went on to tell me that some things can be predicted, based on past history and natural chance.  But he failed to see how this did anybody any good. 

When I finally halted him from gathering a group of townspeople, and storming the castle with torches and a rope, I was able to offer some alternative views to his obvious attachment to the linear world of past, present, and future.  

I asked him if he'd ever considered that these ideas are merely perceptual constructs, which assist people to focus on a few things for a short while, but then disappear once a person attains a certain energetic velocity or momentum.  I told him that I deal now is the realm of Multidimensionality.  To me, this means that everything---past, present, and future---is going on  NOW, like different stations, playing on a radio dial. We turn the dial, and we get the feeling we have moved.  But have we?  It's the same radio, isn't it?   We've only moved in our minds.  Or, as that Star Kid told Neo, in the first "Matrix" movie........."There is no spoon.  When it bends, it is yourself that you are changing."   
In the Multiverse, everything happens.  There is a reality base that honors each and every imaginable belief, and then some.  Everything happens, somewhere in the Multiverse.  The fact that we imagine something is proof that it exists, somewhere.  We don't always get to access all of this expansive information or these multiple realities while we are still attached to physical form, but there are many who absolutely believe that it exists.
With this in mind, the idea of making predictions is easy.  There is no such thing as a false prediction.  There is only a comprehension of our possible exploration of some idea that turns a corner once we get close to it.  Meanwhile, in the Multiverse, every idea ultimately comes to fruition.  It all happens, and it's all true.  As I said, I have been doing "psychic" readings for many years.  In a linear sense, many of the things I saw ahead for people never actually came to pass.  In some instances, I believe that my informing them of what was ahead actually changed their course about where they wanted to go and what they wanted to access.  We are each the creators of our own reality.    
Making predictions about folks is not my prime activity.  I am usually up for taller fare.  But when indicated, I don't hesitate.  Being 'wrong' about something is just part of the linear illusion of one universe.  Is is born of our lack of comprehension of how many alternative "selves" we have functioning out there.  And yes, that is quite a lot to swallow.  Everything in its time. 
Everything depends upon the person who is creating a partcular life experience.  Would it surprise you to know that some things that are considered "past" in some universes are actually "future" in some others.  The timeline of placement is rather arbitrary............but is usually kept consistent in each life story in order to preserve the believability.  I think it was Stephen Hawking who first coined the words "remembering the future" in his book "A Brief History of Time." 
My new friend told me that he gets a kick out of most predictors, as it seems one gets an idea and the rest will jump through hoops trying to say they thought of it first. The urban myth just keeps getting better.


And, I daresay, this trend will surely continue!  Many things that are now accepted as gospel truth were once labeled as urban myths.   And I do agree with him that many of us spiritual yakkers out here can sound quite ridiculous at times.  It just goes with the territory.  But most of us are having a good time at it.


One correspondent spoke to me about this whole idea of "Memes."   The term was coined by a writer, Richard Dawkins, in his 1976 book called "The Selfish Gene."  According to Dawkins, a Meme is a unit of information (or instruction for behaviour) stored in a brain and passed on by imitation from one brain to another. Dawkins gave as examples; ideas, tunes, scientific theories, religious beliefs, clothes fashions, and skills, such as new ways of making pots or building arches.  Memes operate around us everyday. 

At this point, the reader may be edified to check out the article which was sent to me.  It has a lot of interesting and provocative data in it:  http://www.susanblackmore.co.uk/awaken.html

Susan Blackmore is a practitioner of Zen, and I had a few things to share with my correspondent about that.  Though I happen to really appreciate Zen, and I love the idea of studying koans and the like, I am always quite wary when I read or hear anything that ends with the words 'It just doesn't exist."   I do understand that the Zen Meme is that most of what we see and hear is false.  Some say that the spiritual it the only truth, and the rest is a dream.  She mentions that here.

One of the things that attracts me to The Reconnections is the fact that they have no axes to grind in any direction. They seem much more interested in adding possibilities to our lives than in removing them.  Though the natural game
of forgetfulness and fragmentation is always in play, and they frequently ride those waves of consciousness, there is
no commitment either way............remembering or forgetting............except to allow people (when they are ready)
to understand that everything exists.

Their key words are "Everything is real, but not everything is relevant to your current process."  Hence, the need to forget certain things in order to be able to focus upon others.  I personally balk when someone says to me "It doesn't exist."  But I do honor their belief.  I also laugh when someone says to the Guides: "You've never done that before."   or........"But that isn't the way you said it works."

What did that famous writer say?  Was it Whitman?   "A foolish consistency is the hob-goblin of little minds."   And the beat goes on. 

Of course, I love it when you write to me.  One young Star Kid in Australia keeps saying:  "Your page needs to be updated."   I laugh and say to myself:  "I may not be able to please everybody, but it's nice to know that people actually watch and anticipate what might go on out here." 

Have a great holiday season.  I am willing to predict that this season is going to bring something "interesting" to just about all of us!  That's "neutral" isn't it?  The word "interesting?"  Isn't that what someone says about your dress or your hairdo when they don't want to hurt your feelings?   One older lady said to her husband:  "When I'm down in the dumps, I always buy myself a new hat."  Without blinking, he said to her:  "I wondered where you were finding those hats." 


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