By Daniel Jacob.

For the past few days, I can't seem to get a song out of my head.  I first heard it in the Steve Martin movie, "Leap of Faith"..........sung, I think, by Patti LaBelle or singer, very beautiful..........It's called "Are You Ready for a Miracle?"  I have a little cut from one version of the song, although this version is very "jazz" sounding, and the one in the movie was very gospel choir sounding...............but my musical tastes are wide, and I just love the song!   Just scroll down the choices, turn on your speakers, and click on "Are You Ready for a Miracle."
We've been talking lately about the idea of MAGIC.   If we're really, really into the physical practice of it, we might even spell it with a "k."  Magick.  In the World of Metaphysics, the dividing line for serious "practitioners" and simple inquirers is the usage of that "k."  In some groups, to see the "k" is to imply the usage of BLACK MAGIC............although most white folks don't even have a clue what "black magic" can be!  And frankly, I'm not hankering to explore that right this minute, anyway. 
The RECONNECTIONS MAGIC that the Guides are talking about in their recent transmission is of primary interest to me right now.  Instead of transforming the elements around me............(thereby changing the mirror) seems a particularly fitting time for me to simply be them, and be with their natural, indigenous state..........unhindered or unhampered by that I can catch the natural reflection of the Oneself as it unfolds.  In this way, it is ME who gets transformed. 
As I said earlier, my comprehension of the planetary "agenda" right now is not so much about having what you want as it is about wanting what you have. Just being with it and letting it have its effect on you.   And yet, the very "wanting" that comes into the picture, from time to time, is also a part of that overall indigenous state, isn't it?  And so our concept of self is definitely on the move. 
The expansion of my "body" concept now opens to include everything and everyone in my perceptual field.  This includes, of course, that FIRST PERSON level of me............but it is, by no means, limited to that.  And the "magical" operations that are going on do not stop at that level either.  I can send forth a manifestation command, only to find that the recipient of my "blessing" is my next door neighbor.  In such a case, have I failed?  Did I "miss" the mark?   

If I am a 3D Magician, I am moving from my physical body, and my individuated personality to produce shifts and changes in my "outer self."   I would be wanting to do "tricks," and then enjoy the adulation I can receive from that.  But if I am reconnecting with everything and everyone..........where is the Trickster's playground?  At whom can he hurl his Trickster Snowballs where he does not also feel the cold and the squash of impact?  May he laughs, maybe he cries--but whatever he does, he becomes aware that he is not alone anymore!  He is ALL ONE. 

Are we having fun yet?  Our Game is undergoing some changes...........and what will come out of this is nothing less than a MIRACLE.  Steve Martin, in the movie ("Leap of Faith") is just such a Trickster.   He is an itinerant preacher, who goes from town to town, and milks people for their money.  Not too much different from the preachers (and politicians) of today, yes? 

Then, one day, the preacher meets a young boy.   A cripple, who has the heart to believe.  Rather than suspecting this preacher's motives (like the town Sheriff does)............this boy is willing to look past this fellow's human foibles, and see right into the Reverend's Heart.......saying to him........"Namaste."  That faith results in a healing for the boy (he ends up throwing down his crutches), for the entire town.

I have rarely seen this kind of intense reaction with a Reconnections Transmission before.  By asking us all:  "Do You Believe in Magic?".......the Guides have opened up a deep wound.........a longing, and a dread..........that seems to penetrate down to the bone.  We want it, and we don't want it, all at the same time.  We have fears about devils, desires for angels, and downright anxiety about our lives on the physical plane.  I described this to one friend on the phone as "a train wreck of motivations and emotions."  Conflicting desires, conflicting intentions.  Is it any wonder that the world feels at war?  

We feel pain.........and that pain seems to spread through us, like a virus, looking for the weak points in our faith and our immune system.  All I once, I can hear the voice of that tiny psychic in the first version of the movie "Poltergeist," as she speaks to the mother in that "haunted household."  Of the spirit presence that inhabits the house......the tiny medium says:  "Close your mind.  It knows what scares you!"   Indeed, it does............

Recon Carion reminded me the other day that a good deal of the physical pain and depression that people are reporting comes from activations that are occurring in our bodies almost daily.  We are continually being "accessed" by incoming parts of the Expanded Self..........even as we are being given access to Heaven and also the Underworld.  Sometimes our concept of ourselves is so vast, so majestic, that we can barely contain it.  At other times, we feel as though someone has unplugged us from some Master Mainframe, and we lie shivering from the feeling of desolation and despair. 

No, we're not just talking about being "Bi-Polar" here, though some of us are using that medical definition to cope, during these times of rapid change.  We're actually dealing with many more "poles" of opposition than one universe normally presents.  We're speaking about being MULTI-LINEAR.............functioning as a physical body that stands firm in one physical reality...........but serves as a CONNECTION POINT for many adjoining realities as well. 

The effect that these energy surges have is deafening, at times.  But we each have a Guardian Spirit in place that guarantees that we shall not be blown away by them.  As I said in a recent discussion on the board, our ability to maintain stability during these fast-moving times depends upon our ability to channel individual body energy through the entire Earth Plane.  We must use the entire planet to buffer these flows.  In exchange for the added buffering of flow that this produces, we deepen our actual identification and connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky. 

We are all one, and we're requiring ourselves to perform RECONNECTION MAGIC every day, just to keep functioning on the planet.  If we do not, our "systems" start crashing.  We get exhausted, discouraged, and we begin to implode.  This kind of power flow and grandeur is not to be held by any one individual (or groups of individuals) alone!  If anyone tries to capture it, the weight of it will eventually cause them to fall into a dysfunctional heap. 

I know that these days (and nights) are getting to be challenging for many of us.  We can't sleep, we often can't think straight, and our sense of mission or continuity on the planet feels, at times, likes its all over the place.  It is at this time that we must center and ground ourselves in the Now Moment, and simply acknowledge it all, as self.  There's a big difference between being self-centered and being centered in self.

I asked one group I was leading if they felt like they were ready to "own it all, as self," and one truthful fellow replied:  "No, but I might be willing to rent it for awhile, with an option to buy!"  Fair enough.  A foot in the door is all that's needed.  After that, things work out the way they need to. 

Are we ready for a miracle?   Ready as we can be.  Are we ready for a miracle?  Spirit will set us free. can hear how the song goes.  I'm not too into singing tonight...........well, maybe a little singing in words!  However it shakes down, we'll be right the midst of it all.  Of the Neo-Shamans of the New Millenium, the Reconnections have this to say:

"As leadership for this "new" experience, we can surely accept nothing less than the BEST of what has come before.  Whether one visualizes them as resurrected, born again, the result of reincarnation, or simply Gods and Goddesses come down to mix with mortals---there will appear shortly, upon the face of the Earth, a race of priests and rulers---the souls of ancient and beloved Shamans and Druids, come back to experience the final "act" of this play.

Indeed, they live and breathe upon the planet as we speak.  Many of them have purposefully "forgotten" who and what they are.   They wake up to normal jobs, as did Richard Bach's "reluctant Messiah," yet they surely are not "normal."  They sit beside you at the diner, shop in your grocery stores, and lie on beaches reading books and magazines.

These are the Children of Oneness, aged and seasoned to meet the need which shall surely soon present itself!  Though they were born "from the old ways" and steeped in ancient customs and bygone disciplines, they return today to stand beneath the Tree of Life.   As thunder rolls and temporary chaos shakes the Tree, these wise and wondrous beings shall catch the ripe fruit, precisely where it falls."

We may not feel as though we're ready, at any given moment, but we are.  And that's the fun of it, to some degree.  It's also terrifying, but never mind that!  We're living on the edge now, and we're dancing down the 4D Corridor......dragging a whole perceptual reality with us. 

Allie Keys, a character from Steven Spielberg's "Taken," has become one of my favorite philosophers of late.  I know, I know........she's "just a movie character," right?   Wrong.  She's the embodiment of the spirit of a whole generation.  If you love Allie as much as I do, you'll probably enjoy some of her depth of understanding, and her wisdom like I do.  Here's a site that features some of Allie's quotes.  I'll end this essay with one of them.  It certainly applies to our question about "Are you ready for a miracle?"  ...........

"Some people have given up all hope of anything in their lives every changing. They just go on with it day by day, and if something were to come along and make things different they probably wouldn’t even notice it right off, except for that kind of nervous feeling you get in your stomach. My mom and I used to call that “the car trip feeling,” because it was how I’d feel whenever I knew we were going to go somewhere far away or somewhere new."

"Everyone knows not to stare into the sun. It’s something your mother tells you when you’re a kid. “Don’t look at the sun or you’ll go blind.” But sometimes you want to understand something so badly that you’ll risk going blind for just a glimpse of what it all might be about."  (end quote).

Ah yes, Allie.  I know what you mean.  What constitutes "blindness" in one realm, could produce extreme sightedness in another.  And then, when the two realms are joined, the corresponding flashes of insight fairly light up the sky!  And yes, my friends........that is, indeed, MAGIC. 

January 26, 2004. 

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.