Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

The Reality Bubble


My Dear Friends:

It was in the motion picture "Contact," starring Jodie Foster, that the film industry recently reminded you all of the manifold number of alternative realities, which surround you at every moment of the day.  They are as "bubbles" that float over your head, waiting to be discovered and accessed. 

In the film, Foster's character, Dr. Ellie Arroway, journeys into the Multiverse, and discovers several important truths about how reality is formed, and how it is integrated into your daily experience.  At one point, her character is standing upon what looks like a beach, pulled up from a childhood memory by an Extraterrestrial Ambassador, so the two of them could have a comfortable environment in which to interact and share for a time.

As Ellie looks out at the beautiful clear water, splashing on the shoreline, she reaches her hand out and touches something with her finger.  Did you notice this in the film?  As she does, what looks like a "reality bubble" shimmers and vibrates as she touches it. 

My Friends, we wish to call close attention to this symbolism, as depicted in the movie.  For it is your universe, tipping its hand to you--helping you to understand how simply (and yet how ornately) you design your personal "reality constructs." 

As you sit in your chair, reading this transmission, you look down the hall, perhaps at some familiar furniture, sitting in your living room.  From your position on the chair, can you touch that furniture?  And if not, how are you to be sure that it is real, and not some illusion that is conjured up from your mind?  You finger reaches out to touch it, so as to validate its existence, but it is too far away.

And how reliable is touch, to validate the existence of something or someone?  Apparently, it has some additional "authority," because it was touch that was demanded by the Apostle Thomas (a.k.a. "Doubting Thomas"), when he was told that Jesus had risen from the dead.  Thomas said, in his famous speech:  "Unless I can put my fingers into the holes in Jesus' hands and feet, and touch the wound in his side, I will not believe that he lives." 


In our transmission "At the Movies," we speak about all of life as an unfolding movie.  Later, in our transmission on "How Universes Are Formed," we illustrate in detail how these bubble realities come into being, and how they are sustained.  Once a bubble exists, you discover that one or more portions of Infinite Consciousness have been "quarantined," if you will, so that various soul aspects can explore, in depth, whatever levels of conflict and/or fascination that they share with each other.  In this way, the Oneself is nurtured and edified in its Infinite Being. 

With the advent of "Virtual Reality" helmets, and other such devices that can drastically affect your perceptual mechanisms, is it so difficult for you to visualize what these transmissions are trying to tell you?  Is it out of the question that your entire life experience could be compacted down to a small "touch and feel" space, in close proximity to your physical body---which is surrounded, textured, and amplified by something very much like those wonderful matte paintings that are used in motion pictures? 

After all, Dear Ones, how much "expense" is needed to enlist your belief in a physical reality?  How much detail do you require, in under to be taken "under the spell" of your physical situation, and made to believe that what appears to be happening is really real?  And what did Jesus say to Thomas, as he allowed him to physically touch his resurrected hands and face?  He said:  "Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet believe." 

The Extraterrestrial Energy that is now coming onto the Earth Plane, is truly a reflection of aspects of your Oneself Being that have never been seen before, from this particular viewpoint.  From the angle and perspective that is being explored within this physical being, they are a "premiere attraction."  And they are as real (and as illusory) as the appearance of the Vegan Ambassador in the "Contact."

As Ellie interacts with the Vegan (who puts on the appearance of her deceased father, in order to make her feel more comfortable), Ellie has a clear realization that what was being seen in front of her was a concocted picture, in order to create an effect.  An the Vegan admits it.  But My Friends, can you all grasp that is the case with each and every picture that is put before you in this 3D arcade of wonder, detail, and emotion?  That this physical world, with all its problems and "needs" is nothing more than what you have seen on that movie screen? 

As always, these truths that enter your being through various means, are held back, and slowly allowed to sink in, through a process we call "The Soul Train." 

First, they enter your spirit body.  Then, they are considered and studied by your mental body.  Following that, each idea is felt and explored by your emotional being (as a mother would test the temperature of a bottle of milk, before it is fed to an infant).  Finally, if everything proves to be safe and "sane," the information is allowed to permeate your physical being and your 3D world.  Indeed, you are the "100th Monkey."  And everything and everyone around you is your mirror, depicting clearly how you are "handling" the information we are bringing into remembrance at this powerful time.

<end transmission>