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The heart of the Reconnections' Message is contained within two transformational concepts of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality.  We are ONE Planetary Being, who appears to be manifest as MANY.   The expression "appears to be" is key to understanding what is going on here.  This "Oneself Being" alternates (flickers, in awareness) between Unity and Complexity---with our former state of consciousness serving as a kind of Touchstone, which has the power to clear our intellectual and emotional palettes for the next "course" we will be serving up for ourselves at our 3D Banquet of Life.  And we are doing this at every level.  

The 3D Construct is actually a perceptual tool, within which We "Immortals" get to play out our proposed scenarios for living---integrating lessons, feelings, and experiences along the way.  Remember "The Computer Construct" sequence in that movie "The Matrix?"..........the place where Neo learns how to do martial arts?  The same applies here, only much bigger and more pervasive than any of us can imagine.     

In one sense, we are each Producers, Directors, Actors, and Audiences for our own motion pictures.  Each lifetime is a movie unto itself.  Each person is his own universe.  In each universe, everyone and everything is a mirror of that one being.  Physicality is NOT objective.  Even objects have consciousness.  We all simply express our consciousness in different ways. 

"We don't see the world as it is.  We see the world as WE are."    ~Anais Nin

A cursory knowledge of both these ideas (Oneness and Multi-D) is necessary if we are to go further in this particular journey together. Having understood them, and made a commitment to move forward in the process, we begin our transformation by expanding self-awareness through Channeling, Shadow Work , Rebirthing, Bio-Energy Bodywork, and many other powerful technologies. 

The Reconnections describe themselves to me as:  "All those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human."   In a very real way, you might say that anything we don't currently have in our conscious mind is being held within the repository of that Group Soul.  I often think of the Guides as Librarians for All That Is. They perform this service for us as a means of expanding themselves as well.  After all, we're all part of the same One Being.  "As above, so below," and all that sort of stuff. 



This doesn't mean that I can simply reach into that repository and pull out anything at all.  Some information is classified, due to my personal need to have a human 3D existence, and not be hindered in my humanity through too much knowledge of irrelevant data.  Nor does it mean that I can tell someone else what they're supposed to believe, based upon what the Guides tell me.  Each of us have our own "Reconnections," by whatever name we choose to call them.     

If you wish to experience the flow of Reconnections Teaching, simply follow the links that go down the right side of the Index Page.  They are arranged so that the reader can experience the topics "in sequence," and get a taste of the flow in which this information has been and is now being passed to me.  Having completed that, you may want to visit the Writings Archive, and see if anything grabs your attention.  Many have encouraged me to date the transmissions.  I do this in the copyright, but I don't go beyond that.  The information in them is timeless, and we are learning how to be timeless, too!  Some go back as far as 1991, while others are only a few months old.  Trust that you encounter each bit of knowledge at exactly the right time.  There is only NOW anyway, isn't there?  




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Q:  I noticed the words " Personal Alchemy" attached to The Reconnections opening page. What do these words mean, and why are they so important in this work?

A: Alchemy is the ancient art of transforming common elements into more precious ones through focused intent and expert scientific technique. The Alchemists of old were considered "sorcerers," and the fathers of our modern-day chemistry. In the Greek language, the word which is usually translated "witchcraft" is the word "pharmaceia." Seeing this, we can begin to understand the relationship between this ancient practice and some of the miracles being experienced in our world of medicine today.

Personal Alchemy is an inner process, whereby an initiate witnesses the transformation of his or her perceptual universe as a result of infusions of energy coming from other levels of the Oneself. In a sense, our physical world is a kind of "cauldron" in which the Master Sorcerer is brewing his/her/our new creation. As the ozone layer thins and opens, RAYS of energy are allowed to enter our atmosphere that have never been here before. As the immune system weakens and opens, there are physical changes that occur in our bodies that mirror the shifts of vibration that are occuring on the planet.  


Q: You (and The Guides) speak about "merging" with everything and everyone. Isn't that a rather radical notion? Are you actually suggesting that I would want to become "one" with someone like Adolph Hitler?

A: I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked that question. At first, I found myself yammering on about how important it is to accept anything and everything as a valid part of The Oneness. After all, how can it be called "All That Is" if there is something missing? Initially, that made sense to me---though it still didn't seem to satisfy those folks who were asking the questions.

Then, one night, I was asked the Adolph Hitler question by a friend of mine, a Jewish woman of about 50 years of age. It suddenly occurred to me to ask her: "What makes you think that Adolph Hitler would ever want to merge with YOU?" She looked back at me in disbelief, as we both realized the two-way flow that rejection can sometimes assume in this World of Form.

In the merge to Oneness, neither my friend nor Adolph Hitler need to be personally represented.  Rather, they could each choose to fragment (chip) off a portion of their essence---a "token element" that is mature enough to get past their personality quirks and prejudices---so that their core essence can leap into the cauldron of Reconnection, and undergo the transformation.


Q: Will we all eventually flow into each other, completely losing our uniqueness and sense of self? This is my great fear, and it keeps me from going forward with this material.

A: Having already existed as separate and distinct individuals, within focused universes that portray us such, we retain those personalities FOREVER. All time is NOW, and everything that exists, that ever has existed, or ever will exist continues on forever, at all the levels in which it is made manifest. It is only our *experience* of those realities that changes.   The Reconnection Universe is but ANOTHER VERSION of that Multiversal Oneself---considered to be no better or no worse than any other. It too, goes on forever. From this viewpoint, we experience our many "lives" in abbreviated and summarized formats so that we can expand our perspective and blend ALL the lessons and themes in which we have participated across time. There are many specific ways in which this remembrance happens.

Q: How will all of this information benefit me? How will Oneness and Multidimensionality change my life?

A: That, too, is a very common question. If, however, the reader fully understands the insights that are being presented here--and if he applies them to himself and his world--he will never wish to change his life again. He will realize that all is *perfect,* and everything is exactly where it has to be. Of course, this does not mean that he will cease from striving. After all, those urges and inquiries are also part of the "perfection" that is happening all around us.  With knowledge of and belief in Oneness---we can MERGE with all we see, all we hear, and all that enters our perceptual field. This can sometimes be a very negative experience, or it can be extremely positive.  Chances are, it will be a bit of both---even as we are always both.


Q:  I am writing to express concern over your channeling events.  I am not inexperienced when it comes to this medium of information but am also aware of the possible dangers that come along with it.  I need more information.  Who are your guides? (see above for answer) What are your safeguards when setting up to channel?  What is the mental condition of the channel and why is a fee charged for the event?  I have been warned from my guides about any one who charges for this type of information.  It's free from the universe and should remain that way. 

A:  The safeguards I set up depend upon the "danger" that one is anticipating.   I am not unwilling to lay down some boundaries of focus for a session.  But, generally, I try and be as welcoming as I can to all energies that come in--on both sides of the Veil.   (See above for more complete info on the Guides)  Although I do give a lot of free information--both on the Web Site, and in our Research Forum,  I charge for attendance in the formal sessions.  This work is officially classified as "Adult Education," and I am teaching what many consider to be valuable info.  And it is not free.  I am a Spiritual Translator.  I take raw energy from the Cosmos, mix and mingle it in my body, mind, and spirit, and speak it forth so individuals can make use of it.  That is work, however one choose to look at it--although it is work that I love.  This current universe vibrates in a field of energy, and thrives on clear energy exchange.  The charging of fees not only supports my overhead expenses, but it also requires enough grounding, on the part of the hearers, to be able to give something back to a source that they feel is giving to them.  On the whole, this is a crucial component for healthy integration of spiritual material.  We give, we get, we share, we are!


Q:  I am an initiated devotee of Krishna.  I am wondering if any info comes through in channelings with regard to worship of Radha Krishna or Lord Chaitanya[an incarnation of Radha Krishna 500 yrs ago. Devotees believe that the chanting of Hare Krishna has raised the consciousness of the planet.  What do you think about this? 
A:  The Reconnections are a Group Soul, made up of various "Bridge Concepts" that connect a person to what is called The Multiverse.  In a sense, you could say that they are like server extensions which connect an individual computer to the Internet.  The vastness of our physical, planetary Internet is a 3D model for the infinite nature of the Multiverse.  Humanity didn't create cyberspace and computer technology out of nothing.  Rather, we designed it to be a gateway into full remembrance of the glory and incredible diversity of The Multiverse.  

The Guides also function as "search engines," bringing together relevant individuals (and universes) to illuminate and educate each other.  The information you bring, and the beliefs you hold, are like Web Sites that are posted along this "Inner Net." In the Multiverse, everything is true.  That is one of the very first Bridge Concepts we learn.   It is only within specific universes (uni=one) that certain truths are honored, while others are ignored or denied. (for more about this, see "How Universes Are Formed", posted on the site).

Your beliefs in Krishna and Lord Chaitanya/an, and the truths you hold about those energies, are gifts you bring to the Multiverse.  The Guides do not necessarily take positions on these beliefs, other than to encourage you to expand upon and enjoy them. As you do, they work to integrate and collate this data (feelings, concepts, experiences) so it can be readily available to anyone who wishes to connect with you and share your joy.  Multiversal Data is stored within the Archives as Tones of Awareness.   We each have our own types of Reconnections.  We each have our own path to remembrance of the Whole, as well as a terminology to represent it.       



Q:   I would like to ask about "past lives". If we are all part of everything then does any being really have any specific past lives?

[DJ:]   We are all HOLOGRAPHIC in nature.  We feature certain characteristics and traits, which represent “roles” we are playing for each other.  They are our costumes, so to speak.   But in our Expanded Self, we carry connections to everything and everyone.  To be “holographic” means that each cell in us is connected to every other cell.  And, at any level, we are representative of EVERY level of humanity.  Have you ever heard of “The Butterfly Effect?” 

 If not, check it out:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect

The short, non-scientific definition would be:  What happens to ONE of us happens to ALL, whether or not we realize it.

Above 3D, time ceases to be an element.  The Fourth Dimension is a time corridor, filled with alternative doors……….which a person can enter and leave at will.  We saw this illustrated nicely in the second Matrix Movie (Matrix Reloaded).   There is no past or future in 4D.  There is only Multiversal NOW.  In essence, all our “lives” are happening AT ONCE……….in one NOW MOMENT……….which is divided up into however many “versions” of life that we are wishing to explore.  In each alternative universe, there is a “version” of you……..operating within variable conditions and parameters.  Everything you imagine yourself to be, you ARE, in one of those universes.  Every imagination you carry is but a reflection of some Multiveral YOU, that is living that life out.  And all of them are completed and “done”…………they are "in the can," as they say in the movie biz.  This journey we’re on now is simply a LIFETIME REVIEW, in which we’re exploring all the reasons WHY we did what we did…………or why we are doing what we are doing……..on all those levels. 

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