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"Reconnected Sexuality"

My Dear Friends,

The worlds from which you are now transitioning are part of that spectrum of universes whose foundation rests heavily upon a masculine view of reality.. Because of this, the prevailing attitudes about sexuality are strongly colored by that view as well.. The feminine exists here, of course, but its direct influence remains considerably repressed..

Masculine energy tends to separate life issues and focus upon them.. Feminine Energy tends to gather them together and intuit them.. Masculinity is individuated, femininity is familial.. Masculinity is logical, and runs on reason.. Femininity is emotional, and sources its power in relationship..

Sex, in a masculine-dominant environment, would be defined as an ACT, a moment-in-time experience that has a beginning, a middle, and an end.. In a feminine-dominant environment, sex is an ATTITUDE, a "connective force" that holds people together, like tendons and cartilage hold together a body structure..

Reconnected Sexuality purposefully blends both these valued points of focus, through voluntary celebration and assimilation of each other's natural tendencies and character essence.. In all facets of loving, each participant reaches as far into the "other" as possible without losing him or herself in the process.. Each seeks not to change, but to BE become a blended, balanced, and resonant Oneself Being. You let go of PARTnership in favor of becoming WHOLEners..


Each gender carries both sides of the energy spectrum inside.. Males, at any given point, are seen as embodying (or wearing) the current status of masculine energy for the Game.. Females will wear the current status of the feminine.. The discernment of each state rests in the eye of the beholder.. In other words, if a woman looks at a man and judges him--what she is judging is her own inner masculine.. If a man looks at a woman and judges her, he is naming the current state of his own feeling-intuiting self..

And so it goes.. Each gender becomes a reflector for the other--a mirror for what's happening in the hidden areas of life for whoever cares to notice and be edified.. And each society of humans becomes a reflection of the Creator God/Goddess Force that has formed and infused it... Every part of the Game needs every other part, at some point.. Nothing can be eliminated, even though both "sides" in each dance have attempted to do this, across time and history...

The pendulum swing from masculine dominance to feminine dominance and back again has been played to the hilt, in every direction! Now is a time of rest and ecstatic union.. Now is a time of integration of BOTH FORCES into One Congruous Whole.. In days to come, we will share with you the natural fruit that springs forth from such union.. So let it be.. We are always here..

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